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Are you planning your next hike and need some inspiration for the best hiking trails to visit next? Well, in this piece on the 50 best hikes in Europe, we will look at some of the best trails that you can go hiking in Europe as rated by expert hikers.

Now we know that for some of you, Europe is a continent of beautiful cities and captivating history. But it has a lot more to offer than just cities and history.

It has gorgeous scenery and perfect hiking trails, from breath-taking cliffs to stirring views and landscapes that will have even an expert hiker feeling every muscle in their body. And the best part is that many of these hiking trails are close to towns and rail passes, making them easy to access.

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Now, as you read through our review of the best hikes in Europe, bear in mind that the fun is in the challenge the trails offer.

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Now, gear up and get ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime as you explore the best hikes Europe has to offer!

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And with that, let’s dive into our list of the 50 best hikes in Europe. We have broken it down into the top 25 one day hikes and top 25 multi-day hikes!

The best single day hiking tours in Europe

1. El Caminito Del Ray, Spain


• Distance – 8 km
• Difficulty – Easy since restoration 
• Number of hours – 3 hours

This hike will provide you with scenic views of the famous region of Andalucia, Spain. Here, you’ll climb summits, go through whitewashed villages, beautiful orchids, and mountain towns.

It used to be classified as one of the most dangerous hiking trails in Europe and the whole world, due to the deteriorating state of the walkways. This lead to the closure of the trail for four years while restoration work was complete.

Now that the path has been fully restored with safety rails and sturdy pathways, it is no longer classified as a dangerous hike but this does not takeaway from the amazing scenery on offer. Enjoy the beauty of the gorge, canyon, and the river running below the path and curving on the gorge.

For those of you afraid of heights, you may not appreciate the special section of glass floor which will give you you a good idea of how high you really are, along with a spine tingling wire suspension bridge section at the very top which leads you across the gorge at a dizzying height!

2. Trolltunga – Norway


 Distance – 27 km
• Difficulty – Difficult
• Number of hours – 10 – 12 hours

Trolltunga literally means ‘troll’s tongue’. The hike is 27km long and has an ascent of 900m. It might take you 12 hours (or less, if you are in good shape). However, the time spent getting to the top will be well worth your time.

While hiking, you will pass numerous attractions like mountain glacial potholes and Ringedal dam. However, the star attraction is at the top of the mountain – an inspiring cliff that is 1,100 m above sea level and that hovers 700m about the lake beneath it (Lake Ringedalsvatnet). Take your time to take in the view from this cliff.

3. Mt. Buet - France


• Distance – 20 km
• Difficulty – Difficult
 Number of hours – 10 hours

If you are looking for best hikes in Europe that you can enjoy as a family, this is not it. This hiking trail will push you to your hiking limits. It’s as such perfect for advanced hikers. Here’s the reason why. The hiking trail is steep and takes you to the 3096m point on Mt.Buet (the highest mountain in France).

You will climb a total of 20 km from Chamonix valley to get to the summit. But once you’ve gotten past this hurdle and are at the top, you’ll be served with a view you will appreciate for the rest of your life.

Along the Trail, you’ll enjoy magnificent views of the dark valleys, the green waters of the Emossom dam and the rugged trails in the mountains.

4. Ladder of Kotor - Montenegro


• Distance – 13 km
• Difficulty – Difficult
 Number of hours – 5 hours

The Ladder of Kotor is one of the most popular hiking trails in Montenegro. It’s also known as the Ladder of Cattaro and has a decent 940 m ascent. When standing on the opposite side of Vrmac peninsula, you can view the entire Trail in all its glory and splendour.

It starts from Kotor (an old town on the Montenegrin Coast) and meanders its way to the top of the mountain. This path was created in the 19th century by Austrians to serve as a military road to their frontier. The road was also used to supply essential provisions to the military.

5. Schwarzhorn - Switzerland


• Distance – 8.6 km
• Difficulty – Difficult
 Number of hours – 6 hours 45 minutes

Schwarzhorn is the highest peak in the pre-alpine mountains. It stands at 2928 m high.

The hiking trail leading to it is challenging and is only for the sure-footed, those who are used to scaling mountainsides and aren’t afraid of heights. The Trail at the top is quite steep and narrow. You will need to have the right hiking shoes on and be extremely careful.

