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Dope isn't one of those companies that make one jacket for everything and leave it there. There's an extensive range of gear available, all of which is more than capable of taking on the whole mountain, but when it comes right down to it, some situations call for specialist design. Hidden amongst the Dope lineup, there are some pieces of gear that will really shine in certain conditions. That's why we put together this handy guide to help you secure the best Dope gear possible for your intended riding. Whether you're a powder hunter, resort lapper, or park-riding beaver slapper, we've got you covered — read on to discover your ideal Dope outfit for this coming season.

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All-mountain riding setup

An all-mountain setup is the perfect way to enjoy everything on snow. A great all-mountain setup consists of snowboard jackets and snowboard pants that will thrive everywhere. You can throw it on in the morning, and whether you're lining up a day lapping the park, some easy resort cruising, or some side-country hijinks, an all-mountain setup will never fail. So check out our top picks for our authentic do-it-all gear below!

All-mountain jacket

Dope Annok

A good all-mountain jacket is your classic throw-on-and-go piece of mountain apparel. It’s something that works in all situations and weathers, and one you don’t have to think twice about being right for the day ahead.

Adept Jacket

The Dope Adept is a classic zip through jacket with lightweight insulation and all the bells and whistles you'd expect from the first jacket on our list. It's got a powder skirt, wrist gaiters, 15k of waterproofing, lots of storage, and comfortable and spacious construction that makes tweaking grabs and dropping pillows a winter dream. It's been a staple in the line for years, and it's easy to see why.

Akin Anorak

The Akin is overflowing with storage options. Long day on the mountain without a backpack? Don't sweat it. With seven outer pockets, you can load up on everything you need and head out with confidence, thanks to the 15k of waterproofing and a layer of lightweight insulation.

Annok Anorak

The more laid back cousin of the Akin, the Annok is a team favourite for its minimalist design and versatility. What may look like a simple anorak will quickly prove to be more than a match for any coat out there. 15k of waterproofing, lightweight insulation, and deceptively spacious storage. What more could you want?

All-mountain pants

Dope Iconic

All-mountain pants are your go-to for the day, week, or season! Whether it’s cold, warm, wet or dry, a good pair of all-mountain pants will be a reliable companion for the days ahead.

Notorious BIB Pants

The Notorious BIB is the only bib in the lineup, but who needs two when one does it all? 15k of waterproofing and a layer of insulation, combined with a baggy cut and plenty of storage, making the Notorious the go-to for riders everywhere. It looks excellent cruising the park but has the tech to mix it up in the backcountry, too.

Iconic Pants

The Iconic are a staple in the range and come with a baggy and spacious cut, lots of external storage thanks to the cargo pockets, and plenty of weather protection thanks to the 15k waterproof rating and the lightweight insulation. So what more could you want from a pair of baggy riding pants?

Tigress Pants

Do you prefer a more sleek look when you’re on the mountain? The Tigress are the skinniest pants in the Dope range and come with the same great 15k of waterproofing and a layer of insulation. But they also come with built-in mechanical stretch to make them darn comfy as well as all-mountain capable.

All mountain layers

Dope Snuggle 2X-UP

When it comes time to layer up, there’s nothing that beats a good set of base layers and a great fleece!

Snuggle Base Layer

The Dope Snuggle are the perfect base layers for any occasion! A breathable polyester construction and a super cosy brushed back inner mean heat is locked in, and sweat is let out. There's really no other choice for any other activity.

Dope Cozy II

The Cozy II is the next level of ski fleeces. Mad 100% recycled fleece, this super soft midlayer is perfect for keeping warm on the mountain. With a high gusseted collar it’s easy to keep the chill out and zippered pockets provide safe storage. With this fleece, you’ll sure to be cozy all winter long!

All mountain accessories

all-mountain accessories

Accessories are super important on the mountain. The term encompasses everything from gloves to goggles, so you might say they’re pretty essential!

