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Choosing a gift for an outdoor lover can be a difficult thing! There are so many hobbies that take us away from the comfort of our homes, and once you open that internet-shopping can of worms, it can be tough to home in on the right gift.

But what if you could get a list of the perfect outdoor gifts recommended to you by some of the most outdoorsy, enthusiastic people around? Here’s the kicker, you can. And that’s also us. And here’s that list. So dig in and find something amazing for your special someone this summer. Enjoy!

gift ideas for outdoor lovers

12 Gift ideas for outdoor lovers

1. Portable compass

A compass is a symbol of a proper outdoor adventure. Want a loved one to feel like a voyager on the set of Pirates of the Caribbean film?  Get a portable compass for them. And they will be in full anticipation of the next outdoor adventure. 

A pocket compass is a unique gift. You can go the extra mile and have the name of the person in mind engraved on it.  On top of that, it is a meaningful and symbolic gift. 

2. Waterproof jacket

Imagine being on a mountain climbing adventure. And then it suddenly starts raining heavily. You look for a place to shelter, but you can’t find a safe place. What would you rather be wearing? Waterproof outdoor jackets would come in handy. Now, wouldn’t that be a perfect gift for an outdoor lover? It would be certainly a thoughtful gift.

The Dope Trekker Outdoor Jacket fits the bill. This is a robust, waterproof jacket that doesn’t allow even a single drop of water to penetrate through it. Besides that, it has a sleek, stylish look that’s ideal for outdoor lovers. And since its breathable, it is incredibly functional. No matter how severe the weather conditions become, this jacket will keep your loved one warm and dry throughout the adventure.

waterproof jacket

3. Water repellent, windproof hoodie

A hoodie is a versatile piece of clothing that anyone can wear during an outdoor activity. Outdoor lovers appreciate hiking hoodies for being tremendously useful and cosy. If you’ve attended a night beach party before, you know how windy it can get. As the night goes on, it gets colder. The Dope Rambler Outdoor Jacket Black is an exemplary outdoor gift item. It might be just what your friend needs to get through a cold, fun night. 

What makes it unique is that it is a combination of a jacket and a hoodie. The soft-shelled hoodie is wind repellent, and as the wind blows fiercely, the gift recipient will feel warm and protected. 

Moreover, this hoodie delivers immense comfort. The designers use the softest fleece that you can get your hands on to make the inside part of this hoodie. Also, it comes with lots of strategically positioned pockets where you can safely store valuables throughout the adventure. 

windproof hoodie

4. Walking trousers

Outdoor lovers never shy away from a promising trekking or hiking experience. Regardless of the fact, the weather conditions are sometimes harsh. So, if you’ve been wondering what kind of gift to get your outdoorsy buddy, think no further. Walking Trousers can be weather resistant and warm at the same time. 

In any case, they will love the Dope Nomad Outdoor Trouser. It is a cozy pair of walking trousers that is both appealing and comfortable for the outdoors. These trousers can withstand trekking, hiking, and other rough outdoor activities.

With an Eco-friendly DWR coating, the Nomad trousers don’t quickly soak when it rains. The pants will keep the heat in and the cold at bay. On the inside, the designers of these pants have properly fleeced them. 

The fashionable looks of the Nomad pants may look deceiving, but make no mistake; these pants are pretty durable. They also have mesh pockets that can accommodate some valuable items and keep them safe.

women outdoor trousers

5. Emergency survival kit

You may think emergency kits are only useful for contestants of the hit reality TV series, popularly known as “Survivor.” But that’s far from the truth. Any person who likes going for dangerous outdoor expeditions such as hunting and hiking needs an emergency kit.

An emergency survival kit is one of the most thoughtful gifts that you can give an adventurer. How do you know they’ll like it?  If they are always looking forward to the next hiking or camping trip, they’ll love it.  Also, it is the most natural choice. You just need to visit the appropriate store and ask for an emergency kit.

6. Cap

Most people underrate caps. But the outdoorsy guys value them.  Sometimes, the sun will be scorching and hiking will become a hot and sweaty affair. With stylish caps, your loved one can protect themselves from the harsh direct sun rays and focus on the task ahead, undisturbed by the bright sun. 

For this reason the Dope Patched Cap would be a great gift. One can wear it comfortably on a sunny day. To top it up, it comes with one of the coolest logos. There is nobody who wouldn’t want to have one. You’d be excited when buying it for a friend, especially if they love hats.

Dope paradise cap

7. Sunglasses

A beautiful pair of sunglasses is a timeless gift that’s befitting to any outdoor lover. If you have watched a James Bond movie, you can attest to this. 

Sunglasses complement all outdoor outfits. They are quintessential for walking on the shores of the beach on a sunny day, exploring a skiing resort in broad daylight, as well as watching the sunset while on vacation.

In case you don’t know which glasses to get as a gift for a loved one, the Dope Oldskool III Sunglasses. These are stylish looking classic glasses. Whenever you have them on, it will feel as though you are on a magnificent vacation. As if that’s enough, these sunglasses are excellent for a sunny day. They will keep over 95%  of harmful sun rays at bay. 