There are two routes here:

  • The SW and South Ridge route – this is the regular route. Most hikers use it as it’s relatively easy in comparison to the other one
  • The South Ridge Route – this is slightly more technical

From the top, you can view Eiger and Monch peaks through the clouds.

6. Pico do Areeiro – Madeira


• Distance – 16 km round trip
• Difficulty – moderate/difficult
• Number of hours – 8 hours

Now, this is the perfect hiking trails for a family. However, you should bear in mind that it is only recommended for older children (above 10 years). It is not great for toddlers because there are some steep climbs and drops, which can be safety hazards.
The Trail starts at Pico do Areeiro (the 2nd highest peak in Madeira), which has excellent panoramic views.

The Trail is well marked, which makes it very easy to follow. It snakes along a crest and through tunnels and eventually ends up at Pico Ruivo (the highest peak on Madeira). The views from this point are nothing short of stunning. Though the Trail isn’t tricky, it does require a fair amount of climbing, so you do need to be in good physical form.

7. Besseggen Ridge – Norway


• Distance – 17 km
• Difficulty – moderate/difficult
• Number of hours – 5- 7 hours

Besseggen is a mountain ridge that’s between two lakes – Lake Gjende and Lake Bessvatnet. The lakes create good scenery from the Trail.

Given the beautiful view, it’s obvious why the site is super popular and attracts hikers from all over the world.
The best way to get to this hiking trail is through the lake and then finishing off with the hike. If you want, you could do it in reverse, hike and then return by boat. Either way, you are assured of having a good time.

8. MorskieOko Lake to Rysy Park – Poland


• Distance – 12.4 km
• Difficulty – moderate/difficult
• Number of hours – 6 hours 35 minutes

There are a couple of reasons why this hike has featured in this piece about the best hikes in Europe. First, this is one of the most popular hiking trails in Poland. Second, the peak is the highest in Poland, standing tall at 2499m. At such heights, you can imagine how beautiful the views are.

The hike starts from MorskieOko Lake and ends at Rysy peak.
The Trail is steep and rocky. But before you fly out for the adventure, make sure you are prepared with the right equipment and can scale rocky, steep grounds.

9. Svartisen Glacier – Norway


• Distance – 4.5 km
• Difficulty – Easy to Moderate
• Number of hours – Full Day

The Svartisen glacier is 375 km long and is the 2nd largest in Norway. Actually, it is the most extensive land covered in ice in Northern Norway.
Hiking the Svartisen glacier is a full day affair and can be done by persons above 10 years. It is a guided expedition full of adventure.

The hiking involves 3km of cycling and 1.5 km of hiking.
Hiking the glacier starts at 2m above sea level. Since you’ll be on the ice, you need to carry various kinds of equipment (especially boots) to keep you safe.

10. Adrspach-Teplice Rock Towns - Bohemian Switzerland, Czech Republic


• Distance – 6 km
• Difficulty – Easy
• Number of hours – 3 hours

We guarantee you that this hike is not like any other you’ve been on. The Teplice Rocks are basically strange rocks found in the Czech Republic that have naturally formed into beautiful works of art. Between these rocks are tiny paths on which you can hike on to the top. While on the Trail, you will feel tiny ‘no doubt’, but you will absolutely love the view.

11. Lac Blanc – France


• Distance – 6 km
• Difficulty – Easy
 Number of hours – 2-3 hours

This is probably the most famous walk in Chamonix. If you pride yourself as a hiker, you must cross this Trail off your bucket list. The Tour du Mont Blanc is one of the highlights of the Trail. Lac Blanc is right next to a beautiful refuge where you can rest if you please.

On this hike, you’ll be treated to a sight of wildlife in the high alpines. Speaking of which, when you visit, be on the lookout for marmots, listen to their whistling and see if you can spot them.
Note that dogs aren’t allowed on the hiking trail.

12. The Flysch Route - Spain


• Distance – 14 km
• Difficulty – Moderate
• Number of hours – 4 hours

On Guipuzcoa’s west coast, and off the cliffs, you’ll find a sight to behold – a marvel of nature that stretches for 14 km. Among Mutriku, Zumaia and Deba, you’ll find a unique hidden treasure – flysch.

Flysch is basically a geological phenomenon that is formed by soil erosion of the sea over millions of years in the marl and limestone rocks. Thanks to the erosion, we now can explore the earth’s history dating back to 60 million years ago.

To enjoy the beauty of the Basque coast (the name given to the rock formations), you should go on a hike.

