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Spring skiing can be an absolute hoot! There are lots of benefits to it, namely better weather, longer days, and warmer afternoons! There’s nothing quite like sitting out in a t-shirt at five in the afternoon, the mountains towering above, sipping on an ice cold beer, the sun on your skin… Don’t now! You’re getting us all excited. Ahem. Anyway — yes, back to business. You’ve already got all the gear, so let’s dig into what you’ll be taking and what you’ll be leaving behind, shall we?

The beauty of late-season snow holidays is that the temperature is often warmer, which means shedding bulky layers. You’ll still need a good pair of ski pants and boots, but it’s likely you can either go over to a shell jacket, ride in a softshell, or even just in a regular hoodie or baselayer if you’re really confident you’re not going to be eating snow on the first sign of chunder! We’ve divided the article below into four categories to make sure we cover all the bases here. So get reading, get packing, and get stoked for sunny days, endless apres, and slushy laps at your favourite resort.

What's awesome about spring riding

It starts with the main 4 categories. Ski jacketsski pants, base layers and accessories. If you can take a few hints and tips for each category then you are set, you will be comfortable, happy and ready to ride all day, right into the apres bar for a beer to applaud yourself for being such a smart little sausage. 

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What's awesome about spring riding?

We want blue skies, sunshine, slushy conditions, the kind where you can ride in a hoody or a shell jacket. Let me set the scene for you. . . .

You mooch out of bed at 9 and saunter on down to breakfast at the hotel that was 50% off because you booked out of season. You go crazy on the danish pastries, oranges juice, coffee and hell, even a few cheeky lift snacks you steal for the mountain. Then you head up at around 11 when the sun had already softened the snow enough to make perfect slush conditions, the best type of snow for slashes next to your snowboarder friends as they wait on the side of the slope, you can sneak up behind them and coat them! Then, you quit at like 3 and head straight to the apres bar to dance, drink and delight in the atmosphere. Epicness. . . 

what to wear for spring riding


Ah, to jacket or not to jacket, that is the question. Do you stick with the hoody or opt for a jacket? One thing is for certain you have to pick one, may the snow gods be with you if you opt for both, you will be very hot.  The main priorities are comfort, breathability, waterproof-ness (if thats a word) and style. If you stick with a base layer and add on a durable ride-in hoody or a thinner shell jacket, you will be onto a winner. 

Softshell hoodies

If you opt for a soft shell, why not try something like the Yeti. 

The Yeti is made out of a lightweight and water resistant material with high breathability, so this style will keep up in all weathers. And if that is not enough, you have a skipass pocket and an inner, body heated media pocket also integrated in this ski jacket. So you do not have to compromise on function for style!

The softshell allows you to use it all year around, sunny slush session or cold winter days. Just tweak the layers underneath to match the weather and you are good to go.


If you go for a jacket, why not try the Annok. 

The Annok is very lightweight so that you can feel totally free while riding. But if you need more space for your legs while doing your Dope tricks in the air, no worries! Just open up the side zippers and give your legs all the space they need. The annok design has a classic look with the baggy street style vibe all rolled into one ski jacket. A ride-in shirt is also an sick option, looks cool nice and breezey too!

dope annok jacket


Luckily, this layer is pretty much the same across the board. If you are prone to getting very hot, you can simply forgo the technical underwear to ski pants, but for comfort and ease, I still wear a base layer. Most of your body heat is emitted through your top  half, so that invariably is slightly more important. 

Why not try something like the Iconic pant. Dope Iconic is back and better than ever, the most popular salopettes from Dope, the dope iconic has returned in a new updated model. We kept the style, but improved the performance. Dropped crotch, relaxed thighs and regular legs, combined they create the Iconic look.

Base layers

The base layers are crucial. Whatever lays next to skin should be taken very seriously. That sounds weird doesn’t it? Hm, I should consider rewriting but you guys know what I mean. We need something that totally breathable, light and keeps you at a constant temperature rather than keeping you warm. That’s why we need something thin, made with smart fabric.

Luckily for you, no sale pitch here or anything, Dope snow does some incredible base layers. Why not try something from the Snuggle range, we have some sick designs, designs so cool you will want to take your hoody off at apres to show it off. 

Skiing base layers


Accessories make the outfit. For sure. If you get the accessories right in terms of the quality and performance, you can complete your outfit. Ideally in the spring you dont want bulk, ie backpack, pockets full of spare this and that, you want to head up on the mountain feeling light and ready to throw down, or head straight to the bar. The optimal items are:

  • The goggles- All weather lens or something reflective for the sun. 
  • Gloves- something light, no one like hot hands, steer clear for mittens and opt for a light park gloves with no padding or insulation. 
  • Beanie- you have to have an apres ski beanie in your pocket but make sure you still wear your helmet on the hill. 
  • Another accessory you can’t forget is a pair of sunnies, you can’t apres without them.
Montec Scope Goggles

Why not opt for the Dope Flush 2X-UP which sounds fancy AF but the google is super cool. Maybe even too cool. We wanted to create a goggle superior in style and with optimal performance. The Dope Flush was born. The lens is made to give optimal visibility and great fog protection through a dual layer and vacuum sealed technology. We also wanted to give you a durable goggle with a perfect fit. 

So there you have it, I’m not amazing at giving advice, we are millennial snowflakes, after all, I don’t want to tell you what to do. But my advice is bang on after 9 winter seasons, I’m pretty much the oracle. Think quality fabrics, think lightweight and most of all, express yourself. Damn, that sounds corny, wear what you want, be confident, that way you will ultimately ride better and have more fun and that is, of course, the most important thing.

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