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So you have decided to go glamping. Great choice! If you think camping isn’t quite for you and you don’t fancy spending time in a hotel, it’s the perfect way to get back to nature without giving up your creature comforts. Of course, like with any adventure or unique experience, it poses questions! You might ask, where are the best glamping spots in Europe, and how does one know what to look for when planning a trip? That’s why, in true Ridestore Magazine style, we have put together a much-needed- “ultimate guide to glamping”.

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Why is glamping better than camping?

Why is glamping better than camping?

Glamping is a hedonistic way to take a break from the city and focus more on all the beautiful things you can do around these campsites. Typically glamping campsites are situated in stunning locations; by the sea, deep in the forest, lakeside or in the country. Spending less time worrying about staying warm, dry and finding lighting and electricity and focusing on hiking, swimming, exploring or simply kicking back with good food and the best company.

We must go on the record and say how much we love camping. It can be lovely to strip back what we believe to be necessities. When one goes on a camping adventure, you discover how little you need to be happy and comfortable, you get back to nature and concentrate on the experience.

Nevertheless, you can’t enjoy camping for more than a few days. It takes a hardcore camper to be happy with the lack of running water, the boring meals and feeling just a little uncomfortable all the time.

Glamping is a happy medium, an excellent compromise and fun for everyone, no matter what you like, how relaxed you are or how prepared you are. Glamping is a beautiful experience, no matter where you go. Of course, in this article, we will discover all these epic places.

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Types of glampers

types of glampers

Glamping is a strange and wonderful hybrid between those who like luxury and those who are happy to slum it. Therefore, you are likely to encounter both the coolest and the oddest people while on your glamping adventure. Here are a few of the types of people you might encounter.

The festival goer

This is the person who will tell you about Burning Man, Coachella and Glasto without being asked. They might have an arm full of festival bands but they never camp as camping isn’t cool… or so they tell you.

The hikers

These guys love nature and the outdoors, they will constantly have muddy boots and have plenty of epic stories to tell you and photos of waterfalls to show you. They usually camp, but they thought they would treat themselves to a little upmarket experience.

The lost campers

These are the people who are hardcore campers. They usually pitch a tent wherever they find space and bunk down and bear anything the great outdoors might throw at them. Even though the glamping tents have electricity and plenty of space, they insist on boiling their slightly sad NASA style pasta dinner on an open fire.

The snobs

These are the people who usually go 5*. They searched for the wrong thing online, and by a catalogue of errors, they have ended up here. Although you can see how stunning the area is and how comparatively luxurious the glamping tents are, these guys are totally grossed out by “nature”. Nature is basically anything wet, or that’s got a bit of “the outdoors on it”.


You are on your first glamping adventure and you are so excited. You are prepared for any experience nature might throw at you, whatever the weather you are happy to be on holiday with your friends or family. You are super pleased with how excellent the facilities are and how easy it all is. Grab your “spork” and your cold drink, sit back and enjoy the awe-inspiring views.

What should I pack for glamping?

What should I pack for glamping?

First let’s consider what you don’t need to worry about when heading on a glamping trip, no matter where you are in Europe. After all, it’s part of the charm that you still get access to your creature comforts.

  • The tent is already there and set up for you
  • The tent generally will have an electrical supply
  • You might need your own bedding
  • Bring cooking facilities from home

However, double-check this before leaving. Some campsites might advise you to bring additional resources. 

Although it’s worth considering one question before diving into a glamping packing list; after all, it depends on what you are up to. Are you glamping at a festival? Are you hiking and being active throughout the day or are you merely kicking back and lounging in nature. But there are some of the things that we think are super important to consider. 

  • Day backpack (25L) for adventures
  • Penknife
  • Phone charger
  • Music source
  • First aid kit
  • Extra bags for litter
  • Bedding
  • Foldable outdoor furniture for relaxing
  • Outdoor camping lighting
  • Cooking materials (pans etc.)
  • Kitchen Materials (knives, forks, etc.)
  • Food supplies

There are so many things to think about to make sure you have everything you need for an awesome trip, but hopefully, this little list will kick start your own checklist. 

Now it’s time to dive in!