13. Helvellyn– UK


• Distance – 12 km
 Difficulty – Difficult
• Number of hours – 4-5 hours

Simply put, the route is a classic. It starts from Glenridding (on the Ullswater banks) to Helvellyn. Helvellyn rivals the Scafell Pike for the ‘most visited mountain’ spot in the Lake District.

The reason this hiking trail is popular is that it has several great routes that can be accessed from all directions. From the north, you have numerous options, including White Side and Sticks Pass, while from the east, you have the option of Glenridding and Patterdale. From the high spots, you get a good view of the valley and the waters below.

14. Seven Hanging Valleys - Algarve, Portugal


• Distance – 12 km
• Difficulty – Moderate
• Number of hours – 4 – 6 hours

This hiking route runs from Praia da Marinha to Praia de Vale Centeanes. It has a lot of beautiful sceneries your eyes can feast on. It has some stops at the Carvalhobeachs, Benagil and Alfanzina lighthouse.

The walk itself runs on a cliff with golden hues that is sculpted and shaped beautifully. The rock layers seem to change throughout the day as the sun rises and sets. They vary from a bright yellow to a dark copper. At the top of the cliffs are dense Mastic and juniper undergrowth that provides a home to rabbits, mongooses, owls, warblers and several butterfly species.

15. Lauterbrunnen– Switzerland


 Distance – 22 km
• Difficulty – Difficult
 Number of hours – 10-12 hours

This hiking trail is the most challenging of all on Lauterbrunnen. The hike to Schilthorn will have you on the side of a valley. Schilthorn is famous for its feature on ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’ movie (a James Bond Movie).

The mountains and the valleys are quiet, peaceful and beautiful. However, it is a steep climb of about 2000 m. Once you scale the heights successfully, you’ll be rewarded with stunning views of the region.

16. Knivskjellodden - North Cap, Norway


• Distance – 18 km
• Difficulty – Difficult
• Number of hours – 8 hours

This is the most northern part of Europe. You can only access it via a tiny trail that’s on the coast. The hike is 18 km long and can be a challenge. The Trail leads you down to the sea level.

On your way down, you’ll come across some boggy and soggy rocks. As such, you need to be careful with every step you make.

The rough Trail is challenging and will make you feel as though you are walking on the edge of the earth. Nothing is in sight aside from the ocean and its horizon. The Trail is marked in red, and as such, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding your way through the Trail.

17. Goethe's Path - Germany


• Distance – 16 km
• Difficulty – Difficult
• Number of hours – 5-6 hours

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was the most famous visitor of Ilmenau. He was sent by his duke to Ilmenau to put the finances to revive the silver and copper mines. He was overjoyed with the assignment and ended up making 28 visits to Ilmenau. Today, Ilmenau is known for the associations with Johann Wolfgang.

The Goethe Path links al the area where Johann worked on the route from Ilmenau to Stutzerbach.

While hiking on the Trail and enjoying the beauty of the landscape, you should take some time off to learn about the town’s history.

18. Samaria Gorge - Greece

samaria gorge Greece

• Distance – 16 km
• Difficulty – Difficult
 Number of hours – 6 hours

The Samaria Gorge is located in Western Crete amidst The White Mountains. This is a beautiful and majestic destination that you ought to visit as you enjoy the Greek Island as a whole.

Aside from hiking, you will be treated to a sight of rare flora and fauna in the mountain forest.

When you visit during spring when the flowers are blooming, the landscape is even more beautiful.

19. Three peaks – Italy


• Distance – 16 km
• Difficulty – Difficult
• Number of hours – 7 hours

In all honesty, the ‘Three Peaks’ is not a trail for the faint-hearted. While it has some pretty rewarding panoramic views of the area, it will put your physical endurance to the test. The impressive Braies and Sesto Dolomites, the enchanting valleys and the nature parks Three Peaks and Fanes-Senes-Braies are ideal for a hiking holiday in the Dolomites and for walks. Walk through the Dolomites on well-built and signposted paths and enjoy the unique panoramic views. However, with such breathtaking views, the pain and changes you overcome are worthwhile.

The hike starts off mild and easy on the body, but with every peak you scale, it gets increasingly difficult. This is, without a doubt, not one for families.

