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There’s nothing that makes you feel more cruddy than coming up empty when thinking of what to buy your partner, friend, or family member. You should know them better than anyone. So why is this so hard! Well, like most people in this modern world of one-day shopping and endless adverts, they probably have everything already! But what if you could buy them a nice gift that’ll help them out when they’re doing their favourite hobby?

We had the same idea, which is why we made this article! We’ve thought long and hard, scoured the internet, and done a lot of on-mountain research to discover what nifty gifts and doo-dads make excellent gifts for the intrepid powder-hound. From fully-fledged holiday packages down to little gadgets to make their life between runs a little bit easier, we’ve covered it all. Well — what are you waiting for?

tips for buying gifts for skiers

Look for gift inspiration from the newest collection

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Tips for buying gifts for snowboarders and skiers

Make a list of the person’s interests and preferences

Though this guide is designed for snowboarders and skiers, we are very much aware of the fact that every person is different. Because of this, you should take your time to create a list of preferences and interests of your loved one. From the list, you will find what they truly like and what will be most useful in their life on the slopes and off the slopes.

Identify the skiing items that they truly need

As we said before, the purpose of a gift is to give something away that they will appreciate and even more importantly, something that will make their life a bit easier. Listen to them, be attentive and if you still don’t have an idea – it is time for you to ask some sneaky questions! This way, you will be sure you are getting them the perfect gift, something that they will use often and remember you whenever they use it.

Check the accessibility of the gift

Some gifts are hard to get. And for some, you need to allow them time to be shipped to you or to be customized to your specifications. In this case, you need to plan and work with the timelines. Pro Tip. Always plan in a few extra days for shipping – especially around Christmas when couriers are under pressure. 

gifts for skiers

24 Ideal gifts for skiers and snowboarders

1. Ski and stay package

This is by far the most obvious gift for any skier or snowboarder. Ski holidays and packages can be expensive. As such, some skiers cannot afford to go as often as they would like. You can book a ski and stay package for your loved one, one of the best skiing gifts. They’ll be ecstatic and might even ask you to tag along. 

Most of the ski resorts in different countries offer ski and stay packages at discounted prices. But you can still get better prices if you book through some of the holiday and travel sites.

2. Skiing jackets

Like ski pants, this is one of the more obvious ideas that is still going to be very much appreciated. Because good ski jackets  come in handy when it’s cold. You should choose to gift your loved one a ski jacket that has a decent waterproof and breathable. Also, you should ensure the jacket is the right fit. It should not be too tight or too loose.

Gift Tip: The new Dope Snow collection offers high quality jackets in different styles to fair prices. This way you can make sure that you buy a skiing gift that lasts without ruining your bank account!

ski jacket

3. Gift cards

If you don’t know what to gift your loved one, you can always play it safe by offering a gift card to a sports shop that stocks lots of ski and snowboarding accessories. The recipient of the card will then use the card to purchase all the ski and snowboarding accessories they need. Get creative! Gift cards can look very impersonal, but how about making the gift cards with your own hands and writing some personal words for your special one? Give it a try – it will make a difference! 

4. Snowboard/ skiing pants

Snowboard pants are perfect for the snowboarders who love to work up a sweat now and then. For those skiing enthusiasts who don't shy away from working up a sweat, ski pants will be perfect for their snow adventures are an absolute necessity. The pant offers ample breathability and help to keep them dry during the skiing and snowboarding session. When gifting a ski pant, you will have to choose between 3-in-1 models, insulated, shell, stretch, and soft shell ski pants.

Gift Tip: Dope Snow just launched their new Bib Pants with the cool name Notorious BIB! And the best thing about them is that they do not only have a cool name, they most importantly are extremely functional and super stylish!

skiing pants

5. Travel power adapter

Traveling outside the country comes with its fair share of challenges, including charging all your gadgets. Different continents use different power adapters and power voltages. Therefore, you need to plan and carry a travel power adapter as it will come in handy to ensure that the action camera and other gadgets are powered up at all times.

