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Different Ski Helmets

When it comes to ski helmets, there are a few different styles to choose from. A classic skate-style helmet and the classic ski helmet are the main types. Often made using the same shell construction, these helmets differ mainly in the lining. However ski-specific helmets will often incorporate more safety features to accommodate the higher speeds and risk involved with skiing.

Liners and Warmth

Most ski helmets will be equipped with a liner. The liner may be removable or fixed, and will likely be made of a breathable polyester microfleece with vented or foam inserts to allow excess heat and moisture to escape. A liner also provides enhanced head fit, and can provide audio-drop in, too. Most liners are windproof and also protect the ears from the elements as a liner will likely replace a beanie.


Most ski helmets will utilise a dual-layered construction, with an ABS or Thinshell outer shell, over an EPP, or EPP foam liner designed to protect from and disseminate the force of an impact. A ski helmet sits low on the head to protect the back of the skull as well as the sides and top of the head, and will likely feature a BOA dialled liner in order to ensure a snug fit.


Some brands are striving for better safety within their range of helmets and have developed specific technologies to deal with more directional or glancing impacts which other helmets may suffer with. MIPS, or Multi-Directional Impact Protection System, and SPIN, Shearing Pad In-Side, are both examples of this, and will provide better protection for those pushing their limits on the mountain.

Leading Brands

We are proud to stock helmets from the biggest and best brands in the industry. Dope has an ongoing collaboration with Bern helmets, one of the most trusted names in the helmet world. However we’re also proud to stock helmets from POC, Oakley, Anon, and many more to provide a wide and encompassing range to suit all needs.

Choosing The Right Helmet

When choosing your ski helmet, the simple answer is to buy the one which offers the best technology, the best safety features, and the best chance of protecting your head in a nasty fall. However, most helmets are not rated for multiple impacts, and helmets can be quite expensive. So it’s important to match your riding style to an appropriate helmet. For those riding the resort, who aren’t travelling at high speeds, a more budget-friendly helmet may be suitable. For park riders who are likely to fall a lot, a multi-impact rated helmet may be best. And for those riding the backcountry, who need the most protection, compromise is not something that should be made.

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