20. Mount Triglav - Slovenia


• Distance – 1.95 km
• Difficulty – Difficult
• Number of hours – a 1-day climb is between 12 and 14 hours. A 2-day climb is between 6 and 8 hours

At 1950m, Triglav is the highest peak in Slovenia. But the mountain is not only known for its altitude. It’s also a symbol of national identity that unites the people of Slovenia. It even features on the Slovenian Flag and coat of arms. It’s, therefore, an adventure you need to go on.

Although physically demanding, the view at the top is more than rewarding.
The slopes are super steep, and you will need to use ropes to climb. So, before you decide to go on this trip, you need to be able to use this equipment.

21. The Kjeragbolten – Norway


• Distance – 12 km
• Difficulty – Difficult
 Number of hours – 6-8 hours

This is one of the most beautiful hikes in Europe and the world over. If you are in search of a family-friendly hiking trail, you can pick this. But this isn’t to say that the hike is not difficult, it is. As a matter of fact, when you are starting the hike, you will have to use chains to climb.

But the best part is yet to come. At the peak, you can stand on a rock ‘stuck’ between two cliffs as you take in the view of the world around it. If you are afraid of heights, you might want to take a back seat on this one.

22. Plitvice Lakes National Park – Croatia


• Distance – 3.5 – 18.3 km
• Difficulty – Easy to Difficult
• Number of hours – 3-8 hours

This park is the most popular tourist attraction in Croatia. In 2015, it received more than 1.1 million visitors. This is because it has more than 16 terraced and crystal clear lakes and a vast 90 lakes.

The park has about 8 hiking routes that vary in length. The shortest hiking route takes 3 hours and the longest 8 hours. They also vary in difficulty. But regardless of the route you choose, you’ll be treated to the beautiful scenery.

23. High Tatras– Slovakia


• Distance – roughly 1 km
• Difficulty – Moderate-difficult
• Number of hours – 6-8 hours

The High Tatras are mountain ranges that ride the border of Slovakia and Poland. They are found in the Carpathian Mountains (the 2nd longest mountain range in Europe).

The High Tatras have many hiking trails to choose from, including:

  • Mlynicka and Furkotska Valley – moderate
  • Mengusovska Valley -moderate
  • Krivan Peak and Vazecka Valley – hard
  • Strbske Pleso to Tatranska Polianka – Moderate

No matter the trail you choose, you are guaranteed beautiful views, including waterfalls.

24. Fairy Pools - Isle of Skye, Scotland


 Distance – 7 km
• Difficulty – Easy
 Number of hours – 2 hours

The Fairy Pools are a collection of beautiful crystal blue pools formed on River Brittle. These pools are famous the world over and entice visitors with their promise of a wild swim and adventure- filed hiking experience.

The hiking trail is a loop. And since it starts out downhill, when coming back, you’ll be climbing. It is easy and can be done by an entire family. In fact, it’s the perfect Trail to bond with your loved ones.

25. Stavanger - Norway


Stavanger is one of the large cities in Norway. It has gained popularity as a hub for hiking adventures, including Kjerag and Preikestolen. Although these trails are a must see, there are just but a tip of the ice bag. There is a lot that Stavanger has to offer if you are brave enough to explore.

The other hiking trails include:


• Distance – 7.4 km
• Difficulty – Moderate
• Time – 3-4 hours


• Distance – 3.4 km
• Difficulty – Easy
• Time – 1 – 2.5 hours


• Distance- 9.9km
• Difficulty – Difficult
• Time – 5-6.5 hours

Vinddalen to Skapet

• Distance – 6.8 km
• Difficulty – Easy
• Time – 3.4 km


• Distance – 4.1 km
• Difficulty – Medium
• Time – 2-3 hours

Top 25 multi-day hikes in Europe

1. Tour du Mont Blanc - France, Italy & Switzerland


 Distance – 170 km
 Difficulty – Moderate to Difficult
• Number of days – 11
• Possibilities of accommodation –Hostels, Mountain Huts, Resort hotels.

The Tour du Mont Blanc flows flawlessly in valleys and over the peaks of the Western Alps and through the beautiful landscapes that Switzerland, Italy and France have to offer.

Those who have experienced it before can attest that it is the crown of all hikes in Europe and possibly in the world. And this is not only because it has the most beautiful and most stunning views of the tallest mountain in the area, but because it allows you to enjoy views of different parts of the said countries in two weeks. The view will definitely take your mind off the hurting muscles.

During the hike, you’ll go from Chamonix, which is in the Southeastern part of France to Courmayeur- one of the famous villages in Italy.

