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Buy men’s outdoor fleece online at Ridestore

There is almost no adventure lover who does not have an outdoor fleece. Because, for mountaineering, trekking or leisure time outdoors they are the perfect solution for a variety of purposes and they are now essentials for sports and activewear. Men’s fleeces are light and small and take up so little space.

Fleece benefits

Furthermore, fleece material does not wrinkle, and it dries quickly. A classic fleece sweatshirt is made of durable polyester and is, therefore, a "heat miracle", which also has breathable properties, and it ensures excellent breathability.

Fleece for men for everyday life

Thanks to a wide selection of colours and casual cuts, outdoor fleece or men’s light jackets have found their way into daily life. Full zip outdoor fleece, half zip fleece, quarter zip, hooded jacket, pullover, fleece hooded model or crew neck men’s designs, the choice is up to you.

Depending on the season, weather conditions and activity, outdoor enthusiasts will find different types of men’s fleeces for the outdoors, from thin summer fleeces to soft full-zip or half-zip fleece jackets or vests to be worn as a mid layer in winter. And if it is too hot, you can just take it off.

Your ideal companion and stylish piece of outdoor clothing

Mens fleece jackets and sweatshirts store the heat, and they are breathable at the same time, making them an item that can be used often, both as a mid or third layer during outdoor activities.

Some outdoor fleeces for men are made of soft polyester, which protects you well from wind and humidity and at the same time it dries quickly. The high elasticity of the fabric adapts to every movement.

Functional characteristics for the outdoors

If you are looking for men’s fleeces, it is important to evaluate in which conditions and for what types of outdoor activities you will use it. Who uses a mes fleece in everyday life, can renounce highly functional properties while trekking and hiking enthusiasts will focus less on design and more on technical features.

To sum up, there are features common to all hiking and trekking fleeces, which include the warmth they provide, humidity control, stretch properties, abrasion resistant, windproof, quick drying and antistatic, some mens fleeces can be slightly waterproof as well.

Many mens fleece models for the outdoors

Discover in our store men’s fleece of well-known and highly functional outdoor brands. In general, we can divide this type of garment into two groups based on how the material is processed. These are mens fleeces with a roughened and thick material structure for better thermal insulation; This makes the fleeces a little less durable and less water repellent.

Or there are firmly sewn and sturdy fleece fabrics; this offers excellent thermal insulation with better waterproofing and windproof properties, ideal for more extreme outdoor adventure.

Fleeces and warmth

The higher the weight, the warmer but heavier the fleece is. There are also various mixed fabrics that have been developed for a variety of uses, including hiking and outdoor activities.

The types of fleece are classified according to their weight. These are categorised by grams per square meter and range from 100 to 300.

Stretchy models

There are, for example, fleece models for men in stretch jerseys, which are more like a conventional sweater but also men’s hiking models made with spandex, particularly elastic and tight-fitting, making them the perfect companion for the outdoors.

Outdoor fleeces for men that won't leave you out in the rain

A mens fleece sweatshirt generally has a slight water repellent effect. However, some men’s hiking models have an outer layer of windproof and water-repellent polyester to protect the body from moisture further.

If you like being active while on the mountain or camping, you will find the right outdoor fleece with a medium weight of 200, it offers enough freedom of movement and warmth and breathability for longer tours.

For winter outdoor sports

If it is cold outside, it is essential to choose heavier men’s hiking fleeces. Pay attention to a tight cut, as it prevents the cold or wind from entering from the lower part.

You can even decide to wear fleeces on top of your base layer, make sure it does not prevent you from moving.

Warm and soft: how to take care

If you buy a fleece, you do not have to worry because cleaning them is super easy. Most fleece jackets can be washed at 30 ° C in the washing machine. Avoid only spin and softener in excessive quantities.

Choose the size and colour from the mens collection

For your mens fleece sweatshirt to perform all its functions optimally, it should fit as close as possible to the body. Only then can heat be better preserved on the body. So we recommend checking the fleece sizes beforehand to find the one that will suit you best. Our sizes range from xxs to xxl in different cuts and fit.

If you are not sure about the fleece size, you can try the fit finder tool on our online shop or else contact our customer experience team, we are always here to help.


Most men's fleece jacket models from well-known brands come with solid colour and discreet logo embroidery.

The spectrum of colours ranges from classic tones such as black, blue navy or grey to fleeces with bright and contrasting colours or variants with cool patterns.

Discover the right fleece for you, that gives you freedom of movement, and that adapts to your tastes. Mens fleece tops are a must-have to complete your mountain equipment and gear, layering your outfit for harsh weather, and ensuring you maximum comfort and flexibility.

Top brands for hikes and more

Whether you love hiking outdoors, trekking, or you are simply planning a holiday, at Ridestore you can choose your men’s fleece jacket from a wide range of top brands for the outdoors such as Dope Snow, The North Face and many more. Our mens fleeces are the perfect mid or outer layers which will offer you protection while giving you the perfect outdoor style.

Fleece for men for outdoor and hiking online on Ridestore

Among Ridestore outdoor men’s collections, you will find a wide selection of technically innovative and elegant men's fleeces for all your adventures.

Whether you are looking for a lightweight hiking model or a warm and sporty micro fleece, you will find what you need. Order easily from home, shipping and returns are always free.

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