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Women's T-Shirts Streetwear 

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Women's streetwear t-shirt

T-shirts are an essential garment in women's fashion. Whether it is a simple solid colour model, with prints or embroideries with logo, t-shirts belong to every woman's wardrobe as they are available in a variety of shapes, materials and designs. From a simple white cotton t-shirt paired with jeans and sneakers to a tight-fitting model under a leather jacket and boots. Ridestore’s high-quality collections offer you the perfect base for a fresh style all year round.

Comfortable and elegant: the latest trends

In the nineteenth century, the t-shirt as we know it today was worn as part of the underwear. Today it is still present in every wardrobe, but with an entirely different function. The T-shirt is an extremely versatile garment that can be easily combined with many different outfits.

In addition to the classic solid colour ones, available in all shades, this season models with the printed logo of famous brands - such as Adidas, Dope or Vans - are particularly popular. In the same way, this spring you will see loads of decorated t-shirts, mostly combined with jeans or chinos.

A must for sports lovers

Jeans and T-shirt are the perfect matches, even better when wearing the right sneakers.For girls who love sports, the cotton t-shirt is vital, thanks to super easy to clean fabric and its breathability. Some cotton t-shirts also have some elastane content, for a customised fit. For the sporty style, t-shirts can also be worn with sporty trousers such as cargo models or jeans.

Perfect for a night out

If you want to go directly from work or the skatepark for a drink in a chic bar or a new club, you can turn your t-shirt into a street look suitable for the evening. Dark t-shirt, dark jeans and high heels will make your look impeccable. Add your favourite leather jacket and voila!

Layers for the winter

If you want a t-shirt, but the temperatures do not allow it yet, you can always count on dressing in layers. You can combine different layers for a casual look perfect for any weather condition. If you wear a tight t-shirt, you can match it with a thick cardigan, slim fit jeans and high top trainers. Mixing different materials such as knit, leather and denim, will guarantee your style that extra touch.

T-shirt, top or long sleeve?

The t-shirt is so called because of its "T" shape. Whether it is an oversize model or slim fit one, you will find the cut that suits you. Short sleeves offer a light and airy feel without showing too much skin. It is the ideal garment on hot days, for both the city and the beach. If it is too cold, but not yet winter, you can opt for a long-sleeve. Its fabric is as thin as a t-shirt, but the long sleeves keep warm on colder days.

Advice for care and washing

We all want to wear our favourite t-shirts for as long as possible. To keep colours and shape as good as new; it is necessary to follow the instructions indicated on the label. Usually, coloured t-shirts are washed at a maximum of 40 ° C not to affect the colour. Printed ones are generally turned inside out before being put into the washing machine.

Complete your streetwear look at Ridestore

Trend or not, some t-shirts are indispensable bases in your closet, like t-shirts in black, white and grey. There are, of course, in every season a lot of trendy women's streetwear t-shirts that guarantee a casual, impeccable look. On Ridestore you will find a wide selection of modern women's shirts that will emphasise your style and turn your outfit into a trendy look.

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