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Find the right men’s skiing jackets at Ridestore

Are you looking for a new men's ski coat that defies harsh weather and it is super stylish? At Ridestore you are guaranteed to find exactly what you are looking for. Whether it is a gift or you are looking for your perfect men's ski jacket, check it at Ridestore, order online, easy and fast.

Designs for everyone

It does not matter if you prefer to freeride skiing in off-country or to practise your tricks in the park. With the right mens ski jacket, you can spend the whole day on the slopes and beat the cold temperatures on the mountain.

We cannot wait to pull the first fresh lines in the backcountry, just like you! That is why we have the greatest selection of ski jackets for men this season so that you can plunge into the snow.

With us, you will find a large selection of functional mens ski jackets and ski clothes, with many extra details for maximum performance for your skiing adventures. You can choose from anorak ski jackets or full-zip models, with internal or sleeve pockets, or both!

Skiing jackets and ventilation systems

Skiing jackets ventilation systems are an advantage if you do not want to sweat in your ski coat during your rides and intense sessions in powder. These particular ventilation systems allow you to regulate the temperature in your jacket and cool down whenever you need some extra air.

Style and functions

A practical and well-fitting jacket is an essential part of your ski equipment. And these days you do not have to choose tech features over the look or vice-versa, you can have both! Whether you are a beginner or you prefer to backcountry skiing, you need a mens ski jacket that will keep your look casual, and they will keep you protected all day thanks to their high-tech features.

Characteristics of an excellent ski jacket for men?

Whoever wants to buy ski jackets for men will quickly realise that the range is huge and it can be overwhelming. First of all, your new ski jacket should be water and wind repellent, which is what most manufacturers offer anyway.

Choosing the ski coat which is the best for you depends on the features you are looking for: adjustable cuffs, a lift pass pocket, snow-guard, vents, or output for your headphones.


How warm a ski jacket for men should be? Ski jackets are usually warmer than a regular winter jacket for men, but how warm ski wear should be is very subjective. It depends on the weather conditions you are going to find while on the mountain.

Mens ski coats: from the mountain to the city

Are you more into backcountry skiing or do you want to wear the ski jacket in the city? Once you have made a decision, it will be easier for you to find your favourite men's ski jacket and decide between soft, hardshell and other models. Also, you can always play with the layers you wear underneath.


The range of ski jackets models is huge. From padded, lightweight ski jacket, to ski jackets that will protect you in the worst weather conditions, you just have to choose. You will find over the head model, with full zip, or half zip, insulated jackets, waterproof jackets, the choice is entirely up to you.

Hardshell ski jacket

Wearing multiple layers is especially recommended if you are looking for a hardshell waterproof mens ski jacket. This type of skiing jacket is made of particularly robust, water and windproof materials and offers freeriders and pros the best protection while being pretty light.

Softshell ski jacket

If you opt for a quilted or padded jacket (soft shell), you can wear it without a mid layer, because of their insulation which makes them very warm. Therefore, these ski jackets are particularly well suited for the piste, since you do not freeze at the top of the mountain and you do not feel chilly when waiting at the lifts or the après-ski.

Water column

To prevent you from getting wet while skiing all day, you should also pay attention to your mens ski jacket specs, such as the water column.

You should check if the ski coat materials are water-repellent, rain and snow are blocked off at the surface of the clothes, and the functional material keeps you dry. A good mens ski coat should have a water column between 5,000 and 20,000 millimetres, depending on which requirements it should meet.

The water column is a good indicator when looking for men's ski jackets and ski clothes in general. It might help you but only if you consider it together with other features.

Men’s ski outerwear: extra details

For example, it is crucial to check the seams in areas such as shoulders and chest, where water is more likely to penetrate while skiing. With a ski jacket with taped or sealed seams and reinforcements, this can be easily prevented.

