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Our outdoor jackets are designed from the ground up to not only look amazing, but also to perform in all weathers, and more importantly, all situations. Our team of testers and our dedicated community are all out there, exploring the mountains and pushing our outdoor jackets to the limits come rain or shine. We carefully consider all feedback and hone our designed season after season to produce the best waterproof jackets we can, that fit perfectly, work tirelessly, and offer the best functionality in every condition.

Highly Waterproof Materials

Our jackets utilise a range of high quality materials, and rely on our amazing polyester shell to offer solid waterproofing that remains unaffected by the activity-focused design and construction of our garments. Our polyester shell is built around a 2L structure, and is extremely hard wearing and durable, too, meaning that our jackets will stick with you every step of the way, offering longevity and performance over long periods of time. And with both a stretch and non-stretch variant of this shell, there’s no adventure that’s too bold, and no mountain too high.

Membranes and DWR

Waterproof shells are made by the use of a layered structure which includes an inner membrane, outer layer, and a durable water repellent coating. The inner membrane is made from polytetrafluoroethylene, which is heated and rapidly stretched to produce a film which prevents water from passing through. This film is then bonded to a durable polyester shell which protects it from abrasion, wear, and exposure to the elements, and is coated with a DWR treatment to further repel water, producing a complete shell that offers reliable waterproofing in all situations.

Best-In-Class Breathability

When the PTFE shell is expanded, the polymers within the material are stretched in such a way that they produce a microporous film. The millions of microscopic holes in this fabric are fifty times smaller than liquid water microdroplets can pass through. Vaporised sweat molecules exuded through the skin, however, are small enough to pass through. Which means sweat is let out, while water is kept out. This unique functionality of this construction of waterproof membrane provides ‘breathability’, and the higher the breathability, the more sweat can be let out. Our rain jackets offer best-in-class performance, and are designed to perform even when you’re working hard.

Types Of Rain Jacket

Our waterproof jackets are divided into three types. Our classic zip-through waterproof jacket offers a full frontal opening, which provides complete versatility and ease of access. Our anorak-style jacket offers wider storage options, as well as better frontal protection due to the absence of the full-length zipper. While our stretch-shell anorak offers packability as well as true freedom of movement thanks to its ultra-lightweight and stretchy construction. These three types cover all possible needs, and no matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find it here.

Choosing The Right Hiking Jacket

To choose the correct hiking jacket, you’ll need to match your needs to the options available. If you need something that can cope with dynamic temperature and weather changes, a classic zip-through may be the right choice. If you need to carry a lot of snacks, accessories, or other objects you need easy access to, then an anorak with a large front storage pocket is a good choice. If you’re in need of something that can be packed down into a tiny package and thrown on when the weather turns, then a lightweight shell jacket is likely the best option. But whatever you choose, our extensive range will definitely offer something for everyone.

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