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Men's Outdoor Jackets 

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Mens outdoor jackets at Ridestore

Whether you find yourself in the wind, rain, camping or hiking , at Ridestore you will find everything you need for your mountain equipment.

We offer mens outdoor clothing lines from the best brands so you can count on top quality and functional waterproof jackets for men to be with you wherever you go.

Men’s waterproof jacket, hooded, insulated, softshell and more

Outdoor men’s jackets must protect you from all weather conditions, from rain and wind, while being breathable. Mens’s insulated jackets, fleece or synthetic materials offer good insulation (while being lightweight), while weather-resistant men's outdoor jackets offer lasting weather protection. When choosing a men’s insulated jacket, we should pay attention to details like pockets, hoods and cuffs.

What to look for

When choosing a jacket for the outdoors, if you are not looking for high heat ratings, you should pay attention to the highest possible protection against wind and humidity. You will find numerous high-performance men’s softshell outdoor jackets with a windproof membrane and waterproof shell. If your outdoor activities are particularly intense, it's good to have ventilation zips too.


Pay particular attention to the material of which the men's jacket is made. Because for every need it is possible to get a suitable men’s coat with the correct materials and features. Of course, all our mens jackets and vests are not only functional but also fashionable so that you can wear them in everyday life and outdoors.

The essential equipment for adventure lovers

The range of men’s jackets and vests for the outdoors is vast, from softshell men’s coats, waterproof rain jackets to very thick ones. These jackets are suitable for different activities and outdoor sports. To simplify your search, we provide you with the most important information and suggestions for various men's jackets.


They type of material may vary according to the type of outdoor coat. From winter ones, such as a gore-tex jacket, to light men’s walking jackets and vests for spring hikes. You can choose between a full zip waterproof jacket or a hooded over the head model. Every season has its perfect men’s collection of men’s jackets, to keep you comfortable during your outdoor adventures.

Suitable for all outdoor activities

Although the choice is extensive, some fundamental characteristics must be taken into consideration for any mens walking jacket. It is about the cut and the fit.

Only a mens jacket that fits perfectly can adequately fulfil its function. As a rule, the tighter a jacket is, the better its heating and insulation properties are. Of course, an outdoor model should never be uncomfortable and limit your freedom of movement.

Waterproof jacket: outdoor models

What about waterproof jackets ? Practically the only way to deal with rain and bad days. Light and waterproof jackets are well suited to be easily stored in any backpack and keep you warm and dry during your trip to the office or during your hiking adventures.

Many mens jackets are also equipped with functional extras like pouch pockets, hood, multimedia pockets and headphone ports, so you will not have to compromise on comfort despite bad weather.

Softshell model

Softshell jackets are the all-rounder of outdoor men’s models and they are ideal for use in multiple activities, such as trekking, walking, camping and more. They usually consist of a warming inner layer like a fleece type and a water repellent insulating outer layer.

Padded and more

When winter comes, a fleece jacket and another layer are often not enough anymore. So you need a warm but light jacket.

The down jacket is a model whose thermal performance can hardly be exceeded. These coats are not only heat insulating through the air cushion in layers but also windproof, so they are perfect for cold outdoors adventures.

Functional models

For all those who do not want to give up outdoors and being able to move freely even on freezing winter days, there are functional mens jackets for trekking and walking, equipped with high-tech, ultra-light features, such as hooded ones, gaiters, with full zip or half, especially designed for extra protection during your sports activities.

Colours and sizes

Whatever is your favourite colour, we got you covered. From dark tones such as black, navy blue, grey, brown to bright colours like orange, red, pink, green and more, you will be able to get the perfect jacket for your camping, climbing or mountain adventures.

Make sure you pick the right size, hiking gear, especially coats, must fit perfectly to ensure you the maximum freedom during your sessions.

Cool activewear for every day

A men’s outdoor jacket is more versatile than ever and so elegant to be worn in everyday life. Red khaki and camouflage variants are fantastic not only for the outdoors but also for a day in the city.

In combination with casual jeans, walking pants and practical accessories, they will keep your look casual while keeping you warm and dry thanks to their top functionality.

Discover the latest mens outdoor jackets collection at Ridestore online shop

A mens hiking jacket is a high-quality garment that belongs to every men's wardrobe. At Ridestore, we offer a wide range of high-quality men's hiking coats for different activities from the most popular brands, such as Dope, The North Face and more, Check the men’s jacket collection and get ready for your next adventure!

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