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The anticipation for this magical time of year has been building month by month throughout the summer, impatiently waiting for the appropriate moment to pitch your idea where to go on your epic ski trip with your best girlfriends.

Each year the battle begins of deciding on where to go; there are opinions and conflicts of interest; some want apres, some want hardcore skiing, some want fancy and some want the best off-piste. How would you feel if you are the one who suggests the best resort for everyone, you are the hero of the trip! Of course, none of this will matter once you and the girls have had an exciting day on the mountain and finally sit down with a glass of rose at a great bar with live music and an open fire and laugh about the best falls of the day.

group of girls on a ski holiday on top of a mountain

Tell the girls to pack their bags, with their boots, goggles, jackets (and don’t forget the reflective sunglasses for apres), as all the hard work has been done. You can now relax in the joy that the top 10 ski resorts for your girl's holiday have been carefully selected to ensure either which one you choose, and everyone will be happy! 

Packing essentials for your girls' ski holiday

Girls, it's time to gear up for the grand ski adventure that awaits! Let's begin by packing essentials, starting with your snuggest women's ski coat. With the selection available, you'll find a piece not just functional for the slopes, but also outstanding in style for the après-ski activities. Don't forget the equally important pair of ski pants women swear by. Expertly designed for comfort and movement, these trousers assure you make the most out of every snowy descend. Pop those ski boots and goggles into the suitcase, and you're all set. Your perfectly planned ski holiday is only waiting for you to arrive. Enjoy the runs, ladies!

Val D’Isere, France

Val D’Isere, France ski resort

If you and the girls want to head to France, then Val D’Isere should be a top choice. It has everything a crew needs to ensure your trip will be unforgettable. The resort has a certain magic with twinkling lights along the streets and amazing fondue restaurants. 

Catered chalets are the popular choice in Val D’Isere, which is always ideal for a big group, to manage costs and make deciding where to eat dinner every night a lot simpler. 

Be sure to check out the amazing apres and nightlife at Cocoricos for ski boot dancing and Dicks Tea Bar for late-night boogies.

Megeve, France

Megeve, France ski resort

Megeve is perhaps not an obvious choice for a group on a ski holiday, but it should be. It’s perfect for girls who want to spend more time skiing and eating incredible alpine food and less time partying. 

Megeve is perfect for a short break being only 75 minutes from Geneva airport and extensive skiing, so you can make the most of your time there.

Åre, Sweden

Åre, Sweden ski resort

Åre is one of the largest resorts in Sweden and arguably one of the best! You can get the whole squad there very easily by flying to Åre-Östersund, so there are no boring transfers. 

Once there, you will immediately feel relaxed with the friendly and lively atmosphere the resort oozes. It is often the choice for the Swedish locals on the weekends for the epic slopes, off-piste and partying, so you and the girls can get stuck in and do as the Swedes do. 

If the squad’s legs have tired from the extensive skiing on the many expert-level slopes, then be sure to try out the other activities. Get the adrenaline pumping again by trying out snowmobiling on the frozen lake or night-time tobogganing, and all finished off with a local meal of fish or game. 

Cervinia, Italy

Cervinia, Italy ski resort

Cervinia is a large resort situated on the Italian side of the famous Matterhorn, making for spectacular sights. What makes this resort perfect for a girls' squad ski holiday is the skiing. If you and the ladies take your winter sports seriously, then in Cervinia, you can cover some ground on the 150km of slopes. The pistes are long and wide for showing off your skills. If some of you are more daring than others, Cervinia is lucky to be a high altitude (1525-3480m) and snow-sure resort, blessed with fresh powder for the backcountry. 

The resort has a great atmosphere with apres at the Principe Della Neve slopeside spot and live music nights at the cosy Copa Pan bar. Relaxed evenings can be just as fun as club nights.

Courmayeur, Italy

Courmayeur, Italy ski resort

Nestled in the Aosta Valley on the Italian side of Mont Blanc, only one hour from Geneva, Courmayeur is perfectly situated for a short but unforgettable getaway with the girls. 

Courmayeur is a glamorous resort with some of the best shopping in the region, so the ladies can spend evenings after a hard day skiing, treating themselves to a new ski jacket. 

Don’t be fooled, though, this resort is not only for the rich and famous. Courmayeur is still lucky enough to have many expert-level slopes for adrenaline junkies. It is often the spot for freeride competitions, so you can be sure to get your practice in off-piste here. 

