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Snowboard Goggles 

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Snowboarding goggles at Ridestore

Snowboard goggles come in a few main styles and shapes. The first choice is between framed or frameless goggles. Traditionally, goggles have always been framed, but over the last decade, a fashion of frameless snow goggles has emerged. This has been further diversified by the addition of different lens shapes. Spherical and cylindrical lenses produce either a clean or bubble-eyed look, and allow the rider to really customise their style.

Materials and technical specs for snowboarding goggles

Most goggles are made from injected TPU to create a strong but flexible plastic frame backed by comfortable foam padding. The lens itself is usually stiffer, made from polycarbonate that is treated to be scratch and abrasion resistant. Many goggles feature interchangeable lenses, too, to deal with light changes, as well as changeable straps for added customisation.

Snow goggles brands and differences

Each goggles brand has their own version of what they believe is the best lens. Oakley offer their Prism lens, which they say boosts contrast and improves riding in low light conditions. Dragon also have the Pantotech lens which improves colours depth and contrast for the same effect. Dope and Montec utilise a dual-layer technology to reduce refraction for better clarity and reduced glare from the sun, resulting in less eye-strain and better snowboarding experience.

VLT and lens colour for the best vision

The VLT is very important, and stands for Visible Light Transmission. VLT is rated on a percentage scale. The lower the VLT rating, the darker the lens, and the better suited to bright-light conditions it is. VLTs at 25% or lower are great for bluebird days, and 50% ratings are good for flat light days. Greens, blues, and blacks usually have lower VLTs, while reds often have medium VLTs. Yellows and pinks often have the highest VLT ratings and are designed for flat-light riding.

Changing lenses and straps

A lot of brands make their goggles with interchangeable/ replacement lenses. Brands like Oakley use a lock system, as do Dragon. Dope and Montec offer a pop-out function for simplicity, while other brands may go with a magnetic attachment. This style of lens is easy to change and takes no time, making it ideal for quick-swapping. Though all changeable lenses are simple once you get the hang of them.

Choose the right snow goggles for the best snowboarding experience

If you are choosing a reputable brand, the biggest question is of style. Framed or frameless, cylindrical or spherical lens. Once that choice is made, looking at lens tech and colour is the next step. However, it's best to carry a darker and lighter lens to adapt to the conditions at hand. It may be worth choosing a magnetic lens if you snowboard in cold conditions, as these lenses can be changed without taking off your gloves.

Check the new collections

At Ridestore online shop you'll find a vast range of goggles and snowboarding essentials from the best brands. Men's and women's models which will be your best friends on the mountain, and they will guarantee protection in any light condition. Order comfortably online, and if you need a piece of advice don't hesitate to contact our customer experience team, we'll be happy to help.

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