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Womens outdoor clothing and activewear online at Ridestore

The range of outdoor clothing for women is so extensive that sometimes the choice is really tough. Although outdoor collections are less subject to changing trends compared to fashion items, each season you can find new colours, further developed materials and modified cuts.

At Ridestore you will always see the latest updated women's clothing collections for the outdoors of well-known brands that guarantee style and quality. Our clothing suits all types of activities you prefer, from a backpacking adventure to a walk in the woods.

Perfectly equipped

Outdoor clothing is an absolute must in everyone's wardrobe; on one side it must protect from wind and weather; on the other, they prevent any excuse to spend the whole day at home. So get ready for your new adventures with the right equipment. Whether you like camping or trekking, we've got you covered with the best gear.

Outdoor sports are becoming more popular; this is also due to the increasingly sophisticated women's clothing that makes activities even more fun while protecting you from cold and humidity, with waterproof and windproof materials. From highly functional midlayers, walking trousers and tops to a waterproof jacket made of gore-tex or similar materials, footwear and sunglasses are now part of every wardrobe for hikers and adventure enthusiasts.

Upper part

Let's start with the upper part of the body, which includes functional base layers, t-shirts or long sleeves and a jacket, hooded, with full zip or pullover. As a base layer, thermal underwear is the best choice.

Women's outdoor clothing must be comfortable and breathable and, of course, it has to provide maximum freedom of movement, but at the same time without being too baggy. Depending on the temperature, you can wear a second or third layer, as optimal protection against wind and freezing temperatures. This might include a fleece, or sweatshirt, or a hoodie. If your activities are particularly intense and lead you to sweat a lot, we recommend lightweight softshell jackets to complete your gear.If you are out and about in a cold climate on a mountain, try wearing insulated ones, to protect yourself well in the event of frost.

Lower part

Choosing the right pant is essential to be comfortable and protected during your adventures. Same as for the top, it is essential to create a good base-layer. Therefore, you should invest in a good pair of baselayer bottoms or leggings which can often be found as a set of shirts and bottoms.

High-quality women's collection for the nature and the city

At Ridestore we have a vast range of clothing that meet all your needs. After all, women's garments should be not only particularly functional but also fashionable. Our women's selection for the outdoors includes collections from well-known brands such as Dope Snow, The North Face, Peak Performance and more. Our sizes go from xxs to xl for most product, and if you can't decide which size to choose, try the fit finder tool or contact our amazing customer support team.

Quality and style

In our range, we have many items which can also be worn as casual clothes for a sporty look in the city, with their top-notch technical features. For particularly hot days, you will find breathable t-shirts and shorts while for rainy autumn, and cold winter, lined walking boots or shoes and warm jackets would be the best choice. And in spring, light vests and fleece jackets that will keep you warm without sweating.

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