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If you’re in the market for some new gear this coming season and you want to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your set-up, then you’ve come to the right place. You may have heard the saying — the right tool for the job. And when it comes to snow gear, that’s true as well. Different brands make different types of gear for different disciplines. Park, resort, backcountry, or all-mountain gear will all have different attributes, features, and stats. So if you’re looking to get clued up for the coming season, need some inspiration for your next outfit, or you just want to dial in your set-up for your favourite riding style, then read on, and enjoy!

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All-mountain riding set-up

The term ‘All-Mountain’ gets thrown around a lot. But what does it mean? Well, it means the whole mountain. The groomers, the park, and everything else, too, including all that tasty powder. For something ski jackets, ski pants, base layers and ski accessories be truly All-Mountain, they needs to excel everywhere, in equal measure, and be just as usable in the park as it is dropping pillows in the side-country.

All-mountain jacket

Montec Doom W
Montec Doom Jacket

The Montec Doom is a close cousin of the Fawk, and serves up the same specs and insulated/non-insulated option. What makes the Doom unique , though, is the asymmetrical zipper placement, which provides a big parcel of internal storage, blending the best of an anorak and convenience of a zip-through for total versatility.

Montec Apex Anorak

The Apex is a new jacket in Montec’s line-up and it’s proving itself to live up to its name. This bluesign certified anorak is packed with high tech features and ready to conquer the whole mountain. Its unique design provides the style and comfort of an anorak, while the half-length zipper on the front allows for easy access to your layers as well as a quick way to release heat after a strenuous trip down the mountain. With a lightweight insulation and top specs, the Apex will keep pace with you all season, no matter where you go.

Montec Moss Jacket

The Moss is a very sleek looking, all-mountain friendly jacket that provides a high level of technical prowess as well as comfort. With lots of waterproof external storage, and the ability to dominate both on and off the piste, the Moss is a great all-rounder, and it’s now available both as an insulated jacket and as a lined shell, so you can choose what version suits your climate and riding style best.

All-mountain pants

Montec Kirin W
Montec Kirin Pants

If you’re looking for a classic pair of ski pants that can do it all, the Kirin pants are ideal. With the same awesome specs as you get in the Fawk bib but with a relaxed and stylish classic-pant cut, they’re ready for every adventure.

Montec Fawk Bib

If you’re looking for one bib to rule them all, the Fawk is the perfect choice. It’s available both with and without insulation, so whatever your climate or riding style, the Fawk will match your needs. Available in a  wide array of colourful styles and packed with high level specs and useful features, you can take it all over the mountains without missing a beat.

Montec Arch Bib

The Montec Arch bib offers a slightly wider and roomier cut than the Fawk, a side-zipper opening, lots of outer storage and comes as a lined shell, so can adjust to any day on the mountain by using layers. Perfect for those with bigger thighs or butts, or if you just need a little extra space to move, the Arch is a great all-mountain choice for your pants this year.

All-mountain layers

Montec Alpha W
Montec Alpha Baselayer

The Montec Alpha is a new base layer from Montec that’s perfect for all occasions. It’s super comfortable and made with an innovative TurboWick fabric that ensures a high level of breathability and moisture-wicking, making it perfect for every ride.

Montec Echo Fleece

The Echo fleece is a classic microfleece with a quarter-zip collar for quick cooling. Comfy, warm for the weight, and super cosy, it’s the perfect midlayer for those long days on the mountain.

All-mountain accessories

All Mountain Accessories
Montec Kilo Gloves

The Kilo gloves from Montec are a great pair of waterproof gloves that offer reliable warmth and dryness all day. If you’re going all-mountain gloves off the extra dexterity needed for the variety of tasks different terrain demands!

Montec Echo Tube Facemask

The Echo Tube face mask is a warm and cosy micro fleece mask that has great breathability and natural water resistance thanks to its fleecy construction.

Montec Scope Goggles Red

Red goggles offer a medium VLT rating, which means they work in all light conditions. If you need to just carry one colour for all your riding in variable conditions, then red is the best colour.

Backcountry riding set-up

When venturing out into the backcountry, as riders, our needs change a little. Backcountry riding often comes with two things — added physical exertion, either in the form of hiking, splitboarding, traipsing back up to the lift, or just muscling your way down a steep; and lots of powder shots to the face. And all that means that you need gear which is light, with plenty of room to move, lots of breathability, and great waterproofing. So that’s what we’ve rounded up!