Ace Gloves

The Ace gloves from Dope are a cosy and tough pair of gloves made from waterproof materials to ensure all-day comfort in all conditions! They also come with a non-slip palm, too, making them perfect for T-bars, buttons, and drag lifts.

Cozy Facemask

The Cozy facemask borrows the same great fleece from the Cozy mid layer and uses it to keep your face as toasty as your body in even the chilliest weather! And with a naturally moisture resistant outer, it’s perfect for powder-shots!

Sight Goggles Red

Red lenses offer a mid-range VLT which is ideal for changeable conditions and terrain. For an all-mountain setup, a red goggle is the perfect way to explore the whole mountain without swapping lenses.

Backcountry riding setup

A backcountry riding setup is probably the most specialised on this list! Mainly because the backcountry offers the most demanding terrain and, as such, demands the most from our gear. You need lots of storage, lightweight and reliable designs, and plenty of breathability. As such, we've rounded up our top picks below.

Backcountry jacket

Dope Akin W

Ready to slash some powder and go further than anyone else has gone before? You’ll need a reliable snow jacket for that!

Akin Anorak

The king of external storage is back. For any backcountry trip, you'll want to carry walkie-talkies, first-aid supplies, water, snacks, whistles, transponders, avalanche probes… this list goes on. Of course, you can wear a pack, and we recommend it, but carrying all that stuff on your person is much easier. As such, our top pick for any out-of-bounds adventure has to be the Akin with its seven outer pockets, great specs, flap-opening collar, side-zip entry, and oversized underarm vents for rapid cooling.

Ranger Jacket

The Ranger is a new addition to Dope’s lineup, and the straight-forward design is perfect for all your off-piste adventures. With two large waterproof chest pockets for more versatile storage and a full zip construction combined with underarm vents for total cooling options, the Ranger will be a trustworthy companion all season long.

Backcountry pants

Notorious BIB W

When it comes to riding the backcountry, you need a pair of pants that are well-suited to the unique challenges that backcountry riding poses. They need to be tough, reliable, and versatile, too!

Notorious BIB Pants

When you're up to your chest in powder, you want your pants to reach that high too! So we've chosen the Notorious BIB as the top choice for backcountry days, thanks to its bib design, spacious storage, and large vents.

Antek Pants

The Antek pants from Dope are great fun for backcountry days. With their huge outer-thigh zips, your legs stay cool on those tough ascents, and with oversized cargo pockets for extra storage and an elasticated waistband for comfort, you'll be surprised by how well these 'resort look pants fair in the deep stuff. And they have elasticated cuffs, too, to keep the snow out of your boots.

Backcountry layers

Dope Comfy W

There's no denying that it can get cold in the mountains and temperature regulation is key! The best way to tackle this is by gearing up with some great base layers and mid layers.

Snuggle Base Layer

The Dope Snuggle are the only choice, and not just because they're the only choice! Cosy, breathable, and super warm, they're our go-to every day of the season. Made from a technical polyester, they’ve got great moisture-wicking to go with their warmth.

Comfy Fleece Sweater

The Comfy fleece sweater is a new addition to the lineup and uses our RE-UP fleece, which is super soft and warm. Perfect for those extra cold days, there's nothing like it as a cold-proof midlayer.

Backcountry accessories

Dope Ace Mittens

Accessories suited to the backcountry will definitely help you out when you begin venturing beyond the bounds of the resort. Here’s our round-up of the best in the line.

Ace Mittens

The Ace mittens are super cosy inside, as well as being breathable. Made from waterproof materials, they're ideal for long backcountry trips! And because they’re a mitten, it means your fingers can share warmth, keeping them from getting cold over time.

Cozy Facemask

The Cozy facemask is a super warm, fleecy mask perfect for taking pow shots to the face. Thanks to its comfy polyester microfleece construction, it’s ideal for wearing all day as it won’t get moist and soggy like a wool mask might!

