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Men's walking trousers and outdoor pants at Ridestore

In addition to the jacket, men's walking trousers are a fundamental part of hiking and trekking equipment. At Ridestore we offer a wide selection of different properties and materials to help you find the right men's walking trousers for your outdoor adventure and choose the ones you prefer from our collection.

The right outdoor trousers for men

The range of hiking and walking trousers for men is huge, and today there is the right model for every activity, with different types of fit, design and models. Today's hiking and waterproof trousers are more appealing than ever with modern cuts and innovative materials that are suitable for all sports and not only support you but offer optimal protection.

Most common features and functions

For maximum flexibility, most men's walking trousers are designed so that the material (stretch) and the cut offer maximum freedom of movement. For more intense sessions, you should opt for that guarantee optimal moisture management and a pleasant body temperature; this is ensured by breathable trekking trousers, usually softshell made of polyester.

Sport and functional models

Outdoor sports are more popular than ever with numerous types of activities. The selection is enormous; this makes a choice even more difficult. But first of all, there are some things that all outdoors and walking trousers have in common. They protect you from the sun, rain and wind and they are breathable at warm temperatures while insulating in colder weather conditions. These walking trousers are also made of durable materials, and their fit will provide the maximum freedom of movement. Synthetic materials absorb less moisture than cotton, despite being particularly breathable and water repellent; this makes them essential in any men's closet.

Waterproof walking trousers and rain models

The rainy season must not stop your desire for adventure; for this, you need the right pair of men's trousers. Rain trousers for men will not only keep you dry but also they will ensure perfect ventilation; thanks to a breathable membrane and fully taped seams, they do not allow water to penetrate inside the pant and prevent cooling.

Walking trousers for men: practical and extra functional details

As you can see, men's walking and hiking trousers are not just a beautiful piece of clothing, but an essential and practical must-have for maximum enjoyment during your outdoor adventures - all year round. A sturdy, resistant, breathable ( and possibly windproof and rainproof) pant is the right choice. In our online shop you will find a wide selection of casual and sports trousers for men that will help you with every adventure.

Anyone looking for the perfect pair of hiking trousers knows how important it is to pay attention to the features and extras of the various models. One of the most noticeable features is the practical tool pockets, for extra storage.
If you want to be comfortable and safe when wearing your trousers, you should pay attention to features like the elastic waistband or zip vents. Ventilation zippers ensure pleasant extra air, especially on hot days, and these types of trousers are also recommended for particularly active sessions on trail or not.


When it comes to colours you are in the right place. Where you like dark colours like black, navy blue, dark green or lighter ones such as beige or light grey, at Ridestore you will find all the options you are looking for. Just filter the walking trousers results by your favourite colour, size or feature and you will find exactly what you are looking for.

Walking pants: sizes for men

Choosing the right size is always challenging when it comes to hiking legwear and gear. Try our ft finder feature, and if you are still in doubt, do not hesitate to contact our customer experience team, they will be delighted to help you choose the right pant.

New men's trousers collection for the outdoors at Ridestore

At Ridestore you will find the best brand for outdoor clothing and trousers such as Dope new outdoor collection, The North Face, Peak Performance and many more. Whether you like hiking, trekking or are planning a camping trip on the mountains, we have everything you need and the highest quality.

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