Dope Sunglasses

8. Outdoor shoe

Every outdoor adventure requires a quality pair of outdoor shoes. In this section, we have incredible women’s and men’s shoe gift ideas. So, if you aren’t sure of the shoe that you should gift a loved one, we’ve got your back!

Women's outdoor shoes

Have you seen the Cloud Hi Women’s Shoe Sand/Eclipse? It is a superb pair of shoes that any outdoorsy lady would love. It is a delightful adventure shoe that can handle all types of terrain.  With a distinctly designed heel, it has a stylish appearance and excellent ankle support. 

This shoe baffles even shoe enthusiasts. Given its versatility, you can wear it on an exploration trip, hunting trip, camping, and hiking. It is a gift that will make a lasting impression on the recipient.

Men's outdoor shoes

The On Shoes Cloud Hi Shoes Eclipse/Black is worthy of being packed in a gift box. And delivered to any special man who loves outdoor activities—wondering what to get your dad, brother, or boyfriend for his birthday? This shoe is the answer. It has a high-quality sole that absorbs shock when jumping, running, or hiking. Furthermore, it helps reduce stress and fatigue on foot. Whoever receives this shoe as a gift will undoubtedly feel appreciated.

onshoes hiking boot

9. Pants

When it comes to outdoor activities, most people prefer pants to shorts. For instance, if the adventure entails trekking through a bushy area, pants are more protective.

Men pants

The Dope Valdez Pants will look good on any man. These pants will match with a white, blue, or red T-shirt. And if one decides to wear a jacket or a hoodie, they’ll still look good in these pants. The Dope Valdez Pants are the epitome of fashion and comfort. They are perfect for taking a walk down the streets, hanging out at home, or hiking. 

Women's pants

Women’s denim pants always make a fashion statement. In case you are doubting, the Dr. Denim Moxy Women’s Pants Black Ripped Knees will prove you wrong. These pants are ideal for pulling a sporty look when walking down the streets. Also, they are stretchy and comfortable. To describe them better, they are a fantastic blend of a classic style with a modern touch. Give them to any lady, and they’ll top her favorite jeans. 

Dope rover tech

10. Shorts

A pair of shorts is wearable on any warm day.  More so, shorts are perfect for the outdoors. When the weather is warm, wearing shorts feels good.

Women's shorts streetwear

A  Lady rocking fashionable shorts on the streets will turn heads.  Shorts are a quick fix for any outdoor activity. They look good on the beach. And you can wear them with a T-shirt, sneakers or any other sports shoes. Regardless of the outdoor adventure coming your way, you’ll look and feel good in shorts.

The Addidas Original Short Tight Women’s Shorts Lush Red/ White are a satisfactory gift for a woman who loves cycling and other outdoor adventures. They are comfortable and easy to wear. And as you know, Addidas is a renowned brand that makes quality sportswear. 

Men's streetwear shorts

Want to gift a man who loves outdoor activities? Try giving them a nice pair of shorts. Men are physically active. Most of them can’t live without outdoor activities. They’ll go hiking, take countless walks, go on trips, and much more. 

Nothing will complement such activities as a nice versatile pair of shorts. The Dope Acendor Swimming Trunks never disappoints. Any outdoor enthusiast would love them. If you give them to one of your best friends, he’ll never leave them behind during a  hiking or camping adventure. 

These shorts come with an elastic waistband and a built-in-belt. For this reason, you don’t have to worry about whether they’ll fit. We especially love the versatility of the Dope Acendor Shorts. They are perfect for day hikes, but can also be worn for jumping into the lake after a hot summer day in the mountains. 

Dope Ascendor Board Shorts

11. Campervan hire

If you really want to impress your significant other, how about giving them a voucher for a camper van trip? Hiring a camper van will be one of the greatest adventures of their lives! They can simply park the van for the night wherever they want and experience an ultimate feeling of freedom. And the best: Maybe you will be the lucky +1 who is brought along on their camping adventure! 

If you are interested in renting a campervan, contact our friends over at Quirky Campers

12. Waterproof binoculars

Waterproof Binoculars may be a bit pricy, depending on the make. However, they are a superb gift item for outdoor activities. Additionally, they are fun to use. When you are on top of a mountain, you can use them to view distant objects.

Binoculars may not ideal gifts for everybody, but if you want to surprise an outdoor enthusiast, they’ll get the job done.  How do you know they are an excellent gift for a loved one? Ask yourself if that person likes traveling, bird watching, and other similar activities. If the answer is yes, then you are on the right track.

Bathing Shorts

Wrapping up

Looking for a gift that will impress a loved one is a difficult job. But it is not impossible. The best approach is to think of the activities that they like doing. You can evaluate their hobbies, and you’ll get awesome gift ideas. If your loved one is an outdoor enthusiast, this guide makes picking a gift item easy. 

As you embark on a gift finding mission, try to avoid the things that the recipient already owns. And if you read this guide carefully, you’ll find something that the person in mind doesn’t have. Regardless of the item that you choose from this list; you’ll undoubtedly make them happy.

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