Sight Goggles Green/Black Lens

When you're riding the backcountry, it's essential to wait for the weather. That means a lot of backcountry trips are wall to wall blue skies, which means bright sun. And for the bright sun, we recommend a green or black lens to keep your eyes nice and fresh for picking those lines.

Park/street riding setup

A park or street riding setup needs to do two things. It needs to allow you to move, and it needs to make you look cool. That's why our picks do those two things specifically. But, of course, they keep you warm and dry too, which is an added (and very welcome) bonus!

Park/street jacket

Dope Legacy

A park or street riding jacket needs to look cool as well as perform. As such, we’ve selected our top style picks for this one.

Legacy Anorak

The Legacy is a cool new pullover with a half-zip collar and the tech specs from our full-blooded jackets. It ditches the insulation and the powder skirt to deliver a capable jacket with a stripped-back design. If you were looking for a riding hood that feels like a soft shell and works like a new jacket, this is it!

Yeti Hoodie

The Yeti is a longstanding favourite in the Dope team for its reliable waterproofing, cosy warmth, and timeless style. With a 15k rating and DWR treatment, a few stacks won't see you soaked through. It's also super hard-wearing, so that means fewer snags from rails and burred edges. What more could you want? Oh yeah, a zipped pouch and headphone outlet — it has that too.

Wylie Hoodie

The Wylie builds on the Yeti's style and design with a fresh and bold new look. But, underneath, it's the same DNA, we just gave riders more options for styles.

Park/street pants

Dope Blizzard

Room to move and steezy style. That’s what you want from a pair of park or street pants, and the selection below have both in spades.

Blizzard Pants

The Blizzard pants are a super comfortable pair of snow pants with an elasticated waist and a baggy cut perfect for throwing down grabs and tweaks. If you want all-day comfort, big-mountain reliability, and room to move, this is the pair of pants for you!

Antek Pants

If you're looking for a light and airy pair of pants made for warm spring days, then the Antek are ready for your antics. With oversized cargo styling and huge outer thigh vents to keep you cool, they still pack 15k of waterproofing, making them perfect for all-day sessions in even the slushiest slush.

Park/street layers

Dope Cozy II

Great in a cake, and even better on the mountain, layering is the best way to stay warm and comfy out there.

Snuggle Baselayers

Surprise, we're here again. Cosy, comfy, breathable, every good snow day starts with the Snuggle. With its fitted but stretchy design, it’s perfect to layer up without adding bulk, meaning you can jib without worries, and without sacrificing flexibility either.

Cozy II Fleece

We love the Cozy fleece and think it's perfect for park days. With a gusseted collar, zipped pocket with headphone outlet, and an oversized fit, it's the perfect hoodie to keep the chill off while you're shovelling snow or waiting to drop.

Park/street accessories

Dope knitted 2X-UP

When you’re gearing up for a few laps at the park or you’ve scoped a cool street spot to hit, you’re going to want to make sure your accessories are on point. The good news is that we’ve done the hard work for you.

Knitted Mask

It has an essence of vintage, making you think of an 80's ski movie cover or perhaps even a bank robber? However, the knitted face mask is a throwback with futureproof style. And with a stretchy acrylic construction, it won’t get bent out of shape either.

Signet Mittens

The Signet mittens are a lightweight and water-resistant option for the park rider who likes to keep things light. A tough, non-slip palm makes them perfect for grabbing T-Bars and buttons, too!

Power Ski Gloves

Need something even lighter? Try our touchscreen compatible softshell gloves. Ideal for choosing your tunes, they keep the chill off while you set fire to the park. And thanks to their softshell design, they’re naturally moisture resistant, too, as well as being breathable. Perfect for spring sessions!

Sight Goggles Black/Yellow Lens

Depending on whether you only ride park in the blazing sun or you're an all-weather, after-hours rider, we recommend either a black lens to keep the glare off or a yellow one to boost that contrast and help you thread those needle-fine lines.