The best glamping spots across Europe

La Pinte du Vieux Manoir, Switzerland

Photo credit: La Pinte du Vieux Manoir facebook

Location: Murten-Meyriez, Switzerland

Nearest Aiport: Approx. 37km to Bern Airport

Best for: Glamping in style

This truly is glamping in style. This stunning “campsite” boats lakeside views of the gorgeous lake Murten, matched only by the famous onsite restaurant. Dine, relax and unwind in Swiss luxury style. A perfect chance to sit by the lake read a good book and go on slow meandering walks. It’s pretty gosh darn romantic too, getaway for two maybe?

Ridestore recommends:

Stay at the Glass Diamond treehouse, set in its own park and perched among the tree canopy with 360 views. 

Canonici Di San Marco, Italy

Photo credit: Canonici Di San Marco facebook

Location: Mirano, Italy

Nearest Aiport: Venice airport is 19km away

Best for: A unique chance to Venice in a new way

What a unique way to experience Venice. Away from the crowds and the tourists, set to the backdrop of the Venetian lagoon countryside. A magical experience between nature and culture in an authentic Italian estate. Be immersed in the lush landscape between the Venetian lagoon and the Brenta river. 

Ridestore recommends:

Why not try winetasting! Very Italiano. 

Azienda Agricola Villarè, Italy

Photo credit: Azienda Agricola Villarè facebook

Location: Messina, Sicily, Italy

Nearest Aiport: Catania Airport is 91km away

Best for: Sleeping under the stars

Sleep under the stars in these transparent tents, allowing you to get up close and personal with the Sicilian countryside. These unique tents are inside a fully organic farm, accessible without a car, and using clean ecological products making this every eco lovers dream glamping destination. The location is surrounded by stunning greenery and among the lush scented gardens, the tents are transparent spheres, made entirely of recyclable materials.

Ridestore recommends:

Lunch on the farm, sample the local cusine

Orlando in Chianti Glamping Resort, Italy

Photo credit: Orlando in Chianti Glamping Resort Facebook

Location: Cavriglia, Italy

Nearest Aiport: Florence airport is 40km away

Best for: Fun for the whole family

Camping Village Orlando situated in the heart of the remarkable region of Chianti, there’s always something to do for you avid glampers. You can enjoy the swimming pools, 5-a-side football pitches, and restaurants to sample the delicious local wines and food of the area. From kids to adults, everybody will enjoy Camping Village Orlando, especially when the glamping facilities are modern, clean, luxurious and set in the middle of gorgeous scenery. 

Ridestore recommends:

Local wine tasting of the world famous Chianti region. 

Arena One 99 Glamping, Croatia

Photo credit:

Location: Pomer, Croatia

Nearest Aiport: Pula airport 8km away

Best for: Windsurfing and glamping? A combo made in heaven

Relaxing vacations by the sea but with a twist. Of course, the Adriatic is breathtaking, but when you factor in the friendly locals, the sporting activity and the gastronomy, it’s a magical recipe. Waking up and looking around might lead you to think you are in Bali with how rustic the glamping tents are. The head down to the beach (a stone throws away) for a day of windsurfing and eating fresh seafood on the shore.

Ridestore recommends:

Hire bikes and explore the area.

Areias do Seixo, Portugal

Photo credit:

Location: A dos Cunhados, Portugal

Nearest Aiport: Lisbon is 61km away

Best for: A romantic escape with your significant other 

Strip it all back and disconnect for a little while. Set by the tranquil coast of Portugal, Areias do Seixo offers a chance to discover balance and relax surrounded by nature. This is luxury glamping, with food, wine, amazing experiences and much more right on your doorstep. Unwind in the spa and spend long balmy evenings by the fire. This is the ideal spot for everyone who wants to spend some quality time with their partner and wind down in the quiet of nature at just a stone’s throw away from the sea.

Ridestore recommends:

Eat excellent local food in one of the three onsite restaurants

ICEHOTEL Jukkasjarvi, Sweden

Photo credit: Asaf Kliger / ICEHOTEL Deluxe Suite 365 / Design: Tommy Alatalo

Location: Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

Nearest Aiport: Kiruna airport is 12km away.