After you have tired the whole crew, stay by the base station for daily apres parties on the slopes and watch the sun go down behind the unbelievable vistas.

St Anton, Austria

St Anton, Austria

No list for recommended squad ski holidays is complete without St Anton being mentioned. It is a legendary resort for those who love to ski hard and play hard. 

Hop on the scenic train from Innsbruck and arrive in apres-ski paradise with Mooserwirt and Krazy Kanguruh and get the party started. 

The atmosphere is electric with DJs, dancing on tables and big groups of friends all out for a good time. 

If you make some time for skiing or boarding, St Anton is also a great choice for steep, thin and long runs to test the legs. Of course, after all that hard work, you and the girls can treat yourselves to a few well-earned beers.

Kitzbühel, Austria

Kitzbühel, Austria

Kitzbühel is one you and the girls must try, as, like most resorts in Austria, it has all the best bits to make an unforgettable ski trip. The skiing itself is perfect for all abilities. Those who may be newer to winter sports can improve on the great beginner and intermediate slopes (all 185km of it). Whilst the brave and daring bunch can spend days exploring the 200km2 of the backcountry. 

Kitzbuehel is lucky to boast some rather efficient lift services to transport the crew around the slopes, so you can spend more time skiing and queueing less. 

Meet back down in the picture-postcard winter wonderland town centre and enjoy traditional Austrian cuisine washed down with lots of Weissbier. 

Bansko, Bulgaria

Bansko, Bulgaria

It’s safe to say that the girls will be impressed if you pitch Bansko in Bulgaria as the destination for your trip. Bulgaria is not the obvious choice for a ski holiday, but it’s becoming increasingly popular. Get there soon before the secret gets out about the very low prices, great party atmosphere and varied slopes. 

Bansko is the largest resort in Bulgaria, with modern lift systems and 70km of pistes to go after. The resort is surprisingly high altitude, with the peak at 2500m, so the snow can be relied upon to be good quality and lots of it!

Due to the low prices of Bulgaria, you and the girls can live a life of luxury for a fraction of the cost compared to the Alps. You can thank us later after you have lived a week like the queens you are.

Laax, Switzerland

Laax, Switzerland

If any of your girl squad is going through a heartbreak, then whisk them to Laax, and they will feel miraculously better once they meet the professional freestyle skiers and boarders that hang out there. The resort in Switzerland is the location for one of the best and most famous snowparks in the world, host to numerous slopestyle competitions each season. It is guaranteed you will bump into a pro on a gondola or party within a bar.

The excitement of the events and competitions that take place in Laax makes the atmosphere in the resort electric, so you and the ladies can party all night long. But make sure you make time to give the snowpark a go and show off your skills.

Pas De La Casa, Andorra

Pas De La Casa, Andorra

Andorra is another one that may not be the first choice for the girl's trip, but it’s safe to say Pas De La Casa is one to be recommended. If budget is an issue, skiing in Andorra will be very kind to your bank balance, even after a week of partying. It may not be the prettiest resort like those in the Alps, but if you are going for the skiing and the partying, then you won’t be missing anything.

For the skiing, you will need to get those boots on tight and jacket zipped up quickly to make sure you explore all 210km of slopes in the area. Just like the resorts in the Alps, Pas De La Casa is blessed with high altitude, so is a long season and very snow-sure. Perhaps, Pas De La Casa could be the perfect last-minute trip.


What factors should I consider when choosing a ski resort?

When choosing a ski resort for your girls' group, consider each person's skill level, interests (such as après-ski or off-piste adventures), the overall cost, and the travel logistics. Also, look at whether the resort is suitable for group bookings and how easily everyone can reach it.

What are some non-skiing activities that we can enjoy at these resorts?

Besides skiing and snowboarding, most resorts offer a range of fun activities such as snowmobiling, tobogganing, ice skating, or snowshoeing. Many also have wellness centres where you can enjoy spa treatments or a relaxing sauna session. Some resorts even offer local cuisines to savour and have shops for those who love retail therapy.

Wrapping Up

There we have the top ten best resorts for your girl squad ski trip, so there is no need to look any further. These top 10 resorts are the best for variation in the budget, slope extent, party atmosphere or great dining, depending on the squad. Either way, we have done the hard work for you all! 

All there is to do now is pop open the prosecco and celebrate you booking your favourite trip of the year with your favourite people- get the suitcases ready!

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