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We’re all about the girl power here at Ridestore and we’re obsessed with keeping up with what ladies in the snowsports industry are doing. For us, ladies in the snowsports industry are the ones to watch, as they are out there paving a new path in a ‘mans world’.

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Take a read at our pick of the must-watch female ski films. We suggest sitting down with your ladies, cosy up, grabbing the popcorn and the wine and having an all-female ski movie night. You will be sure to get inspired by their courage on the mountain, their determination in competitions and, of course, their ski jacket, pants and goggle combo. ENJOY!

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Nat and Anna Segal - Finding The Line (2018)

Nat and Anna Segal - Finding The Line (2018)
Finding the Line Facebook

“Finding The Line is about fear and understanding the balance between risk, reason and reward”. 

The film is documented around two amazing sisters, X Games and Olympian slopestyle champion Anna Segal and Freeride World Tour finalist Natalie Segal (their parents must be so proud!). The sisters travel around the mountains of the world exploring the realms of backcountry where they face their biggest fears. 

They push themselves to their limits and learn from this, something that is truly inspiring. There are messages to be taken away about fear, how it consumes us and how to overcome it, which is something to learn from if you are seeking to take your snowsports to the next level.

Kajsa Larsson and Malou Peterson - KM days (2018-ongoing)

Kajsa Larsson and Malou Peterson - KM days (2018-ongoing)
Kasja Larsson - Athlete Facebook

KM days is exactly what you need on a Friday night when you are tired from a boring week at work. What you need are these two lovely Swedish ladies who will brighten up your day. They have weekly instalments on their youtube channel, where they document their lives, travelling around the mountains, living their best lives skiing as much as possible. 

They are both incredible riders, absolutely killing it in the freeride, giving you some serious determination for when you next get out to the mountains. But, they are also two very stylish ladies, with the very best ski jackets, skis and of course have the ‘chilled skier girl’ look down to perfection. If you take anything away from this series, it will be slopestyle inspiration, for sure! 

Pretty Faces - Lynsey Dyer (2015)

Pretty Faces - Lynsey Dyer (2015)
Lynsey Dyer Facebook

Lynsey Dyer is yet again making us all proud! She is always putting herself out there and giving a voice to women who deserve credit for their talents and bravery. Pretty Faces is a film about female models in adventure sports instead of following role models in magazines and reality television. 

The film was one of the only all-female featured ski films in 2015 and was directed by a female, too (Dyer). Dyer features the best female skiers in the industry who are pushing their limits in adventure sports, showing off their insane talents and having fun. Expect epic shots of freeriding and backcountry and some major girl power!

Sandra Lahnsteiner - Shades of Winter: (2016)

Sandra Lahnsteiner - Shades of Winter: (2016)
Shades of Winter Facebook

Okay, so this is cheating to say everything from “shades of winter” is a must-see. Everything the group has produced has done wonders for women in the industry, firmly forging our place. The premise behind Shades Of Winter is to tell the story of females in the ski industry to encourage and inspire other females to get out there too. The filmmaker and pro skier Sandra had a dream to showcase role models of women in adventure sports for children, so they can be inspired at a young age. This dream began as the first film, ‘Between’, following the epic adventures of the top female skiers and surfers. 

Expect to be taken on a crazy adventure around the world to the most insane destinations in the mountains and by the ocean. The views will blow your mind but so will the talent these ladies have. The talent was so incredible that one film was not enough; Lahnsteiner now has a whole brand for Shades Of Winter. There are further all-female adventure films, clubs, meetups and film fests, all in the name of inspiring young girls to follow their dreams!

Jackie Paaso and Eva Walkner- Evolution of Dreams (2012)

Jackie Paaso and Eva Walkner- Evolution of Dreams (2012)
Evolution of Dreams Facebook

You are taken on the journey of these incredible skiers, from childhood dreams of becoming Olympic slalom racers to tackling the big mountain. As little kids, the girls began their skiing careers to be Olympic downhill experts. Their dreams were to be the very best, but things don’t always go to plan. You will follow these ladies on their epic adventure into leaving their professional ski careers behind to take on the powder, the sheer faces and everything in between. 

You can expect incredible skiing, epic cliff jumps and two fearless chicks! They are determined and talented; watching them take on the mountain is awesome. They go on to conquer their fears with ski mountaineering, proving that anything is possible when you put your mind to it. A great message in this movie. 

Comedy entry- sh*t skier girls say- Lyndsey Dyer and co.

So after watching all these incredible ladies cliff jump, breeze through powder, conquer fears and go on worldwide adventures, we thought it was only right to bring in a little humour. ’Sh*t skiers girls say’ is a spoof of the classic ‘sh*t skiers say’, but the all-female version. Lyndsey Dyer is a woman of many talents, freeride skiing being just one of them; she is also very funny! The short video is just a mickey take on the classic chat from all skiers, and we love it. 

The video was actually shot to find an inventive way of showcasing their sponsor's ski jackets, goggles, and skis etc.. Do we see the first signs of influencer marketing? Dyer is yet again pioneering the skiing world! 


Where can I watch these recommended female ski films? 

Many of these films can be found on platforms such as YouTube, or through purchasing DVDs. Some might also be available on streaming services such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, or the filmmakers' official websites.

Will watching these films improve my skiing technique? 

While these films are primarily made for entertainment and inspiration, they do offer an opportunity to observe professional skiers in action. You might pick up on their form, style and approach to various terrains which could indirectly improve your own skiing technique.

Wrapping up

We love that these ladies are fearless adventurers and giving the male ski films a run for their money. They want to encourage all ladies to be fearless adventurers, too, to get on the mountain and have fun- we’re feeling it!

Wrapping Up

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