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Girls! So the season is upon us, the snow has started to fall and all the promise of the mountain is calling us! Some of us, sadly, without thinking about it will end up riding with “the boys”. Now don’t get me wrong, without looking too much into this, it’s just a thing, there are more male riders out there, pushing themselves, going bigger and riding harder. Society tells us that because it’s in their nature. BLA BLA BLA am I right? That’s why no matter the industry we are speaking of, in this case- Snowsports, we can start here by promoting female empowerment on the mountain!

Gear Up in Style

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Imagine this; you get up in your ski chalet/seasonaire accommodation etc., throw the curtains back, sit down with the girls, hot pot of coffee, and a big pan of oatmeal. Eat, grab your kit, head out for the first lift with the gals and ride the pow or the park all day long. Taking selfies, tagging your fave brands, and encouraging each other to jump, push through and go big. At the end of the day, you sit down with a cold beer at the Apres bar, giggle over your fails, high-five each other over your achievements and dance the afternoon away to Europop! Dreamy right?

That’s what we want, but how do we encourage more gals to get involved in extreme skiing and snowboarding. From starting out or taking it chill on the piste to lining up side by side with the gnarliest riders out there- What can we do to gently push more girls into this wonderful industry?


Probably the easiest and most tangible way to encourage more girls to try freeskiing or freestyle is through inspiration. We all have our fave people to follow on IG; when we see their stories or their posts, we are so pumped to be more like them, to strive to try that little harder. I find that when I show my pals my favourite snowsports influencers, it’s hard not to be inspired by their talent. My go-too profiles to follow to get pumped are amyjanedavid, a Utah local and a total badass freeride babe- she has the mountains in her backyard! Every pic shows her and her band of pals riding, hiking, biking and being in nature. Next up you have angelcollinson, this big mountain rider never fails to impress. She rides big and has the most charming vibe, she is the epitome of riding potential. Finally we have kjerstibuaas, this snowboarding mega star is a real hippie at heart. Her love for nature and the mountains never fails to get me jazzed about heading up the hill. The point is, through girls like this who are all about female empowerment, you can encourage your friends to follow them and even if just a little of their power rubs off, your pals will be itching to try new things on the slopes and beyond!



Inner and outer strength, there is nothing more empowering. When I personally feel fit and healthy, I feel like I can conquer anything! The wonderful advancements in feminism and the road towards quality is paved with women pushing boundaries, and this also refers to how women are thought of in terms of “physical strength”. A fantastic way to encourage more girls to ride is to show them how awesome you feel up on the hill. Mind body and soul. From bootpacking and touring to earn your turns being incredible cardio, the descents are great for muscle toning. You see new definition appear and it feels great! No matter your size, your frame, its feels good to be active, take in a full breath of clean air in the mountains and get a sense that you are doing your body some good!


The Thrill of the ride

Probably the most important point, the thrill of the ride- THERE IS NOTHING BETTER IN THIS WORLD. Dropping into a line of perfect pow, knee deep, surfing your way down the mountain, feeling the spray reach your face, a huge cloud envelopes you as the adrenaline takes over, the euphoria sets in. Or what about standing at the top of the park, taking your shot, hitting every feature and pulling a trick you didn’t think you could do, only to discover are nailing it! It’s that feeling of control, power and pure unadulterated happiness that is the biggest influence of what makes us ride. Its contagious, when you have this passion for riding, your girls friends will see this and want, no, NEED to try it for themselves.

Life is here for us to experience, make the most of and take advantage of every opportunity! Get out there on the hill and encourage and inspire others. We are not here on this earth to judge, to ridicule or to put people down.

The snowsports community has famously been a liberal, inclusive, fun and laid back industry to be a part of and that why it;s the duty and riders both male and female, to spread the love. Ride with people of different levels, learn from those who are better and pass on the knowledge to those less experienced. Show the rest of the world how awesome the mountains are and all the opportunities that lie within!

Until next time folks! Follow me on IG angelicasykesuk – Peace!

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