Best for: An old school Swedish experience

Okay okay, it’s not strictly glamping but we simply had to include the Icehotel. It’s certainly not an average hotel experience, you are still very much in touch with nature. The Icehotel is wholly made out of natural ice from Torne River, one of Sweden’s national rivers and last untouched waters. It’s offers a year-round wintery experience that is not to be missed, don the Viking style protective coats and play pretend you are a Viking king.

Ridestore recommends:

Dog sledging. . . enough said, right?

Islands Tree Houses, Sweden

Photo credit: Islands Tree Houses facebook

Location: Ånge V, Sweden

Nearest Aiport: Sveg airport is 83km away.

Best for: Tree house adventures

Set to the backdrop the beautiful lake Havern, you will discover Island Tree Houses, this two-story wonderland of traditional Swedish hospitality. If you love the outdoors as much as the locals, you can fish for some of the abundance of pike and bass in Lake Havern. Enjoy the glorious Swedish nature with the calmness and stillness of the night in the comfy beds and outdoor summer shower. 

Ridestore recommends:

Try SUP on the lake in the summer!

Treehotel, Sweden

Photo credit: treehotel facebook

Location: Harads Sweden

Nearest Aiport: Luleå  airport is 85km away.

Best for: Sleeping in the forrest trees

The Treehotel is an eclectic mix of rustic and luxury.
“Living up among the tall trees in the pine forest of Northern Sweden has never been so easy. Gaze out at Sweden’s spectacular nature from up in the Mirrorcube or the UFO. Watch the Northern Lights illuminate the sky above you and your snowmobile, or take a family fishing trip and learn all about the berries you pick up along the way.”- Treehotel
You have a variety of tree rooms to choose from, all as stunning as the last. This is an unmissable glamping experience.

Ridestore recommends:

Enjoy a BBQ outside to cook and eat your dinner as the sunsets in the forrest. 

Club Agia Anna, Greece

Photo credit:

Location: Agia Anna, Greece

Nearest Aiport: Naxos Airport is minutes away

Best for: Ultimate summer vacay

Greece is a classic destination for a summer adventure. Sun, sea, sand and glamping all rolled into one at club Agia Anna. These guys are so good at glamping that you actually have numerous options for an even better experience. Choose from staying in either a studio, a cabana or a loft or maybe an exotic yurt! Then why not take a dip in the pool, spend time by the beach or get up to one of the many amazing activities. This is also a top destination for families with kids of all ages.

Ridestore recommends:

Why not try mountain biking in the nearby hills!

Holiday Park Olive Tree, Montenegro

Photo credit: Olive Tree Glamping Tents Facebook

Location: Ulcinj, Montenegro

Nearest Aiport: Podgorica Airport is 48.64 km away

Best for: Experience the secrets of Montenegro

Holiday Park Olive Tree offers you a romantic, magical and traditional getaway among the ancient olive groves of Ulcinj. Montenegro is a naturally stunning nation that really isn’t appreciated for its beauty or friendly nationals, which it should! The local gastronomy is next level and being so close to the water, you are in for one relaxing getaway. The glamping at Holiday Park Olive Tree is super basic. Still, you don’t need anymore for a comfortable and minimalist experience. Strip it all back and experience Montenegro.

Ridestore recommends:

Grab a glass of something delicious and watch the sunset over the water.

Eco Resort, Slovenia

Photo credit:

Location: Stahovica, Slovenia

Nearest Aiport: Ljubljana Airport which is 20.4 km away

Best for: Undisturbed nature

Slovenia Eco Resort is in an absolutely breathtaking location. Nestled deep in the woods, you can mix comfort and nature. With its magical and unique herdsmen’s tradition, unspoiled nature, traditional goods and breathtaking views, Velika Planina takes its place among the most beautiful pastures in Slovenia. The gorgeous log cabins light up at night, like gems in the forest. It’s inside out and outside in, the perfect glamping balance. Don’t miss a visit to the petting zoo, the goats are friendly and waiting to meet you.

Ridestore recommends:

The outdoor pursuits are amazing, enjoy golf, hiking, biking and much more.

Original North, Iceland

Photo credit: originalnorth facebook

Location: Original North Vað 1 Þingeyjarsveit

Nearest Aiport: Akureyri Airport is 53 km away

Best for: Authentic Iceland

Original North have created a super authentic experience of Iceland. Although there might be carpet on the floor, furniture, heating system and heating blankets in the beds of these luxury tents, they are still tents. You can certainly feel like glamping that’s the close relative of camping. Enjoy a coffee in the morning by the stunning archipelago. At the same time, the Icelandic breeze wakes you up for a day of adventure.