Backcountry jacket

Montec Arch
Montec Arch Jacket

The Arch jacket blends the performance of a backcountry shell with the comfort of a resort jacket. This lined shell is particularly suited for the backcountry as it’s super comfy, but remains lightweight. When it comes to the practical features, it’s got all the bells and whistles with lots of waterproof external storage, a stormproof hood, a snow skirt and more. For all your snow adventures this season, the Arch is a versatile and reliable choice.

Montec Fawk Jacket

When it comes to the ‘do-it-all’ jacket, nothing beats the Montec Fawk. It’s been in the Montec lineup for years, and it keeps getting better. Like many of Montec’s jackets, it’s available as both an insulated jacket and a shell, but if you’re looking to explore the backcountry, you’ll want the shell version, so you can regulate your temperature through layers. With amazing tech specs, plenty of internal and external storage, there’s nothing it can’t do.

Backcountry pants

Montec Arch bib
Montec Arch Bib

The ideal companion for the Arch jacket, the Arch bib pant is a lined shell with some top-quality specs. Offered in a non-insulated version only, it’s equipped with plenty of storage and other handy features to keep you dry and powder free on the mountain.

Montec Fawk Bib

What would a Fawk jacket be without the matching bib? For backcountry riding, we recommend the versatility of the shell version of the Fawk bib. With an easy-access front zipper to make getting in and out simple, plenty of storage and a slimmer cut, it’s a stylish bib capable of riding everything.

Backcountry layers

Montec Taosty
Montec Alpha Baselayer

The Alpha base layers from Montec are made for performance. With innovative moisture-wicking technology and a comfortable design, they’re the perfect base layer to keep you warm and dry on all your off-piste adventures.

Montec Echo Fleece

The Echo Fleece from Montec is a breathable and warm, yet lightweight microfleece that’s made for layering. It seals heat in without feeling bulky or restrictive thanks to its ergonomic cut.

Montec Toasty Jacket

If a fleece won’t cut it, the Toasty jacket is a lightweight insulated midlayer that offers warmth as well as extra wind-resistance. When it’s really blowing and super cold, then the Toasty is a great choice to keep you warm when you absolutely need it.

Backcountry Accessories

Backcountry Accessories
Montec Roast Mittens

The backcountry is tricky — you’re either sweating, or its freezing cold. The Roast mittens are the warmest, most waterproof mittens Montec make, and with their wrist straps, their ideal to leave hang when you’re hiking and then wear on those powdery, cold descents. 

Montec Ice Tube Facemask

The Ice Tube facemask is a lightweight, water resistant mask with built-in air holes for maximum ventilation. You want to make sure you can breathe when you’re going up and down, and with the Ice Tube, you’ll feel that cool mountain air in your lungs all  day long.

Montec Scope Goggles Green/Black Lens

When it comes to backcountry, you’ve gotta pick your moments. The best trips are done under bluebird skies, which means lots of bright days, reflection from the snow, and all the eye-strain that goes with it. Black or green lenses offer the lowest VLT rating, and are best for bright days. We recommend them for any backcountry focused set-up.

Park/street riding set-up

When it comes to finding the right park set-up, things can get pretty diverse! If you’re hitting the streets of Finland in mid-January, you’re going to be dressed a little differently than if you’re going to a Mt Hood session in mid-July! Park riding gear is all about comfort either way. You need to feel good, be able to move, and if you can show off a bit of your signature style, too, then it’s points across the board.

Park/street jacket

Montec Virago W
Montec Virago

If you want an old school look without sacrificing on technical performance, the Montec Virago is the way to go. This comfortable, parka-style jacket features oversized cargo pockets on the front for a unique design as well as all the specs you could possibly want while still keeping that relaxed vibe.

Montec Tempest

The Tempest is the only softshell jacket in Montec’s lineup, and comes with a large waterproof front kangaroo pouch for simple storage, a dedicated media pocket, and a cowl-style collar for added warmth and snow protection. Simple, waterproof, and perfect for spring sessions, the Tempest is a team favourite.

Park/street pants

Montec kirin W pants
Montec Kirin Pants

The Kirin pants from Montec are the perfect pants for every occasion. With a baggy, timeless cut, plenty of waterproofing, a layer of compact insulation and durability guaranteed, they’ll stand up to every stack and then some.

Montec Arch Bib

If you prefer a bib for your park riding — whether it’s with a full jacket on top or just a softshell, then the Arch is the way to go. With a roomier fit, no insulation for better mobility, plenty of waterproof storage for your phone, and loads of waterproofing, it’s the ideal park bib for the whole season.