6. Skiing gloves 

Nothing can dampen a great ski or snowboarding day like having cold fingers. Because of this, ski gloves and mittens are a much-appreciated gift. However, before making a purchase, you need to understand the type of skiing that your loved one is into to direct you to choose the top quality glove material and design. You should also consider the insulation and other features, including removable liners, which provide flexibility when the weather changes.

Gift Tip: You can give away skiing gloves in their favourite colour! But what if you don’t know their favourite colour? Easy! Just choose the colour of their ski jacket or ski pants to have the perfectly matching gift!

skiing gloves

7. Packing cubes

Some things are annoying when planning and getting ready for a trip or holiday, but nothing beats being unorganized. The trick to remaining organized during the packing process is using packing cubes. These cubes are designed to improve organization when packing. You can get your loved one this cube to help keep the snowy and wet gear separate from the clean clothes. You can also throw in some compression cubes as well.

8. Winter and skiing hats

Getting a winter hat in the favourite colour of your loved one should be on your list. Not only will it help in keeping them comfortable and cozy, but it will also double up as a fashion statement when they go out to explore the nightlife and other attractions in the region.

Gift Tip: Hats exist in a million different colours. But which colour to go for when choosing a gift? We love faded colours this winter. Faded green, faded yellow, faded orange … it doesn’t matter as long as it’s faded!

skiing hat

9. Flasks and travel mugs

Anything to help keep your loved one warm when they are in the cold and snowy mountains is most welcome. With cute and small flasks and travel mugs, they can have coffee or warm water – any hot beverage they prefer. To make it extra special, you can opt to have the flask and the travel mug engraved with a cute personalized message. 

10. Carry-on skiing bags

Everyone knows that keeping the essential items in a handy carry-on bag will determine just how much one enjoys the ski trip. It saves you from the hassle of having to drag along bulky luggage everywhere you go.

Gift Tip: The handy Carryall 40L bag from our friends from Douchebags. It fits all you need for a cozy weekend get-away and the best part: It is IATA certified!

Douchebag carry all

11. Action camera

Some cameras like the Sony Action Camera and the GoPro Hero7 are perfect gifts. They are versatile and can capture high-resolution action videos when snowboarding and skiing. Hook up your loved one with such accessories, and they will never forget your kind gesture. Who already is a proud owner of a GoPro will also be very happy about small and useful accessories such as a GoPro selfie stick or a gimbal for shake-free videos. 

12. Snoods

snood is made to help keep a skier’s or snowboarder’s neck warm as they glide down the slopes. They come in a variety of styles and colours. You should do your research to choose a colour and a style that’s close to what your loved one will love.

Gift Tip: Why go for a boring snood when you can get this coziest of all snoods for your loved one? The Dope Cozy Hood is facemask and hood at the same time and will be your favourite’s new favourite for a cold day on the slopes.

Snowboard face mask

13. Hoodies

Like the travel mugs, you could print a personalized message on the hoodie for the recipient. This way, the hoodie will serve two purposes; keeping them warm and letting them know they are loved and cherished. There are tons of different designs and colours available online.

14. Skiing baselayers

Having the right baselayers is important to keep warm and enjoy skiing or snowboarding. If the person you are thinking of gifting currently layers T-shirts and hoodies and a bunch of other heavy clothing to keep warm, you should get them the baselayers. And even if they have, you can get them more. Skiers and snowboarders can never have enough of these ski essentials.

Gift Tip: Dope has an exciting range of colourful baselayers to perfectly match your loved ones outfit on the slopes. Coloured, camo, inka, … there are no limits for your style!

Skiing base layers

15. Stomp pads

Stomp pads are foamy or rubbery pads attached to snowboards that allow individuals to stand on the board when their back feet are not strapped onto the snowboard binding. You see, a snowboard’s surface is slippery, especially after snowboarding, and it’s covered in snowflakes. Also, since the soles of snowboard boots are made of rubber, they will have an easier time making turns and stop without needing to wipe the board.

16. Snow boots

These are the key between the body and the ski/snowboard. It’s therefore important to find the optimal size and perfect shape. They are made in different levels of flex, ranging from soft, medium to stiff and they are designed for different skill levels. The soft flex is for beginners, and the stiff flex is for experts who need high responsiveness.