Now, though you can customize the 11-day hike route, it’s recommended that you take the anti-clockwise trek around Mt. Blanc Massif. This route is bound to satisfy even the pickiest hikers.

2. Alta Via 1 – Italy


• Distance – 150 km
• Difficulty – Moderate
 Number of days – 8
• Possibilities of accommodation – Hostels, Rustic Hut

This hiking trail is perfect for couples or hiking with a partner. Given that it’s in Italy, it allows you to relax and enjoy the culture and probably have a beach holiday right after. For outdoor hikers, those who are used to hiking, the Dolomite Mountains will be a sight to behold (it’s all the inspiration you need). The hiking trail connects through local villages and gems of nature.

Going through the North-Eastern part of Italy, you will hike past beautiful limestone cliffs, generous meadows that are dotted with sheep, lakes and World War 1 battlefields. The hike is bound to be fun and a learning experience as well.

3. The Kings Trail – Sweden


• Distance – 440 km
• Difficulty – Difficult
 Number of days – 8-10
• Possibilities of accommodation – Mountain Huts

This is probably the most famous Trail in Sweden. It’s also known as Kungsleden. It is 440 km long. It starts from Abisko (a typical tourist attraction) and leads to Kebnekaise the highest point in Sweden. While on the Trail, you’ll notice that the Trail changes many times. But regardless of the change, one thing remains constant – it’s beautiful and splendid.

This tour is split into different parts with each section having something unique to offer hikers. Overall, the hiking trail is a unique hiking adventure for expert hikers.

4. GR20 – Corsica


• Distance – 180 km
• Difficulty – Difficult
• Number of days – 14
• Possibilities of accommodation – Hostels, Rustic Huts, Campsites, Refuges, Basic Hostels

If you feel ready to put your mountaineering skills to the test, you should go to Corsica and experience the GR20 Hike first hand. The route starting from Calenzana is simply a chain of going up and down spiky and steep paths.

We should mention that the starting phase of the hike is the hardest. As you progress, the hike gets easier. However, you should be prepared for the tough section as you will heavily rely on your bolted chains to scale the steep mountainsides.

Though this hiking tour is by far the hardest in Europe, you shouldn’t let that discourage you. There is a reward to reap in the form of the beautiful scenery of pine trees standing majestic and unwavering on the mountain range. The hike also serves you with views of some rocky walls, sparkling lakes, and lush green meadows.

5. England's Coast to Coast, UK


 Distance – 309 km
• Difficulty – Moderate
• Number of days – 8-10
 Possibilities of accommodation – Camping, Hostels, Bunkhouses

This hiking trail will take you From the Irish Sea to the North Sea. The journey is 309 km long and is full of history and beautiful scenery. The path was created by Alfred Wainwright and starts at St. Bees Head and ends at the Robin Hood’s Bay.

During the hike, you’ll pass Roman ruins and castles. You’ll also go through valleys and hike along cliffs with beautiful views. It’s clearly not a hike for beginners.

Moreover, you will hike through 3 national parks, including Yorkshire Dales National Park, The Lake District National Park and the North York Moors National Park.

6. Cinque Terre, Italy


• Distance – 40 km
• Difficulty – Moderate to Difficult
• Number of days – 2-5
• Possibilities of accommodation – Hostels, Rustic Hut, B&Bs Guest Houses

The internet is flooded with images of the Italian Riviera Coastline – the Cinque Terre hanging off cliffs and towering above turquoise waters that glisten in the sun. This Trail is popular and is frequented by many hikers.

However, to avoid the crowds, we recommend you stay away from Train. For an excellent, non-crowded experience, you should have your guide take you through more challenging trails, including 10, 9, 6, 4 and 1.

7. Haute Route – Switzerland


• Distance – 180 km
• Difficulty –Difficult
• Number of days – 14
 Possibilities of accommodation – Hostels, Mountain Huts

This tour takes you through some of the beautiful sceneries in France and Switzerland. And here’s the kicker, the landscapes are highly contrasting, which makes it all the more adventurous. You’ll walk through several glaciers measuring 4,000m, go down lush green valleys and through vibrant villages.

The Walkers Haute Route starts from Chamonix to Zermatt. The path that is followed today was created in the mid-19th century by an expert mountaineering crew that hailed from England.

This route is best experienced in the summer. The contrasting sceneries are at their peak contrast.

