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Women's outdoor fleece at Ridestore

With a fleece jacket from the women's outdoor collection, you can relax in everyday life and be active during walks and hikes, even if outside it is getting colder. Discover now at Ridestore our wide outdoor selection of high-quality ladies fleece and choose your favourite. Browse now and discover our new super comfortable ladies fleeces on our online shop.

Fleeces for the outdoors: easy to clean, breathable and waterproof

A fleece, even if extremely lightweight, offers incredible thermal insulation; for this reason fleeces are ideal for all those women who love hiking, camping on the mountain and being active outdoors.

Fleece jackets and sweatshirts for women are versatile, and they offer extra comfort even in adverse weather conditions; this gives you the strength to face the daily challenges of your hiking adventures and that’s why they are a fundamental part of your outdoor gear.

Thanks to the infinity of colours and women's models, hiking fleeces are incredibly versatile to wear. We have a wide selection of womens clothing, outdoor styles and looks, all you have to do is to choose your favourites!

Some ladies fleece models are slightly waterproof, to protect you in case of light rain.

Fleeces and their properties

A hiking fleece is made of polyester fabric, sometimes in a polyester blend. It stands out in contrast to conventional jackets by an optimal relationship between breathability and wind protection.

Furthermore, tightly woven fabrics have slightly hydrophobic and quick-drying properties — a rough surface of the material guarantees significantly better thermal insulation.

A functional women's hiking fleece is often combined with waterproof or hard shell jackets, as a second or mid layer, to optimise wind and water resistance and to increase thermal performance on frosty days.

Before buying a fleece for the outdoors, it is essential to think about the type of activity you are going to need it for. Here it is possible to distinguish between highly functional and less technical ladies fleeces, more suitable for everyday use.

Highly functional outdoor fleece for women

Functional women's fleece include heat retention, elasticity, abrasion resistance, humidity regulation and wind resistance. Furthermore, many women's fleece models also offer an exceptionally soft feel of the material (teddy fleece).

Women's models with hoods or turtlenecks are fantastic for keeping you warm, as well as extra long cuts.

Also, many outdoor and hiking models have a full-length zipper or velcro, as well as closed pockets where you can store everything you need while hiking.

Which features to look for

For the fleece to optimally protect even the most sensitive areas, such as the neck against the wind, you should consider high-neck or hooded fleece models.

Arm pocket: a third external pocket on the upper part of the arm provides extra space for the items you need to have on hand.

Functionality and comfort for the outdoors

A fleece is an essential item for all those ladies who love hiking; especially in transitional seasons, a light and high-quality fleece jacket can be used as a mid-layer.

Outdoor enthusiasts today have fleece garments designed to fit the active women's needs.

Adventure brands like Dope Snow, The North Face are a must for ladies outdoor equipment for those looking for functionality without sacrificing style.

At Ridestore you can find women's fleece jackets in different lengths, cuts and fit: loose, tight or straight cut - for every body shape, there is a favourite model, to ensure the most comfortable fit.

Functionally, a women's fleece with a close fit should be the best option, because it is the only way the material will optimally maintain its thermal qualities.


When you are looking for the perfect size, you have to keep in mind that womens fleeces should keep you warm without preventing you from moving freely, therefore tops should never be too tight or too baggy.

Also, consider the layers you are going to be wearing under the fleece, when choosing the size.

Professional advice: thickness of you fleece

Ladies fleece types are divided into three categories depending on the weight of the fabric, measured in grams per square meter (so there is 100, 200 and 300 fleece). However, manufacturers often use descriptions such as "microfleece", "Polar Fleece" or "Thermal-Fleece". Therefore, check the description or label of your ladies fleece at the time of purchase.

For sport and everyday life

Ladies hiking fleeces for the outdoors are made of thermally insulating materials which regulate humidity, but also the length, cut and design play a significant role.

Longer cut womens fleece models are a good idea for everyday life because they give you a comfortable feeling while keeping you warm even in the office, without making you sweat.

Cool design for your outdoor look

A women's fleece jacket will emphasise your outdoor look thanks to its combination of elegant fabrics.

A full-zip fleece or velcro closure will make any activity particularly pleasant, while the cuffs keep the jacket close to the body, thus preventing cold and humidity from penetrating. You can also opt for a half-zip fleece, or a hooded model, if you prefer an over the head design.

Outdoor and hiking fleeces for women: colours and designs

The choice of colours for hiking fleeces and sweatshirts for women is endless. Classic tones such as black, grey, brown or navy blue and a pastel colour like beige, blue or pink never go out of fashion, the same applies to red, white, yellow or green; these increase your visibility when you are trekking on the mountains.

Today you can also choose between buttons instead of a zip, front half -zip fleece, a pullover hooded fleece, or full zip style.

Tips for proper care

Ladies outdoor fleeces are very soft and fluffy. To keep it like that as long as possible, you should pay attention to the washing instructions.

We have some tips to make sure that your ladies fleece will look new even after many washes and remain soft and fluffy. Always check the manufacturer's label before washing.

Before washing your fleece jacket, you must always close all the zippers. You can use the washing machine at a delicate or wool cycle (at 30 °C) but should do it without adding fabric softener To dry, you can just hang it, better not to use the dryer.

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