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Ski masks for women

A ski mask covers your entire head and neck. Some ski masks can also be converted into a slipper scarf or pure neck warmer. Others have a so-called airhole that allows you to breathe out of the mask.

Buy the right ski mask

Of course, it is logical that you should be warm while skiing, from head to toe. However, we often forget one of our most sensitive parts of the body: the face. When choosing the right ski equipment, it is important to look for those accessories that offer the maximum protection. Even if intense skiing sessions might warm you up, frosty wind and the weather on the summit might make you feel like your nose is freezing. Therefore, protection against the cold is needed.

Beat the cold with the right ski mask for women

It sounds like 18th-century stories, but the risk of frostbite is serious, and that is why it is important to look always look for the right ski equipment, including suitable ski mask or neck warmer. The right ski masks and balaclava are essential in sub-zero temperatures, especially in bad weather, because then the sensitivity of the body is even higher.

Although most ski jackets have a collar that may protect, this does not cover your neck, that is why a ski mask should be your must-have when skiing. These are available in a wide variety of patterns, colours and prices. A womens ski mask or balaclava is made of special functional material and protects against cold and wind, while at the same time allowing sensible external breathing. Most masks are therefore both waterproof and breathable.

Face masks piste skiing and freeriding

It is best to think where you will be skiing the most and how the area behaves. For example, if you are freeriding, look for a model that covers the entire face. In the end, only your eyes remain open, and new balaclavas have an airhole to exhale. When buying a ski mask, make sure that your mouth and nose remain clear.

Also, your ski mask should fit as closely as possible so that it optimally protects all areas except your eyes and prevents deep snow on the face. Some ski masks even reach to the shoulders.

Stylish neck warmer for the slopes

If you prefer skiing only when the sun is out and temperatures are not too low, you will probably be fine with a neck warmer. To make sure they do their job, both ski mask and neck warmers should be made of very durable and stretchy material. Some models can even be secured with a velcro fastener or button.

Breathable and warm ski masks thanks to functional materials

In general, you can assume that the ski mask material is thin and functional to keep you warm and protected. They are supposed to protect the sensitive parts of the face from the cold. Most of the material is polyester or microfibre. It'sIt's important to pay attention to good quality when buying, after all, you do not want your neck and face to get wet once you have kissed the snow.


In the colour selection of ski masks, the options are quite endless today, with most on classic set black and grey. This season, new pastel colourways are also available, like light pink, soft yellow and azure, complemented by woody shades such as green, burgundy or brown.

Wear the ski mask under the helmet, is that possible?

Most ski helmets have already incorporated upholstery that protects your head not only in the case of an impact but also from cold and bad weather. If you are the type of person who freezes very easily or you are travelling in particularly cold locations, it is advisable to use a ski mask with your helmet.

The masks are usually light, do not take up much space under your helmet and they transport sweat outside, without you cooling off. However, it is important that your balaclava is not too tight under your helmet, because you want to wear it all day, so that it protects you without making you feel uncomfortable.

Women’s ski mask at Ridestore

The range of ski masks for women for winter sports is almost endless and often overwhelming. But you are interested in buying a ski mask take a look at Ridestore a wide range of different shapes, materials and designs.

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