Waterproofing and insulation

Most men's ski jackets are made of laminated membranes which increase the breathability, in addition to an appropriate upper coating to keep the moisture out. Also, ski clothes (mainly ski trousers and jackets) nowadays are equipped with extras such as gaiters and water resistant zippers.

Choosing the right waterproof ski jacket is essential to ensure your best time on the piste and off piste skiing.

Does it have to be the most expensive gore-tex ski jacket?

The price alone is no longer the primary indicator of quality and waterproofness of ski coats and gear.That means that you do not necessarily have to pick the most expensive Gore-Tex men’s skiing coat to stay safe and warm on the piste.

Men’s ski apparel and innovative materials

Many ski jacket brands have also developed their own waterproof and windproof membranes, which are generally a little cheaper without compromising the ski gear's quality.

Two or three layers laminate

Most ski coats for men are equipped with two or three layers laminated membranes that combine protection with functionality.

Ski coats consist of a water-repellent outer layer and a particularly robust outer fabric. The inside, on the other hand, is usually made of soft materials or fleece that provide a comfortable feel on the skin and keep you warm without allowing you to sweat.

If the lamination of yours is three layers, this means that another membrane will complement your men's ski coat, to make it completely windproof.

A coating is an additional water-repellent material, which makes a mens ski jacket waterproof. It is placed on the inside of the coat preventing moisture from entering but allowing water vapour to be absorbed outwards.

Men’s ski gear: breathable materials and inserts

The breathability of your ski wear, in particular of a ski jacket, determines the transport of moisture to the outside. In other words, it measures how well the coat absorbs body moisture and sweat, and your ski coat keeps you dry even during the most intense sessions. The more water evaporates through your skiing jacket within 24 hours, the more breathable it is and the longer you stay dry.

How should it fit?

In addition to the tech characteristics, there is something else which is particularly important. Your ski jacket, like the rest of your ski clothes should fit well and ensure maximum freedom of movement. Elastic materials and stretchy inserts give you plenty of room to move and provide maximum freedom when skiing.


The length of a men's ski jacket should be a matter of taste. It is essential to keep in mind that a mens ski coats should be long enough not to let water or wind inside, but also consider that if it is too long, it could be difficult lifting it.

What to wear underneath

What to wear under a men's ski jacket? Once you have found your perfect one, the only question is what to wear underneath. Here it is worth listening to mum's advice and apply the onion-skin principle; this means starting from choosing the best ski base layers, mid layers and extra ones if needed.

As a base layer, wear a technical ski layer which keeps you warm and does not make you sweat during intense skiing sessions.

As a second layer, you can wear so-called midlayers (fleeces, ski sweaters), which are especially recommended if you opt for hardshell ski coats for men while for softshell ski jacket they are not always necessary.


It does not matter if you are looking for a dark ski jacket in black, navy blue, grey or maybe green and camo, or if your favourite colour is red. With us, you will find all ranges of colours and patterns from the newest collections of the most popular ski brands.

You can find jackets that match the rest of your ski gear and also create hundreds of different combinations thanks to our style creator.


It is essential to get the right size of your new ski jacket; our sizes go from XXS to 2XL. For each item, you will find specs, available sizes, description and price.

Try the fit finder tool to check which men's jacket will fit you the best, and if you have doubts, get in contact with our amazing customer experience team via email or chat, we will help you find the perfect one.

Famous brands at Ridestore online shop

We have a large range of men's ski jackets of well known brands such as Dope Snow, The North Face, Burton, Roxy, Adidas and many more, plus we offer free shipping and a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you have plenty of time to find the men's ski gear that meets your needs and guarantees the perfect winter adventure.

Get inspired

Do not forget to check our men's ski clothing sale section, where you can find the latest deals of mens ski coats and ski clothing in different colours, fit and shapes, from a total black look to colourful or pastel one, you will be able to find your favourite ski wear for the upcoming season. You can add accessories to your ski wear and get ready for this winter on the piste.

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