Ridestore recommends

Enjoy a guided bike tour through the forest Fossselsskógur and up to Fljótsheiði and all the way to Goðafoss waterfall.

Hayema Heerd, Netherlands

Photo credit:

Location: Oldehove, Netherlands

Nearest Aiport: Munster Osnabruck airport is 132km away

Best for: A different style of glamping

You have two epic glamping options here. Experience a special overnight stay: sleeping in a Straw-hotel on a large bed made of straw! Of course under a luxury duvet with beautiful linens and lots of pillows. Or why not sleep in the covered wagons. They are equipped with comfortable mattresses, good duvets, bed linen and beautiful blankets with beautiful western prints.

Ridestore recommends:

Try the outdoor cooking workshop and experience some real camping style cooking. 

Texel Yurts, Netherlands

Photo credit:

Location: Hoorn, Netherlands

Nearest Aiport: Amsterdam airport is 26km away

Best for: The original yurt experience. 

Treat yourself to a unique experience and stay in a yurt, whatever the weather it can be magical. It is the perfect way to relax and unwind. A yurt holiday is a choice for an experience in nature, an adventure and the feeling of being part of something special, shared with your loved ones. Whether it’s for a weekend or midweek break no matter the season, Texel yurts in a great option. 

Ridestore recommends:

Learn to hunt, fish, chop wood, make fire and build a shelter.

Zon Zee Strand, Netherlands

Photo credit: zon zee strand facebook

Location: Callantsoog, Netherlands

Nearest Aiport: Amsterdam airport is 59km away

Best for: Glamping in a nature reserve

Experience the unique tranquil area Het Zwanenwater which is situated in the middle of a stunning nature reserve at only 10 minutes walk from the beach. Tucked between the lyme grass-covered dunes are the extremely spacious tent houses you can stay on the Dutch coast and see it from a different angle. “Whether it is the sea breeze in your hair, the beach sand under your feet or cooking on the stove. A stay in one of the cosy tent houses is always an original and pure experience.”- zon zee strand

Ridestore recommends:

Picnic on the beach!

Bukubaki Eco Surf Resort, Portugal

Photo credit: Bukubaki facebook

Location: Mendo, Portugal

Nearest Aiport: Lisbon Airport is 98km away

Best for: Yoga, surf serenity

The perfect mix of nature and relaxation. Where you can find world-class surfing, a back to basics style setting and a chance to disconnect in this stunning area of Portugal. Bukubaki Eco Surf Resort complements the best of surf experience in a chill atmosphere. The resort has created ecologically committed glamping accommodation, based on the principles of sustainability without compromising comfort. The idea place to rest your weary head after a great day surfing.

Ridestore recommends:

Try the Finnish sauna, massage rooms with a varied selection of massages plus Yoga, Pilates are available onsite.


Photo credit: Kudhva facebook

Location: Cornwall, UK

Nearest Aiport: Lands End airport 61km away

Best for: Going off the grid

“These unique architectural cabins have been specifically designed for the quarry rich environment they inhabit. Off-grid hideouts, raised high above the ground, standing on wooden legs with a suspended bed and captivating views down the coast.” At Kudhva resort, you also have the option to stay in the Danish Cabin, truly immersed in nature. A third option is Tentsile Tree Tents, these tents allow you to experience the area above the ground, hanging between the trees. However aside of the glamping offerings being super cool, Kudhva offers the chance to go off the grid, disconnect to reconnect as it were.

Ridestore recommends:

The activities in the area are endless, from surfing to foraging, outdoor panting classes, ecology workshops and much much more.

Uhlenköper, Germany

Photo credit: Uhlenköper facebook

Location: Uelzen, Germany

Nearest Aiport: Braunschweig Wolfsburg Airport 72km away

Best for: Eco friendly warriors.

The Uhlenköper-Camp is a perfect starting point for adventure; canoeing, cycling tours, tree climbing excursions or trips to the surrounding countryside. It’s a great place to come back to rest after exploring. The outdoor natural lagoon-style pool is super cool, and plenty of fun for us, bigger kids, too. There is also a super convenient general store onsite.

