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Women's Ski Pants 

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Check your new ski pants online at Ridestore

No matter if you are a beginner or a professional skier, with our women's ski trousers you are perfectly equipped for your next winter holiday. At Ridestore, you are guaranteed to find the womens skiing model that fits the rest of your ski gear while remaining stylish and functional, while conveniently buying online.


If you want to be well-equipped on the piste or when skiing in the backcountry, you need not only good skis but also the appropriate womens skiing outfit that you can rely on all day long.

But what exactly is essential here? Here is a little guide about womens ski trousers, to explain which features you have to look for to find your new favourite skiing pant.

Optimal fit

Since you want to be on the mountain for as long as possible with your new womens ski pants, the perfect fit, which allows freedom of movement, plays a critical role. No matter what size you are, womens ski trousers should not be too wide or too tight so that you can 100% rely on them, and they will leave you able to move freely while feeling comfortable. You will find womens skiing models from stretchy to more loose fit; the choice is entirely up to you.

Women’s ski trousers models: salopettes, bib pant or classic skiing trousers?

Womens bib pant, ski salopettes or regular fit skiing trousers (with or without belts), with us you will find the women's ski model you are looking for your winter sports.

In the past, tight-fitting women’s skiing pants were known to be uncomfortable. Today they are made of flexible, stretchy materials so that they will not affect your freedom of movement. On the other hand, wide-cut pants allow a more baggy style.

Womens ski salopettes, ski trousers and more

At Ridestore you will also find womens ski overalls, salopettes or bib pants in different designs and colours; just pick your favourite skiing pant and get ready for the piste!

Womens ski pant: protection against moisture and cold

Also, your ski trousers for women must protect you, especially from moisture and cold. For this reason, a ski pant should be waterproof, keeping your legs warm and dry is essential to ensure you have the whole day of fun skiing on the mountain. Skiing pants materials may vary according to the brand you choose, from gore-tex, to waterproof fabrics, insulated or not.

Ski pants & water column

A good indicator here is the water column. It shows you how much water can penetrate over time. A good pair of womens ski trousers today has a water column between 5,000 mm and 30,000 mm.

Hardshell or softshell ladies ski pants

As a beginner, a softshell women’s ski pant in the lower middle range is good enough to stay comfy and dry.

If you are a fan of backcountry skiing and you need a robust pair of waterproof skiing trousers, you can opt for hardshell ones with a base layer underneath.

Breathability of ski pants

Breathable women’s ski trousers keep you well protected against moisture from the inside and cold from the outside. This is ensured by special membranes that absorb moisture from the inside and realise it to the outside, and you do not freeze even in icy temperatures.

Breathability is an essential feature for womens skiing trousers. It will ensure you do not sweat and it will let the moisture out, even during the most intense sessions.

Skiing pants for women with ventilation zip on warmer days

For warmer days and après-ski, you will find many skiing trousers and bib pants for women, all equipped with ventilation slots. These can be easily opened by zippers to ensure the right air circulation. Like this, the ski pant will be properly ventilated keeping you fresh even when it gets warmer.

Ski trousers with pockets for everything you need while skiing

An important feature of womens ski trousers is a storage space for all your essential belongings. Most women's ski pants, therefore, offer practical pockets for everything you need on the slopes. They can be easily opened and closed thanks to special zippers, without losing anything.

Women’s skiing trousers: must-have for the mountain

As you may have noticed, today's womens ski trousers are not only stylish, but they fulfil essential functions too. They are an absolute must-have for your winter pleasure.

With them, you do not only get the best off-piste and slopes experience, but you can take the last descent to the valley and head directly to the après-ski party.

Unique quality

A good pair of women’s skiing pants impresses with its extraordinary quality when it meets all the requirements concerning comfort and robustness when it is waterproof, windproof and breathable at the same time.

All trousers from our womens skiing range ensure the highest quality and performance. You will not have to worry about getting wet during your skiing sessions on the slopes. We’ve got you covered!

Match your ski equipment

When combined with suitable skiing base layers and the right womens ski jacket, there is nothing that will stop you from having a great time skiing on the slopes, from morning until the last lift leaves.

Check out our style creator to find the ski style that suits you; you will find hundreds of combinations of womens skiing pants and jackets, you will be able to match a different piece of ski clothing and get a unique but casual look.

Details of your ski gear that will make the difference

Besides all the functionality of your womens ski trousers, style is another crucial factor. At Ridestore you will find a wide selection of womens ski trousers in many shapes and colours. Ski trousers in bright shades are easier to recognise, especially when visibility is poor.

A snow guard and gaiters that cover your boots will protect you from the snow when falling or when you pull new lines in the fresh powder. Functional zippers at the legs make it easier to adjust your pant over the ski boots.

Range of colours

It does not matter what your favourite colour is. With us, you will be able to find the perfect women’s ski pant in different colours and patterns. Whether you like dark colours such as blue, grey or black, or you prefer white, pink or a combination of them, you are in the right place.

Ski pants for women: find the perfect size

Every model is also available in different sizes, and with the fit finder feature, it will be super easy to find your perfect size. But if you are still not sure which womens skiing pant to choose, our customer experience team will be happy to help.

Benefits of purchasing women’s ski trousers at Ridestore

Ladies ski trousers at Ridestore offer you many benefits. They combine function, style and incredible fit. Also, you can choose from a huge selection of models that perfectly fit your body shape.

Choose from a wide selection of fantastic ski trousers and bib pants for free-riders and touring skiers your new favourite pant. Combined with a matching skiing jacket and the rest of your ski wear, you will be perfectly equipped.

Best ski trousers brands

We have womens ski trousers of the best brands such as the new Dope Snow collection, Burton, Roxy, The North Face, Peak Performance, Adidas and many more. In addition to free delivery, you also benefit from free returns and 30-day return policy, which gives you enough time to try on your ski trousers in peace and to shop stress-free.

Also, do not forget to check our sale page to be sure you don't miss any deal.

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