8. Eagles Walk – Austria


• Distance – 412 km
• Difficulty – Moderate to Difficult
 Number of days – 1-10
• Possibilities of accommodation – Hostels, Rustic Hut, Camping, Guest Houses

From the name, you can deduce the experience you’ll have on this Trail. Yes, the hike gives you a view similar to that of an eagle. You’ll enjoy the views of the regal Alpine.

The Trail flows through Tirol from East to West of Austria. It is split into sections between Arlberg and Kaiser mountain Range. 

There are 9 stages between the Grossglockner Mountains and Venediger.

9. Westweg – Germany


• Distance – 285 km
• Difficulty – Easy
• Number of days – 5-15
• Possibilities of accommodation – Hostels, Camping, Guest Houses

The Westweg is by far the most popular hiking trail in Germany. It starts at Pforzheim and ends at Basel. This is probably the place where the whole concept of hiking was birthed. It was mapped out in 1900 and is frequented by German locals and international hikers.

Through the Trail, you will come across Nordic European forests, emerald seas of beautiful meadows, lakes, Alps and Black Forest Mountains.

10. Camino de Santiago – Spain


 Distance – split into 8 sections of 100km each
 Difficulty – Moderate to Difficult
• Number of days – 7-10. The complete route is 30 days
 Possibilities of accommodation – Hostels, Rustic Hut, Camping, Guest Houses

This Trail will take you through the beautiful Pyrenees. The mountain range is quite short. However, it’s one that is impossible to forget. The range divides France and Northern Spain.

Centuries ago, it was famous among the Catholic Pilgrims. But today, it is a trail that is well mapped out and ideal perfect for hikers ready to learn about different cultures.

Of all the trails on this tour, the French way is the most captivating and beautiful. It will take you through ranging rivers that roar along summits standing tall in their majesty and splendour, and across valleys.

Courtesy of its history and heritage, the Trail is full of cultural sites, including the Cathedral at Santiago, which was built in a Gothic Baroque style.

11. Dream Trail, Munich to Venice - Germany, Austria, Italy


• Distance – 522 km
• Difficulty – Difficult
• Number of days – 21
• Possibilities for accommodation – Hotel, Camping

You’ll hike from Munich to Venice through the beautiful Alps. The Trail is not referred to as the dream trail for nothing. It is, without a doubt, one that will prove impossible to forget. You will hike for about 21 days.

You will climb over the Alps and go through the Dolomites, which means you will thoroughly enjoy the mountain landscapes Europe has to offer.

On the ends, the Trail is flat and doesn’t have much to see. But when Venice is the destination, the lack of scenery doesn’t matter much.

12. West Highland Way – Scotland


• Distance – 151 km
 Difficulty – Easy to Moderate
• Number of days – 7
• Possibilities of accommodation – Hostels, Campsites, B&Bs

This tour is right in the middle of the magical Scottish Highlands. As the years pass by, the West Highland Way Hiking Tour seems to be gaining more and more traction in the hiking world.

Ben Nevis connects Milngavie and Fort William. Along the Trail are some of the most refreshing and harshest view you’ve ever been to.
As you plan for the hike, you should prepare yourself for a treat of Scotland’s beauties, including sumptuous heights, mysterious lochs, serene moors, and magnificent woodlands.

During your research phase, look into Glen Nevis, Glencoe and Rannoch Moor. These are bound to give you the inspiration you are looking for.

And since you’ll be hiking to a fort, it will be best if you read up on the 18th-century history of the area – many of the roads will confirm history as it was documented.

Last but not least, at the end of the Trail, you can treat yourself to a ride on the Jacobite Steam Train, which was nicknamed ‘Hogwarts Express’ after featuring in the Harry Potter movie.

13. Tour de Monte Rosa - Switzerland


• Distance – 163 km
• Difficulty –Difficult
• Number of days – 9
• Possibilities of accommodation –Mountain Huts

Like you’d expect from an Alps trail, the Tour de Monte Rosa is full of scenic spots that draw hikers to it every year. The hike takes you through up and down Renaissance paths and offers you exquisite views of Magnifico 4-thousands.

In the early 1500s, a ballsy Leonardo da Vinci conquered Monte Rosa, which is the beautiful backdrop of the entire hike. Although the hike takes you through an excellent ‘Snow Kingdom’, it is safer if you hike it during summer.

