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Wide Range Of Hoodie Brands

Everyone needs a reliable hoodie! Here at Ridestore, we love hoodies more than anything, which is why we not only make the best hoodies in the world under our own brands Dope and Montec, but also stock a hand-curated collection of hoodies from Burton, Vans, The North Face, Peak Performance, CLWR, Eivy, Oakley, and so many more. If you’re looking for a new hoodie, look no further.

Materials and Fit

Hoodies come in many shapes and sizes, and also different materials, too. Usually, hoodies are made from cotton as it’s soft, breathable, and warm, too. But depending on the intended use, some hoodies may be made from a polyester-cotton mix for more performance, or even from a polyester fleece for extra warmth. Hoodies from companies like Vans and Burton may be oversized, too for extra style, while those from Peak Performance or The North Face may offer a more performance-oriented fit.

Sizing and Style

Here at Ridestore we always try to be as inclusive as possible with our sizes, and offer XS to XL sizing in both mens and womens’ specific fits. We also support brands which champion inclusivity and make sure to stock a wide range of sizing to provide the largest range we can to everyone. Hoodies are all about comfort, and feeling comfy is the number one priority!

Natural and Synthetic Materials

Cotton is the classic choice for a hoodie as it is cost effective, easily worked into different thicknesses, and is soft and comfortable. However, cotton is also absorbent, so for more adventure-focused hoodies, polyester is a great choice as it too offers great breathability, but is more resistant to moisture absorption, and can even be treated with DWR coatings for extra elemental protection.

Unique Hoodie Features

DWR stands for durable water repellent, and refers to a type of treatment applied to fabrics to help them repel water and resist light rain. But hoodies may also feature things like zipped pockets or dedicated phone harnesses, internal cord outlets, thumb-holed cuffs, cowled or gusseted hoods, and so much more. Check out our range for the most unique hoodies out there.

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