Ridestore recommends:

Canoeing is an absolute must while in the area.

Tropical Islands Resort, Germany

Photo credit: tropical islands resorts facebook

Location: Krausnick (Brandenburg) Germany

Nearest Aiport: Berlin (SXF) Airport 42km away

Best for: Water loving families

Why not enjoy a well-earned glamping holiday experience with a difference at Tropical Islands. A break here means activities like swimming, diving or just chilling by the Tropical Sea or Lagoon. Why not explore the world’s largest indoor rainforest or getting your adrenalin fix on Germany’s highest water slide tower. Plus there are lots of other great attractions. You can devour food and drink at the 12 delicious restaurants, bars and relaxing lounges. Spend the night in one of the cool themed guest rooms, lodges, or tents inside the Dome, glamping with a twist!

Ridestore recommends:

Grown ups can relax in the sauna and spa!

Basecamp Bonn, Germany

Photo credit: basecamp bonn facebook

Location: Bonn, Germany

Nearest Aiport: Bonn Airport 15km away

Best for: Hip city lovers

Where traditional glamping meets the city, this truly is a one in a million glamping experience. Choose between 13 vintage caravans, two sleeper trains, four Airstreams and many more extras which can be added to your room for the night. It’s a place so unique and chic that it’s difficult to put into words. This is a glamping, gastronomic and cultural experience to the max. Bonn is absolutely worth a visit, grab your friends and stay at Basecamp Bonn.

Ridestore recommends:

Watch out for the local entertainers!

Arctic Dome, Norway


Location: Narvik, Norway

Nearest Aiport: Evenes Airport which is 30.8km away

Best for: Immersive northern lights experience.

“The Arctic Dome is beautifully located in Narvikfjellet with an amazing view of Narvik, fjord and mountains. Enjoy the arctic light through the roof and front windows, and lay under the midnight sun or the northern lights and wake up in nature. Staying in the arctic Dome is not only an accommodation it is an experience where you will feel one with nature. The cosy atmosphere together with the nature gives you a very special experience. “- Visit Norway

Ridestore recommends:

The Dome has 2-4 beds and can sit for 5-8 persons, so why not make it a group trip!

Aurora Dome, Finland


Location: Särkijärvi, Finland

Nearest Aiport: Kittilä Airport is 48km away

Best for: Upclose and personal with the Aurora Borealis

The Finnish know how to do cosy. Big fluffy sweaters, hot drinks, slippers and the perfect intimate setting. What would make cosy winter glamping even better? Well, the Aurora Borealis of course! These purpose-built, tent-like structures have been carefully crafted to give you an extra special night of ‘Aurora Glamping’. Fitted with a wood-burning stove, double bed and large perspex wall, this is one of the cosiest ways to search the skies for an Auroral display. This is a once in a lifetime kinda deal that’s not to be missed. Grab your favourite person and head to Lapland.

Ridestore recommends:

Well, you simply must try a traditional Finnish sauna experience right? Great way to warm your cockles, after all, is cold up there!

Ferienparadies Natterer See, Austria

Photo credit: Ferienparadies Natterer See facebook

Location: Natters, Austria

Nearest Aiport: Kranebitten Airport, 3km away

Best for: Winter or summer glamping

Ferienparadies Natterer See is located in a wooded area next to a gorgeous private lake. “The holiday paradise Lake Natterer See will enchant you with untouched nature at the ‘gate to the south’. Combine your stay at one of the best sites in Europe with a visit to the pulsing capital of the Alps, Innsbruck”- Ferienparadies Natterer See
Get closer to the raw Austrian nature in the luxurious safari lodge tents or comfy alpine wood lodges. They combine luxury with adventurous romance, which fits for couples and families. The cosy sleeping barrels for two are ideal for short stays to add something a little different to your glamping stay.

Ridestore recommends:

Visit in the Winter and ski. 

Wrapping up!


There you go, hopefully, you found this ultimate guide to glamping useful. We really enjoyed putting it together as glamping is such fun and a great way to spend time with your favourite people while being in nature.  Get out there, get booking and discover which is your favourite glamping location in Europe.


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