14. Circumventing the Matterhorn, Switzerland


• Distance – 100 km
 Difficulty –Difficult
• Number of days – 8
• Possibilities of accommodation –B&B, Hotels

Matterhorn is the highest peak in these Swiss Alps. The peak stands tall at 4479m. On this Trail, you will discover the beauty of the region from a high vantage point, and hike from Brig to Zermatt. The Trail is steep but rewards you with beautiful scenery of snowy caps, valleys and mountain passes.

While on the Trail, you’ll also get a chance to connect with locals and learn more about the history of this region. This route is only safe during the Summer and only accompanied by a local mountain guide. 

15. GR10 – France


• Distance – 866 km (split into sections)
• Difficulty –Difficult
• Number of days – 78-15 per section
• Possibilities of accommodation – Hostels, Rustic Hut, Camping

This is a classic hike that’ll have you going through the famous French Pyrenean Mountains. The entire hike tour would take about 2 months to complete. Luckily, the trip is split into sections lasting for about 2 weeks each.

The difficulty of the sections is determined by the continuous ascent. For this reason, if you are not in the mood of climbing for several days, then you should pick a shorter version that has a couple of rest days.

Going through the Trail, you’ll come across some famous landscapes like Cirque de Gavarnie, Gauba Lake, and Vignemale, which is the highest point in the region. You’ll also be treated to a sight of fascinating peaks and valleys. And unlike other hiking trails, the GR10 also treats you to wildlife and bird watching.

16. Alpe Adria - Austria, Slovenia, and Italy


• Distance – 750 km split into 43 stages, each about 20 km
• Difficulty – Difficult
• Number of days – 32
• Possibilities of accommodation – Camping, Guest Houses, Mountain Refuges

This Trail snakes from Carinthia, to the Adriatic Sea. It’s 750 km long. On the hike, you will take in some of the best picturesque scenes of the Trail from the Slovenian Alps to valleys and WW1 war front.

You will also pass through stunning mountains and hike along the Soca River as it carves through Trenta Valley. Overall, the hike has various walks ranging from moderate to challenging levels. You can choose a trail from the 43 sections that best suit your physical ability.

17. Hot Spring Route – Iceland


• Distance – 55 km
• Difficulty – Moderate
• Number of days – 4
• Possibilities of accommodation – Rustic Huts and Tents

This is a geothermal paradise that is renowned worldwide for the steam, hot springs and the picturesque Rhyolite mountains that it features. All these beauties are found at the start of the Trail (Landmannalaugar).

From here, you’ll walk deeper into the highlands where you’ll find glaciers and glacier rivers, hot springs, black sands, waterfall, volcanoes, and geysers. The scenery along this trek is nothing short of breathtaking. If you have a guide, they’ll explain everything there is to know about Icelandic nature, including the flora, fauna, and landscape.

18. Central Picos Circuit – Spain


• Distance – 79 km
• Difficulty – Difficult
• Number of days – 5
• Possibilities of accommodation – Mountain Huts

This Trail is located on the Picos de Europa Mountains. It has all kinds of walks, including day and multi-day hikes. The trail circuit combines the Care George and Jermoso Traverse with the Central Picos Traverse. It has a spectacular Alpine landscape and views as well as a vast Mount hut network.

19. Transylvanian Mountain Trail - Romania


 Distance – 80 – 130 km
• Difficulty – Moderate to Difficult
 Number of days – 7-10
• Possibilities of accommodation – Hostels, Rustic Hut, Camping, Basic Hostels and Chalets

This hiking destination is famous for its beautiful limestone walls adorning the Carpathian Mountains. The mountain offers some of the most beautiful hiking experiences. Most expert hikers choose this destination for the sole purpose of catching a glimpse of the Bran Castle that’s suspended on a cliff.

This castle was built centuries ago (14th century) and is often associated with Dracula (although the association is unclear). When on this tour, you will most likely choose the one that goes into the Fagaras Mountains and over 3 of the highest peaks in Romania.

20. Slovenian Mountain Trail – Slovenia


• Distance – 499 km
• Difficulty – Moderate
• Number of days – 3 – 30
• Possibilities of accommodation –Rustic Hut, Camping

Although this hiking trail is not very famous outside of Europe, it is a renowned hiking trail in Slovenia. It will serve you with some of the natural beauties in the land.

