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Ski Pants 

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Ski Pants For All Riders

Ski pants are a true mountain essential and come in a range of designs. Ridestore have ensured that all riders are well looked after with a dynamic range of ski trousers available from all the top brands. With the best materials and the demands of riders guiding their selection, Ridestore have an unbeatable range that ensure you have the best time on the mountain this season.

Top Quality Ski Pants Materials

Ski pants are made from several tough synthetic materials due to the properties they offer. Many brands like Dope will make their ski pants from polyester as it has a good level of durability, and is highly waterproof and breathable, too. Montec make their pants from nylon, which is super tough, to deal with hard days on the mountain. Some companies, like Peak Performance utilise polyamide for its performance, while many brands such as Burton, Oakley, and many more, will use Gore-Tex thanks to its amazing waterproofing and breathability.

Waterproofing and DWR

Different brands utilise different fabrics, but the goal of every company is to produce a pair of ski pants that offers a great mixture of waterproofing, durability, and breathability. While Gore-Tex is still the industry leader in waterproofing, Montec’s Shield-Tec fabric offers a similar level of waterproofing, as does The North Face’s FUTURELIGHT fabric. Staying dry on the mountain is essential, and brands are always working to increase waterproofing, without compromising breathability.

Breathability and Insulation

Breathability is a key component of any waterproof garment, especially ski pants, and refers to the amount of moisture able to pass through the fabric as vapour. Top brands like Peak Performance, The North Face, and Burton, all have a heavy focus on breathability. While breathability is more important for riders doing strenuous activities, a high level of breathability will ensure you stay dry and your body temperature is well regulated.

Types Of Ski Pants

Traditional ski pants are like regular pants in their shape and fit and are great for resort riding. For backcountry riding a bib may be more suited. Ridestore also stock a range of pants which are lightweight, stretchy, skinny, and lots more. Some pants have insulation for cold conditions, while others are shell pants, better suited to warmer conditions. Ridestore also stocks a range of colours and sizes, from XS to XL in both men’s and women’s specific fits, in blacks, blues, camos, as well as pinks, yellows, other bright colours, and even unique wash colourways and tie-dyes.

Choosing The Right Ski Pants

When you’re choosing the right ski pants for you, you’ll need to consider your needs, your riding style, and your place of riding. For cold climates and resort-focused riding, an insulated pair of classic pants are likely going to be a reliable choice. If you intend to ride in the backcountry or in powder, then a bib is going to offer the best protection and range of movement in those conditions. If you prefer a more relaxed riding style, you ride park, or need something for spring riding, then a comfier, insulation-free pair of ski pants will likely be the best choice.

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