Resort-riding setup

A resort rider's bread and butter is cruising the corduroy and maybe even catching the first lift if the weather is looking good and they get a good night's sleep. So what does a resort setup entail? Comfort, convenience, and style. Resort riders want to look good, feel good, and never be out of arm's reach of their creature comforts. As such, we've lined up a couple of slick jackets to help you find zen on the mountain.

Resort jacket

Dope Blizzard PO W
Blizzard PO Anorak

The Blizzard PO is a stripped-back, relaxed, and fun-focused jacket that combines solid tech specs with lots of storage, rolled up in a simple and lightweight package. No insulation means more versatility with layering and warmth, and laid-back style means you're turning heads while you're cruising the blues.

Wylie Hoodie

The Wylie is the Yeti's cousin and enters the game with the same chilled out softshell vibe. But with lots of secure storage, cosy warmth, oversized ribbed cuffs and matching hem, and a sweet gusseted collar to keep you toasty, it's a resort rider's dream. So if you want a fairweather tech hoodie, look no further.

Annok Anorak

The Annok is everyone's favourite anorak for a reason. Super stylish and with lots of 'pull on and go' convenience, it's ready to rock when you are. And with solid tech specs, lots of storage, and a layer of lightweight insulation, it's a rad jacket no matter the weather!

Resort pants

Dope Blizzard W

If you’re in need of a stylish pair of pants to cruise around the resort, then look no further than these tasty choices.

Blizzard Pants

The Blizzard brings sweatpant comfort to top-tier snow pants. You can't beat an elasticated waistband, and now you don't have to sit around fantasising about it while riding! Also, the Blizzard comes without insulation, so you can stay light on your feet. If you run hot and need some room to move, there's no better choice.

Iconic Pants

If you're talking pure style to go lapping the resort, then you can't beat the Iconic. Baggy cargo snow pants with tech specs to make your eyes water, a lightweight layer of insulation, and a whole range of colours to choose from. They're a team and rider favourite and capable of making short work of any groomer.

Resort layers

Dope Snuggle W

The resort may not offer the demands of the backcountry, but those high alpine groomers rarely pull punches. Load up on layers with our top picks below.

Snuggle Base Layer

The Snuggle checks all the boxes once again. Cosy warm and highly breathable, it's the best choice for any snowventure. We love the Snuggle’s chimney collar, too, which helps seal you up and prevents unnecessary heat loss!

Pile Fleece

Sometimes those cold winter nights at the resort can be biting, so why not stay warm with a big, fluffy fleece? The Dope Pile is made with an insane 380 gsm fleece material and designed with a high collar and a quarter-length zip, so you can regulate the heat easily, and never have to worry about the cold.

Resort accessories

resort accessories

Accessories are a must for any trip, whether you’re ripping the corduroy or just chilling slope-side. Here are our favourites for a day at the resort.

Signet Gloves

The Signet gloves are lightweight and water-resistant ski gloves perfect for resort laps. If you need something breathable and warm, but waterproofing isn't a total necessity, the Signet are a great choice!

Cozy Facemask

The Cozy facemask is the first and last word in cosy warmth and comfort. As such, it's our go-to for all resort days. Its technical polyester construction prevents it from absorbing moisture, too, so it won’t get damp like a cotton or wool mask, either.

Sight Goggles Red Lens / Champagne Lens

For any resort rider with convenience on their mind, a medium VLT that'll take you from clouds to bluebirds and back again will always be the right choice! No swaps for the resort rider, so long as they snag a red or champagne lens!



While all Dope gear is designed to go all over the mountain, we can't help but choose our favourites for each specific aspect. Of course, you may think differently, and we encourage you to! But if you were struggling to choose the right outfit for your riding style, then maybe this article has given you a little inspiration. And if not, then feel free to reach out to our Customer Experience team at for more help and advice.

See you out there!

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