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Skiing jackets and coats online at Ridestore

Ski jacket design is a complex subject that has seen many changes over the years. With hard shell and softshell jackets, insulated and non-insulated, and jackets designed for specific types of riding, there has never been a wider choice, or a better time to upgrade. Designed with riders in mind, using advanced materials to ensure the best waterproofing and insulation, the jackets available at Ridestore are the best in the industry, and are sure to keep you warm and dry on the mountain.

Materials and ski jacket construction

Ski jackets can be made from many materials. Often, ski jackets from most major brands like The North Face are made from polyester, which offers solid waterproofing and performance. However, brands like Montec and Dope may use nylons, which offer greater durability. And companies like Peak Performance, who specialise in high end ski wear may use synthetics like polyamide to ensure superior performance. Gore-Tex is often used across many brands as it ensures total waterproofing, and can be used in both hard and softshell jackets thanks to its versatility.

Waterproofing and DWR for skiing

At Ridestore we understand that waterproofing is extremely important on the mountain. We carefully select and curate our range to offer various water columns that suit a range of activities. Dope's DryTech shell offers a quality 15k of waterproofing, while Montec's 20k shell offers a superior mix of performance. Gore-Tex is the industry leader, promising dryness in all conditions, however The North Face's FUTURELIGHT is also trusted by the best riders. Most jackets also utilise a DWR coating to further increase waterproofing, even in tough weathers.

Breathability and insulation of jackets

Skiing is an extremely strenuous sport and generates a lot of heat and moisture. Breathability in a ski jacket is vital, and Ridestore ensure that all of the ski jackets they stock have solid performance all over the mountain. Breathability refers to the amount of vaporised moisture that can pass through a fabric. The higher the rating, the more sweat is let out. Gore-Tex is renowned for its breathability, but brands like Burton offer their DryRide fabric which has great breathability, and The North Face's FUTURELIGHT fabric is also highly breathable.

Jackets and coats: the essentials for skiing and snow sports

The needs of each individual rider are completely different. Ridestore stocks a wide selection of jacket types to suit all purposes. With different styles and cuts, including insulated ski coats, waterproof jacket models for skiing, park jackets, softshell hoodies, hardshell jackets to be worn with base layers, and even freeride jackets, everyone is catered for. You can choose between anorak jackets, full zip models, according to your style and taste.

Models come with different extras: pockets for extra storage, technical features such as snow skirts as protection against bad weather and more.

Ski coats and jackets: colours and sizes

When it comes to colours, we have classic black ski jackets, camo patterns, and unique and limited edition colourways too. Whatever your favourite colour is, we've got you covered. Inclusivity is also important, so Ridestore make sure to stock size ranges from XS to XL in both men's and women's collection and specific fits.

How to choose your next ski jacket

If you need to choose the right ski jacket for your next ski trip or season, then you'll find plenty of choice at Ridestore. If you're heading off on your first trip, you may want to go for an insulated jacket as they require less layering and planning, and offer a simpler set-up. A lined shell jacket is great for most situations, as you can pair a mid layer fleece with it when it's cold, and just wear a base layer when it's warm. We recommend lined shells for more versatile needs. Lastly, you might consider a 3L shell jacket if you're looking to do more backcountry or intensive skiing.

Check the latest skiing collections

Check the newest arrivals at Ridestore online shop. Here you'll find ski collections from the best snow brands. Find your favourite brand, model, colour, grab your skis and get ready for the snow season!

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