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Snowboardboard Beanies Materials and Breathability

Snowboard beanies are made from a range of materials designed to lock heat in and let moisture out. Keeping a head warm is only the first part to a great snowboarding beanie. As the head releases so much heat and sweat, breathability is key. Wider knitted patterns combined with dual-layered constructions are commonly used as they seal warmth in and let the head breath at the same time.

Synthetic and Natural

The battle between synthetic and natural fibres in snowboard beanies is one that will never end. Natural materials like wool have great insulation and breathability properties, but also absorb moisture more easily and stretch over time.. Synthetic fibres like acrylic have excellent elasticity and don’t absorb as much moisture, but are less breathable.

Styles and Thickness

Style is a big question when it comes to snow beanies. Different looks have different constructions, which affects the warmth and performance of each beanie. A ribbed beanie is generally thicker, and therefore warmer, as are heavy ‘knit’ style beanies. A classic beanie blends a medium thickness with solid warmth and breathability for a good all-round choice.

Under The Helmet

Many riders wear beanies under their snowboard helmets. This is purely an aesthetic choice and riders should be careful to not mix a beanie with a fleece liner. The combination of a helmet liner and a beanie can create excess heat, but also affect the fit of the helmet. Removing the liner will improve fit and add a street style to your riding, but be cautious before making any changes to your helmet as safety is the top priority.

Your Favourite Snowboard Beanies Colours

Ridestore stocks a wide range of snowboarding beanies in a variety of styles and colours. We know that everyone is looking for their own personal style, and offering a dynamic and diverse selection of both styles and looks is essential. When you’re looking to set yourself apart from everyone else, something as simple as a beanie no one else has can really bring an outfit together.

Wide Range From Leading Brands

As well as our own in-house brands of Montec and Dope, we’re proud to stock snowboard beanies from the best snowboarding brands in the world. We have hand-selected beanies from Burton and Vans, Oakley, CLWR, Peak Performance, The North Face, and many more to create a curated selection of beanies that will complement any snowboard outfit.

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