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What mobile phone were you using back in 2012? An iPhone 4? That’s what was hot and trending back in those days – now seeing an iPhone X is nothing special anymore.

Time flies and so do styles. Do you remember how all of a sudden every kid in town started wearing 5XL shirts on the slopes which resulted in the Park Rat Style being born?

What is a park rat?

Everyone has heard this term, but since styles change so quickly, it’s hard to spot who is just pretending and who is a true Park Rat.

A Park Rat usually gets a season pass for the local resort but is never to be spotted up on the mountains before March when the snow starts to get slushy. Why? “It’s too icy bro” is an excellent excuse for not hitting the jump.

Park Rats seem to be talking about their tricks but has anyone ever seen them execute? They rock a distinct style and never hang out anywhere else than in the snow park where they sip energy drinks and chill with their fellow Park Rat friends.

what is a park rat

Park rat style in 2012

  • A Park Rat can never have too many stickers on their helmet. It needs to look like they have more sponsors than anyone else
  • Reggae colors were the go-to style back in the days! Everywhere! Bob Marley yo!
  • Shirt wise, you always need to go as many XL’s as possible. 20 XL is standard, more is always better.
  • Pants don’t really matter since the t-shirt is so long that no one will even see them
  • Park Rats never bother to close their boots – why even bother; they won’t hit the jump anytime soon – they are just not feeling it right now.

Park rat style in 2018

  • Park Rats these days try to look professional. When discussing the best freestyle ski in the park, they will always argue that a ski needs to be short!
  • Helmets are so 2012. Park Rats don’t care that snapbacks are the least practical headwear on the mountain. Sure they fly away when going fast – so they just hold on to them and go slow. Problem solved, style points collected!
  • If a guy on the slopes looks like a park rat but does not wear earphones, it’s most definitely not a park rat but a noob. Fact!
  • It’s all about the multipurpose wear with Park Rats – they would rather be cold up on the mountains but look good at the aprés ski.
  • When hanging out on the mountain 24/7, you need to bring a loooot of stuff. Cargo pockets are a Park Rats best friend.
park rat styles in 2018

How to spot a park rat on the slopes

  • Park rats leave a distinct smell behind wherever they ride. A smell you might know from a trip to Amsterdam
  • You hear someone shout “Bro”, “Dope” or “Yardsale” the chances are high you just spotted a true Park Rat
  • Park Rats are true professionals in finding reasons not to hit the jump. Reasons might be: “it’s too icy bro”, “didn’t have the right speed on this one”, “I’m definitely too toasted guys” or “just not feeling it today”.
  • A trace of empty energy drink cans is leading you to their natural habitat: the snow park!

How park rats gear developed over the years

  • Back in the days when the first twin tips were available in the shops (remember how you asked your parents to buy you the Jon Olsson Pro Model and they said no? We’ve all been there), only the real pros were rocking them
  • These days you see kids learning how to ski on twin tips. Twin tips just don’t show skill anymore; they got mainstream
  • Each season you get the feeling that the poles on park rats shrank even more compared to last year
  • The outfit on the slopes are more focussed on the after ski parties then on keeping you warm

What has stayed the same

  • Now, as well as back in the days, Park Rats have always been the coolest riders around; At least in their point of view!
  • The initiation into being a true park rat has remained the same throughout the ages, it seems. I am sure there is proof of the Park Rat back in the day when wooden skis existed. All you have to do, is wear a shirt with the most amount of “XL’s” but if you don’t have the skills to park it up and you step to the coolest kid on the slopes without the full package, you may as well go back home and change into your mums eurofit onesie from the 80’s!
  • Whenever passing the park of the resort you get the feeling that the music is still the same as ten years ago. We all love it though, don’t we?
what stayed the same

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