And with the Alps like the Julian Alps and Kamnik-Savinja Alps, you will have to do some physical preparations before embarking on a hike on this Trail. Speaking of the Kamnik-Savinjaalps, the Trail on this Alp provides you with a sight of beautiful alpine architecture in the shape of wooden chapels.

In the LogarskaDolina, there is a glacier in the valley with a beautiful waterfall cascading down the Alps. In addition to these, you’ll enjoy being in the forests and the meadows.

21. Via Dinarica - The Balkans

  • Distance – 1930 km
  • Difficulty – difficult
  • Number of days – 3 months
  • Possibilities of accommodation –Rustic Hut, Camping, Hotels

The Via Dinarica is one of the longest and physically challenging hiking trails in the world. It traverses 7 countries, including Slovenia Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Serbia and Albania (this is the white Trail). But don’t let this long distance throw you off. The long distance only means there’s more for you to learn, see and enjoy. Speaking of learning, you’ll get to experience different cultures along the way. And last but not least, you will get a bird’s eye view from the peaks of the Alps on the trail.

22. Camino Dos Faros– Spain

  • Distance – 155 km
  • Difficulty – Moderate
  • Number of days – 8
  • Possibilities of accommodation –Rustic Hut, Hotels, B&B

The Camino Dos Faros Coastal Trail is also known as the Lighthouse Way. It is a great hiking trail on the coast that gives you a front-row seat view of the rugged and wild beauty and awesomeness of the Costa Da Morte. Aside from the ocean views, there are also some cliffs, archaeological and cultural heritage to enjoy.

You can choose to stay in the fishing villages and sample fresh treats direct from the sea. Ponteceso, for instance, is popular for percebes which are harvested from the sea cliffs

23. Hardangervidda Transverse - Norway

  • Distance – 67 km
  • Difficulty – Moderate
  • Number of days– 7
  • Possibilities of accommodation –Hotels, Camping

In Norway, the norm is to hike through unmarked trails. However, being new to the area, you should stick to the marked trails. The Hardangervidda trail traversing the plateau is one of such trails. The trail will have you hiking towards the east.

The Hardangervidda plateau is vast. But that’s the good news as it offers you with a lot more to see and enjoy, including glaciers, rivers, lakes, boulders and bogs.
The western part of the plateau is lush and mountainous. And being a plateau, the hiking isn’t overly difficult.

24. Laugavegurinn - Iceland


• Distance – 54 km
• Difficulty – Easy
• Number of days – 3-5
• Possibilities of accommodation –Rustic Hut, Camping

If you are in for a roller-coaster of scenery, this is the hiking trail for you. The tour is laden with some of the most beautiful landscapes and at the same time, some of the scariest. It features coloured mountains, volcanoes, canyons, ice caves, black arctic deserts and lava fields. It is the perfect Trail for those looking to see all that the earth has to offer.

When going through Iceland (the south-west region), you will be treated to sights of hot springs in the Landmannalauagar before you enjoy the splendour of Thorsmok and the glacial valley.
If you are lucky, you might also be treated to a show of the beautiful and magnificent Northern Lights.

25. Mullerthal - Luxembourg


 Distance – 112 km
• Difficulty – Moderate
• Number of days – 7 days
• Possibilities of accommodation –Hotels

The Mullerthal trail has 3 big tracks labelled Route 1, Route 2 and Route 3. The perfect starting point is Echternach, which also doubles as a tourist destination. This region has a lot to offer if you want to take some time to relax before embarking on the hike. However, you can also start the journey at Herborn, Mompach, Moersdorf, and Rosport.

On this hike, you’ll get great views of the River Sure, Tudor Castle, Sure Valley and Lakes in the region.

Wrapping up!


There you are – more than enough inspiration from the best hikes in Europe to plan your perfect hiking adventure the next time you are on holiday. However, be sure to do your due diligence during the planning phase and get all the details regarding the hike, including costs, weather, accommodation and such.

Be sure to search the local tourist board before setting off to see if local guides or professional alpinists/mountaineers are required to accompany you. Some hikes are best enjoyed in the capable and trusty local experts. For example, the Matterhorn may ONLY be summited with a guide and ALL necessary equipment. 

That’s it for the moment, guys, we hope you find this article useful! If we happen to have missed your favourite hike, please do let us know and we shall put it in. If you are heading on an adventure, send us a pic, tag us online and let us know how you got on tag @dopesnow or @ridestore using #Dopesnow #Ridestore.

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