Park/street layers

Montec Delta W fleece
Montec Zulu Baselayer

The Zulu baselayer is, as always, the perfect base layer! It’s highly breathable so it’s great for working up a sweat, and is quick-drying, too, ideal for any park session, come rain or shine.

Montec Delta Fleece

The Delta fleece is a chunky 280gsm microfleece with a built-in cowl collar. It’s perfect to throw on for those extra cold days. And if you’re nursing a bruised ego (or tailbone), it’s great to cosy up in to lick your wounds.

Park/street accessories

Montec Kilo Mitt
Montec Kilo Mittens

The Kilo mittens are a great addition to any park rider’s wardrobe. Warm for cold sessions, waterproof for the bails and block stacking, and equipped with a non-slip palm to help with slick button lifts.

Montec Utility Gloves

Too warm for big mittens? The Utility ski gloves are lightweight, water-resistant and DWR coated, and can be worn under mittens or on their own. Perfect for spring sessions (and scrolling Insta thanks to their touchscreen-friendly design).

Montec Classic Neck-Warmer

The Classic mask is, as the name suggestions, classic. With a polyester knitted design, it’s breathable and warm, and adds some retro style points to your outfit too.

Montec Scope Goggles Black/Yellow Lens

Are you a fair-weather rider or an all-weather rider? If you wait for bluebirds before you hit the park, go with the black lens. If a blizzard can’t keep you away, yellow is the best for low-light conditions!

Resort riding set-up

A resort riding set-up should focus on convenience. If you’re a groomer cruiser (and maybe partial to the odd side-hit or two), then you want gear that’s warm, comfy, and reliable. There’s no need for a complex layering system or any of that stuff. Just throw on your gear, get a few laps in, then hit the bar for a well-earned beer. There’s no shame in it. None at all.

Resort jacket

Montec Dune
Montec Dune

The Dune jacket from Montec is a classic anorak with an asymmetrically placed zip. We love anoraks for their convenience in the resort. Lots of easy, safe, and waterproof external storage, and a full-side zip opening mean the Dune is easy to get in and out of, and lets you carry lots of stuff without needing to take a backpack!

Montec Fawk

The Fawk is an excellent resort jacket with its simple zip-through design, great waterproofing, and option insulation. The most versatile jacket in the range, it comes with external waterproof storage, and enough versatility to ride in everything from bluebirds on the groomers, to blizzards in the powder.

Montec Tempest

The Tempest is a stipped back softshell jacket ideal for simpler resort-bound adventures! If the weather’s good, nothing beats cruising the groomers in a comfy softshell. When the spring begins to break, this is our go-to, and with plenty of waterproofing and waterproof storage, it’ll be yours too!

Resort pants

Montec Fawk bib
Montec Fawk Bib

If you prefer a bib, then the Fawk is a great resort riding option. With a classic cut, optional insulation, and enough waterproofing and protection to take you into the deepest powder, if you like to dip a toe into the side country then this is the one for you.

Montec Kirin Pant

An instant classic, the Kirin have a baggy, timeless cut, plenty of waterproofing, optional insulation, and everything else you could need from a simple, effective, all-season capable riding pant

Resort layers

montec alpha baselayer
Montec Alpha

The Apha is the ideal base layer for every rider. When it comes to lapping the resort, comfort is king, and with it’s impressive moisture-wicking qualities, the Zulu will delivers that in spades.

Montec Echo

The Echo is a classic micro fleece mid layer that’s great to throw in a bag for colder days at the resort. Layering is made easy with this comfy, lightweight fleece.

Resort accessories

Resort Accessories
Montec Kilo Gloves

The Kilo gloves offer a great mixture of weather protection and dexterity. Resort riding comes with lots of extra quirks like getting on and off lifts, undoing and redoing bindings and zippers, and so much more. Gloves are the way to go for a resort rider.

Montec Echo Tube Mask

The Echo Tube face mask from Montec is a microfleece tube-style mask that’s super comfortable, quick-drying, and highly breathable. Perfect for all weathers, it’ll see you through a whole season with ease.

Montec Scope Goggles Red Lens / Champagne Lens

If you’re going to be lapping the resort, then a medium VLT lens is always a good call. Red or champagne provides a great amount of coverage for all conditions, and is what we recommend when you can only carry one!



While Montec gear is all designed to work well all over the mountain, these are our top choices for each discipline. But the ride is all about you, and everyone has their own top picks! We hope we’ve inspired you to create the perfect set-up, but if you need any more help or advice, reach out to our customer experience team at and we’ll be glad to help however we can!

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