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Men's Snowboard Jackets 

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Stylish men’s snow jackets for the slopes at Ridestore

Find your new stylish snowboard jacket at Ridestore. Shop from the comfort of your own home and order your new winter jacket to go with the rest of your gear.

We have a large selection of models in different colours and fits from well-known brands, so you're sure to find your new favourite jacket. Also, we have mens snowboard jackets in many cool and stylish designs that will make you look great off the snow park and look good on the après-ski parties and in the city.

Snow jackets for men - Ideal garments for frosty winter days

Do not give this winter a chance to freeze you. Our jackets are the perfect garments in freezing temperatures and chilly winter days. Because, if you are practising an activity as intense as snow sports, you also need appropriate clothing.

With us, you will find a wide selection of snowboard jackets that will keep you dry and warm throughout the day and will not let you down in the snow and wet. Thanks to new technologies and trendy designs, you will not only keep warm with your new snowboard jacket, but you will also look cool after a whole day of fun in the snow. New technologies provide perfect thermal insulation while leaving you free to move and the breathability of your snow jacket makes snowboarding even more enjoyable. No matter if you want to shred in the park or if you prefer making fresh tracks in the backcountry.

Criteria for a high-quality men's winter jacket

When it comes to equipping a snowboarder or a free-rider, choosing the perfect snowboard jacket is one of the key factors. Therefore, there are various criteria to take into account while choosing a high-quality one.

How should a snowboard jacket fit?

Slim fit, regular, oversize, the range of choices is endless. But above all, one thing is essential: your new cool snowboard jacket should always fit correctly, regardless of its style. It should also make you feel comfortable and not constricted while riding.

Waterproofing of mens snow jackets

As the word snowboarding already suggests, you are constantly confronted with moisture and wetness while riding in the snow. Therefore, it is vital that your snow jacket has a solid water column and tightness. A good model should start with a water column of at least 5,000 mm and reach up to 20,000 mm. You can opt for long waterproof riding coats, a light snow jacket with a decent water column, or for a mens insulated snowboard jacket.

Breathability of a snowboard jacket

An excellent sealed jacket should not mean that you sweat while riding. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to the breathability and to check that the outer layer is made of a breathable membrane.

Pick the right snowboard jacket: ventilation system

If the sun comes out and you get a bit too warm, you need a jacket with a ventilation system. Today's models are equipped with underarm zippers for extra ventilation.

Snowboard jacket for men: hood

A hood offers you not only a high style factor but also ideal protection against cold and wet, especially in strong wind and snow. You can find models such as a hooded anorak snowboard jacket, or a snowboarding down jacket with a removable hood and more.

Mens snow jacket equipped with a snow skirt

Whether you're drawing fresh lines in the backcountry or learning new tricks in the park, it'll prevent the snow from getting up inside and it will keep it where it belongs: under your board!


Pockets are a handy feature, especially when you carry with you the lift pass, phone and more. For these reasons, most have inside pockets and lift-pass pockets as well.

Men's snow jacket style factor

In addition to great features, a snowboard jacket for men nowadays has to be an eye-catcher in the snow park! Luckily, the days when you had to choose between functionality or style are long gone. Most models are made of softshell or hardshell, as they provide everything, both visually and functionally, that makes riders happy. Softshell material is more elastic and softer than hardshell, while a hardshell jacket is more durable and long lasting.

Softshell Pros

Here are a few factors to keep in mind if you are keen on choosing a soft shell one.

How warm is a softshell snowboard jacket for men?

Softshell snowboard jackets provide warmth as they are made of several layers of membranes, matching the features of soft fleece and a functional model.


These are often very light and breathable and you do not sweat so fast.

Water and wind repellent

In addition, most softshells are water and wind repellent and therefore perfect for experienced riders, especially during sunny days or days with light powder.

Get a snow jacket made of flexible materials

Thanks to soft elastic materials, a soft shell coat gives you complete freedom of movement and it adapts perfectly while riding. The stretchy material allows easy jumps in the park and sporty lines on the slopes.

Design and cut your your new snow jacket

Also, the style factor is particularly prominent in softshells. Having high elasticity of the material does not mean that you do not have to give up on a cool design and tailored cuts. That is why these ones are a perfect companion for your park sessions and casual après-ski parties.You can choose among a wide range of models such as snowboard parka, anorak, extra insulated models, with full or half zip and many colours.

Hardshell snow jackets

Hard shell models, on the other hand, offer you optimal protection in adverse weather conditions, especially if you are a free rider snowboard fan. These models do not have paddings therefore you will have to play with the base layers and midlayers underneath depending on the temperature.

The right men’s snow jacket for harsh weather

Hard shell jackets are your best friend for severe weather and harsh environments, due to their durable and long-lasting materials.

Completely water, moisture and wind repellent

Since they are completely waterproof, moisture and wind repellent, hardshells ensure you stay dry and warm even in heavy snowfall and wind on the slopes. Also, they are very breathable these days and do not make you sweat despite the stiffer material.

Durable m

The sturdier material makes the hardshells extra durable, and it ensures that you are well-equipped even in severe weather conditions and have fun on the slopes all day long.

Buy your favourite jacket brands online at Ridestore

We want you to be completely satisfied with any snowboard jackets you buy from us, therefore, offer no charge for returns and a 30-day returns policy. Are you looking for a comfortable and functional model for snowboarding? You've come to the right place! We offer more than 20 brands in our selection, including, Dope Snow, DC, Volcom, Adidas, CLWR, Burton,Thirtitwo, The North Face. We have both lightweight models and those with a thicker lining, with a hood, high collar or both. All our jackets withstand wind and are resistant to moisture. They are also well ventilated, meaning that the fabric is breathable.

Whatever your favourite colour is, you will find your favourite one in all this season’s popular colours with black, blue, red and green being the most popular colour for men so far this year.

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