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Skiing goggles online at Ridestore

Ski goggles are an essential part of any ski equipment; they can be broken down into two categories: framed and frameless. But within these two types, the shape of the lens also alters the look dramatically. Spherical and cylindrical lenses are the two main options to consider, and among these four defining factors, there are many looks and shapes that can be achieved, allowing for maximum rider customisation.

Materials and construction for skiing and snow sports

Goggles' frames are made from a tough but flexible polyurethane or TPU plastic backed by a comfortable and soft foam pad to keep it comfortable on the face. The lens itself is made from a treated polycarbonate that is designed to protect the eyes from not only sunlight but also debris. Constructed to keep the eyes safe and improve field of vision on the mountain, goggles are mountain hardware essentials.

Brand technology and snow goggle lenses

Many brands have their own take on goggles. Dope and Montec use a dual-layered lense in order to reduce glare by refracting light through the layers. This improves sight in all conditions. Oakley and Dragon goggles use Prism and Panotech lenses respectively, which boost contrast in low light conditions for improved skiing. It is the goal of every company to make skiing safer, and perfect visibility without fogging, is at the heart of safety and protection

VLT and lens colour: the importance for skiing

VLT stands for Visible Light Transmission, and appears as a percentage value related to the amount of light allowed through the lens. A lower VLT will mean a darker lens. VLTs at 20% or below will be suitable for bright conditions, and common colours include black, blue, and green. Snow goggles with a medium 30% VLT are often red or gold and are good all rounders for different weather and light conditions, and goggles with a high 50%+ VLT are usually yellow or pink and are great for flat light days.

Snow goggles: lens and strap interchangeability

Most snow goggles offer lens and strap interchangeability. While the strap is a purely aesthetic choice, the choice of lens is definitely functional. Oakley and Dragon use a lock system for quick lens change, while Dope and Montec goggles utilise a pop-out system for simplicity. However, some brands utilise a magnetic lens system which makes swapping lenses quick and easy, even in gloves.

Choosing the right ski goggle

When deciding on new goggles, the brand which offers the technology that best aligns with your values as a rider should be your choice. Most good goggles brands offer a take on the same goal — to improve sight in low-light conditions, offer great comfort, and better style. Most companies provide a variety of "looks" within their snow goggles range, so providing you trust the brand, there's no such thing as a bad choice. In our online shop you'll find a vast selection of brands, so you're sure to find the goggles that best suit your skiing style and the rest of your gear. Just choose whichever snow goggles you think look the best! Grab your skis and get ready for a season on the slopes.

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