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Dope Pile W Felpa Pile Donna Faded Green


Informazioni Prodotto

The Cozy Pile Sweater, 400 GSM 100% polyester Pile sweater.
Ops, sorry to start off with dense technicals, but that basically means that this sweater is incredibly warm.
We kind of took our warm Cozy hoodie, changed it up a bit and made it even warmer. So if you are one of those who want to prevent freezing, the Dope Cozy Pile sweater is your friend.
We kept the zipped kangaroo pocket from the Cozy hoodie, but exchanged the hood for a zipped turtleneck, so keeping warm in this one is maybe the easiest thing you'll ever do.

Dope Pile W Felpa Pile Donna Faded Green
Pile W
Faded Green
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