Gift Tip: Adidas Snowboarding produces high class snowboard boots with the iconic Adidas stripe design. A guaranteed eye catcher for all the stylish riders out there.

adidas snowboard boots

17. Ski socks

Ski boots should be worn by a special type of socks- ski socks. The problem with regular socks is that they don’t provide the same warmth and protection like ski socks do. Also, ski socks last for longer and offer extra cushioning on the skin and the toes to protect the legs from boot pressure. Also, normal cotton socks will soak up the moisture, and your feet will be wet and cold. The ski socks are designed to wick up the moisture and keep the feet dry at all times.

18. Sunglasses

This is a perfect gift that is essentially important most of the time while in the mountains. They will protect your loved one from the bright morning sun on the mountain slopes. Be sure to get sunglasses with a sufficient UV-protection. You don’t want to ruin the eyes of your significant other, right? 

Gift Tip: Very much appreciated this year are the mirrored sunglasses. Even on a tired day your loved one will look fresh with those pink mirrored shades!

Dope Sunglasses

19. Headphones

Though listening to music while skiing or snowboarding on the slopes is not an idea that every skier and snowboarder has bought into, headphones still make for a good gift. But the headphones have to be classy to complement their look while on the slopes.

20. Skiing helmets

Though most ski resorts don’t have a strict rule that skiers and snowboarders need to wear ski helmets on the slopes, it’s a great safety accessory. And in addition to keeping their heads safe, it will also keep them warm. Choose a design that shows off their personality.

Gift Tip: A skiing helmet might not be the coolest of gifts on first sight! But it is very important to keep your significant other safe while riding. So it will not only make them feel safer, it will also make you feel more relaxed when letting them hit the slopes. Win-Win!

dope ski helmet

21. Face protection

Face protection includes face masks and keeps skiers and snowboarders warm. They protect the face, ears, and neck from the whipping winds, chill, and blizzards as you slide down the mountain. They also help to keep the ski goggles from fogging. Most ski masks are wind resistant, warm, have an anti-fog design, and versatile.

22. Boots bag

Skiing and snowboarding require a lot of different accessories for a complete experience. While you can pack them in normal backpacks, boot bags are the best. They are specifically designed to carry the different accessories, including your boots, goggles, gloves, helmet, lenses, socks, scarves, hand warmers, hats, and any other small item that you might have in your arsenal. For someone who spends five days or even fifty days on the snowy slopes, a boot bag makes shuffling ski gear easier.

23. Off slope footwear

Even when one is on a ski holiday, they will not be on the slopes 24/7 (regardless of how much they will want to). When they are not on the slopes, they will need shoes to help them navigate smoothly through the snow and keep their feet warm. Off-slope footwear is simple but important for a complete ski holiday experience.

Gift Tip: Pro Snowboarder Jake Blauvelt’s teamed up with Adidas and made this boot for the colder days in town. The are not only super stylish but will also protect the feet of your special one.

onshoes hiking boot

24. Ski and snowboard racks

Everyone loves to go on ski holidays. However, they dread the transportation. Ski equipment is awkwardly shaped, which makes their transportation a pain. But this is where snowboards and ski racks come in. They are designed to handle the equipment with ease. Gifting a skier or snowboarder this rack will greatly reduce their hassle.

Gift idea: Why not make a ski rack with your own hands? You can go to your hardware store of trust and get going. Wood, metal, pallets, the world of rack building is wide open for you. Not only will it look better than a rack that you can buy it will also be appreciated exponentially more because you made it. And here is a little inspo for your pre-christmas DIY project! Follow this link.

gift idea for your friends

Giving gifts is not an easy process, especially if you don’t share the love in the same sport or activity. However, with this list, you should now have an idea of what to get and what your loved one will appreciate. Note that you are not limited to this list of ideas for gifts for skiers and snowboarders; be as creative as you possibly can.

Enjoy the gift selection process, because if you put some thoughts into it, giving can be equally as nice as receiving a gift!

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