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The right clothing for every activity: buy the women’s outdoor jacket online at Ridestore

Hiking jackets for women are available for different purposes. The various models are based on the type of activity they are needed for. Ridestore offers a wide range of jackets to protect you from wind and harsh weather, and here you will find the right model for every situation.

Outdoor women’s jackets: a functional and fashionable companion

Whether you are preparing for a coffee with friends or a hike in the mountains, with the right jacket, you can enjoy the fresh air without being cold and staying protected from wind and rain. Also, today’s hiking coats are also fashionable garments so you can look for a model that meets all your needs and without neglecting the style.

What are they used for?

Women’s hiking jackets offer the best protection for women who love being active in the open air, and their purpose is to protect you from wind and adverse conditions.These are thermal insulating models which, guarantee a pleasant temperature during sports and leisure time thanks to breathable materials. Many models are particularly sturdy, and they come with many practical features such as ventilation zippers or a hood.

Depending on the focus of the women’s jacket, some details are more pronounced than others, such as its insulating or water repellent function.


Today there are many variations, from fleece to quilted models, parka, lightweight jackets in synthetic fibre , particularly suitable for mornings or evenings when the temperature decreases. These models usually have a slim cut, to guarantee the thermal function at its best. The selection of women’s outdoor jackets is exceptional. Therefore, we want to help you find the right model among the vast range available.

Rainproof and windbreaker jackets for extra protection

Softshell jackets or lined winter ones for women are ideal for cold days walking outdoors, offering both high thermal performance and protection.

Functional models

A functional classic women’s jacket keeps you warm, and it offers you excellent protection from the cold. It is particularly suitable for hiking (on the snow).

Breathable leisure jacket

When temperatures are milder, and it gets easier to break a sweat, a breathable casual is the one. These womens jackets are perfect during sports; they guarantee optimal air circulation while offering maximum freedom of movement at the same time.

Hiking jackets, for all seasons

If you want to buy a new functional jacket, you should pay particular attention to three main factors: thermal insulation, breathability and watertightness.

For adventure enthusiasts

If you are an adventure enthusiast, you know that there can be spontaneous precipitation here. Women’s waterproof jackets are mostly made of materials like Gore-Tex or similar ones which make them water resistant.

For more intense hikes

If your favourite sports are more strenuous like mountain biking, climbing or hiking, you should pay attention to breathability. Breathable fabrics not only carry sweat to the outside but they offer protection against UV rays as well. Ridestore provides a wide selection of women’s hiking jackets in different models, styles and colours. From a softshell jacket, insulated jacket or women’s waterproof and windproof models. Besides, practical details like detachable hoods or large pockets are extras that you cannot forget about.

Water repellent against waterproof

Regarding women’s hiking jackets, there is a distinction between a water-repellent and a waterproof jacket. While checking the specs, the water column is the one metric to pay attention to, not to find yourself soaked in the rain. Since waterproof membranes depend on a water column, most manufacturers have around 10,000 mm. Many womens jackets also have a membrane that is resistant to wind and rain at the same time.

Layering: ready for any time

If you want to be prepared for every situation, the 3 in 1 trekking jackets or double jackets are the best. They are models made with a waterproof outer coat combined with a warm inner jacket (mostly fleece). The soft fabric keeps you warm and is attached to the out part with a zipper.

Cut, lining, pockets and extras

Sophisticated details not only give women’s hiking and trekking jackets that extra touch, but they also satisfy practical functions. These include, for example, thumb gaiters, removable inner lining, welded seams, ventilation zip openings, a hood and functional pockets.Hiking jackets, hooded or not, are real all-rounders, but it is also essential to think about what to wear underneath (base layers)and how to combine them with the rest of your clothing, for a top-notch hiking experience.

Sporty and fashionable models of well-known brands

Designs, colours and cuts of women’s hiking jackets are now more versatile than ever. Here you will find functional jackets of famous brands such as Dope new collection, The North Face and more, and you can find a suitable model among infinite designs and sporty cuts.

Colours and sizes

The classic and soft colours are particularly appreciated for women’s hiking jackets. Black, brown, dark blue or grey are always in fashion because here it is more challenging to spot dirt and grime here. But there are also models in bright red, turquoise, green or yellow, which offer good mood on rainy days. With regards to choosing the right size, our women’s model vary from xxs to xxl, if you are not sure which size is the best fo you, please do not hesitate to contact our team, we will be happy to help.

Cleaning tips for taking care of your new jacket

To keep your women’s waterproof jacket and its features for as long as possible, we have summarised some suggestions.First of all, it is necessary to always pay attention to the manufacturer’s label and instructions regarding washing. You can clean the dirt with a cloth and water. If there are stains or if you wear the jacket during high-intensity activities that will make you sweat a lot, you will need to wash it. It is possible to clean outdoor garments using a gentle cycle at 30 degrees, without spinning. First close all the zips, turn the jacket inside-out and avoid the use of fabric softener.

Discover now women's jackets with an elegant design for outdoor at Ridestore

Whether on the mountain trail, camping or everyday life in the city at Ridestore you will find warm, durable and sturdy hiking jackets in attractive designs that offer stylish functions such as reflectors, zippers and more.Take your time to browse through all our quality equipment, order your favourite from the comfort of your sofa and get your new hiking jacket at home with free delivery.

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