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Women's walking and hiking shorts

Summer is approaching, and you are getting ready for new adventures? Well, Ridestore got you covered.

In our online shop, you can find women’s walking and trekking shorts made with different materials and features that equip you for every use.

Summer essentials for your mountain, camping and city adventures

Because all the materials that womens trekking and walking shorts are made of, are designed to give you full confidence and support, whether on a mountain or walking in the woods, shorts are an essential part of your hike equipment.


Elastic, stretch fabrics are particularly convenient and guarantee freedom of movement even if you are on the rocks or cliffs.

Airy, light and sporty

For those who enjoy summer trail activities, it is important not to have to give up comfort and maximum freedom of movement, so even short pants must meet certain criteria.


Most women's hiking shorts from well-known manufacturers like Dope, The North Face or Adidas are made of stretch fabric; this makes them extremely flexible and lightweight.

Furthermore, breathable technology ensures that they stay dry even in the case of more intense sessions.

And if womens trekking shorts get wet, thanks to sophisticated materials, they will dry just as quickly and will offer waterproof protection.


Various models in various colours also offer a variety of combinations, from classic black to bright pink. But remember darker colours like black, navy blue or grey attract heat, while with a lighter colour, like beige, pink or khaki the dirt is more visible; in the end, it is purely a matter of taste.

Cleaning tips

Walling and hiking shorts for women are pretty easy to clean.

Do not forget to always check the washing instruction on the label, different fabrics might require different cycles.

Women's casual hiking shorts: sporty and chic in summer

As the temperature exceeds 20 degrees, it's time to pull out shorts from the closet and leave for the next adventure.

The range of women’s walking and hiking shorts today is truly vast. To make a choice a little easier it is better to pay attention to your tastes here, once you understand the functionality.

Choice and features

Softshell or cotton shorts? With many pockets or better with none?

Stretchy models guarantee maximum flexibility, but it is also true that functional ones such as those with pockets are fantastic for providing extra space for smartphones and other personal effects.

What do they all need to have in common?

They must always be breathable, sturdy and durable, and they must allow you to sit comfortably and dry quickly.

Features and functionalities

The various models differ in design, fabrics and cut, but there are common features that we must keep in mind when choosing.

Humidity management

If you go trekking or hiking, you are on the move. Therefore, many shorts have materials that contribute to the rapid evaporation of moisture.

Be sure you move freely


Sizes may vary between different models; this might depend on the fit (regular, stretchy, wider), length, and also the materials. Be sure you check the size guide, and if still in doubt, do not hesitate to contact us.

Stretchy materials

Most trekking and hiking shorts for women are made of particularly robust and flexible materials, and thanks to their exclusive stretch, they are comfortable all day long to support you during your climbing, trekking and mountaineering adventures.

Anti-bacterial properties and UV protection of your outdoor gear

Often, these shorts also have anti-bacterial features and UV protection, so you can be outdoors all day with no worries .

Women's trekking shorts at Ridestore online shop

Walking shorts models are optimised for the needs of active women who love sports; whether you find yourself on the mountain trails or through the urban jungle.

At Ridestore you will find abrasion resistant and durable casual hiking shorts that dry quickly and are breathable.

Discover your new models from the adventure collection, choose your favourites and dive into your summer adventures!

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