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Let's paint a picture. You have been trekking for 2 hours with your skis on your back, you're tired and exhausted, but you reach the peak of the mountain, strap on your skis and finally get the chance to look across the valley at the spectacular view, the bluebird skies, the fluffy, untouched snow and all your best girlfriends. The pure excitement, nerves and adrenaline as you and your buddies are about to head back down, carving, jumping and gliding your way to the bottom- there isn't any feeling like it!

Our top tips for freeriding

Freeriding essentials for women

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Our top tips for freeriding

Freeriding doesn’t have to be for the daring and fearless guys you watch at The Freeride World Tour or from a distance whilst you look on from the safety of the slopes. Freeriding is for anyone who chases the feeling of adrenaline and who loves to be creative and explore beyond the marked pistes. 

If this describes you and your best girlfriends, then take a read at our top 5 tips for female free-riders to ensure you are up there with the guys freeriding with the best of them! You got this, girl! 

1. Bring an avalanche kit

avalanche kit

Let’s begin with an absolutely essential item that no rider venturing beyond mark pistes should leave the house without- the avalanche kit. The kit you can easily buy online as a set or rent from the in-resort rental shops, so there is no excuse! Make sure your kit comes with a probe, transceiver and shovel (as a minimum, ideally with an ABS), and it has to be noted that they aren’t interchangeable. They come as a trio, don’t leave one lonely back in the apartment. 

Each item of this kit is in case of an avalanche emergency when you are far away from patrol, and this kit could save someone’s life! On a serious note, don’t be that guy who doesn’t take the kit, as in most resorts, if you are caught off-piste without one, your pass could be taken off you. 

The right kits are super compact and can fit into your freeride backpack, which we’re sure looks seriously cool, along with your ski jacket and pants.

PS, the phrase “all the gear, no idea” comes to mind for those who don’t follow up with knowledge. Ask a pro to show you and you friends how to use the items to ensure a fun and safe experience for all! Freeride guide, instructors or mountaineers will know how, corner someone at apres ski if you have to! 

2. Always have a buddy

2. Always have a buddy

Skiing and boarding is best experienced when shared with those you love! There is no better feeling than bombing down the mountain with your crew, riding, learning and bouncing off each other- the same goes for freeriding! 

Our tip is to always bring a buddy(ies) whenever you go freeriding in the backcountry or even explore off-piste. 

Most importantly, always having a freeriding pal that you stick with and look out for ensures that when you are away from patrolled pistes and the worst happens, such as you get hurt (or they do), you get lost, bad weather hits or an avalanche begins, that you will always have an extra helping hand. Together you and your crew can get through anything! 

Once you are all back down safe and treating yourselves to beers and amaretto hot chocolates, you and the girls will have the best memories, photos and experiences together of your big day on the mountain! 

3. Make sure to wear quality gear

3. Make sure to wear quality gear

When going freeriding, you have to be prepared for anything! The weather may turn, you need a goggle wipe or a cheeky snack on the way down. You have to be more prepared than if you are spending the day blasting around the groomed pistes of the resort. Our tip to ensure you are well prepared for any eventuality is to have a good quality ski jacket. 

When freeriding, you need room for movement, waterproofing, and many easy-access pockets. This may sound simple, but you don’t want your jacket or any other clothing holding you back from having the best ride of your life. 

The jacket needs to be insulated enough in case of low temperatures but be breathable for all the hard work you are putting in. The pockets need to be able to hold anything you may want on the ride down so you don’t have to stop and grab your rucksack. Of course, we can’t forget the key element is to ensure you have the best, on-trend and stylish jacket that will make you stand out as you show off your epic skills. 

4. Check the weather/ avalanche risk reports

4. Check the weather/ avalanche risk reports

Before you and your girlfriends head out for a big day on the mountain, you need to check the local weather and avalanche risk reports. Knowing the weather before you head out on any big ski day is important to prepare for more layers (or fewer layers), sunglasses or goggles (low light or blue sky lenses). Ideally, every day is a bluebird day! Unfortunately, that’s not always the case so our tip is to check the weather report, and if the weather seems sketchy, then it’s safer to stay local. 

Along with this, you should know the avalanche risks in the backcountry you plan to explore. You are most likely heading out after a big dump of fresh pow pow to pave your own tracks in, but this fresh snow can also lead to an increased risk of avalanches. Don’t get caught out, and pick a good day that will make your adventure unforgettable!

5. Plan your route

5. Plan your route

Even the best, professional, epic freeriders out there will never head out and hope for the best lines to appear; they will have planned their epic route. If you plan to explore new territory of the backcountry you are unfamiliar with, you will feel your best and most confident if you know what to expect when riding. 

There should be maps of the mountain and the best freeride spots online so you can check them out before you even get there. You can ensure you and your buddies can have the funniest, fluffiest and most exciting way down the mountain if you know where the big jumps, the crevasses and the valleys are. The backcountry will always be an unknown and confusing territory, so make sure you know your way back to the bottom. 


Where can a female freerider start the journey in this sport?

Beginners can start their freeriding journey in ski resorts that offer freeriding lessons and beginner-oriented off-piste areas. Taking lessons from certified trainers can enhance skills and safety awareness crucial for freeriding.

What preparation is necessary for freeriding in different locations?

Preparation involves researching about the specific region, its weather patterns, terrain, and local resources. Also, keeps gear ready, train physically, and acquire necessary maps or guides for a safe and fun freeriding experience.

Wrapping up

wrapping up

So, there you have our top 5 tips for females freeriders wanting to join the guys at the peak of the mountain. 

These top 5 tips may seem serious and perhaps daunting but the truth is freeriding takes skiing and boarding to a whole new level. Veering away from the piste and patrolled areas means you are subject to the mountain and the elements.

The best stories you and your buddies will tell are those where you were prepared and breezed it down an epic line through the untouched powder. 

The boys will step aside and watch you ladies absolutely smash it as we show them how to conquer the mountain!

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