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Top 10 Female Snowboarders To Follow

We have compiled our favourite ladies to follow who also just happen to be incredible snowboarders and adventurers. We love these ladies for their wholesome content, their positive vibes and of course some major style inspiration. Expect to see big jumps, Olympic medals and the latest snow fashion styles and boards. 

Female snowboarders

Instagram is now completely saturated with over posed, filtered and unrealistic pictures which make most of us mindlessly scroll through our feeds. What we really want is inspiration, excitement and adventure! We want to surround ourselves with positive influences and people that will give us the encouragement and determination to get out there and live our best lives! We want to know which snowboarders to follow, more specifially, the top 10 female snowboarders to follow.

These top ladies will have you hooked! Let’s dive into the list of the top 10 female snowboarders to follow!

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Chloe Kim

chloe kim
Photo credit to Chloe Kim Official Facebook

Miss Kim is an American slopestyle snowboarder, showing the world her incredible talents in the Winter Olympics. In 2018 she became the youngest snowboarder to win a gold medal in the halfpipe. This kind of success at an early age obviously comes with fame and followers on Instagram and sponsors from all kinds of big brands. But, don’t think you will get posed and edited pictures, mostly you see this chick just having a real good time. We are excited to watch this girls snowboarding career blossom!

Aimee Fuller

Aimee Fuller
Photo credit to Aimee Fuller Official Facebook

Aimee is an Olympic snowboarder who is a big name in the British snowsports industry. Of course, her talents as a snowboarder have been proven in her many medal placing competitions in the Winter Olympics and the XGames, but she is also a huge advocate for a fit and active lifestyle. She uses her social media and sports TV personality presence to promote healthy living in the UK. She juggles her snowboarding mountain life with running races, yoga and skateboarding. Fuller gives us the inspiration we need to get outside and keep fit in ways that make it fun.

Klaudia Medlova

Klaudia Medlov
Photo Credit to Klaudia Medlov Official Facebook

Klaudia is a Slovakian freestyle snowboarder who gives us major inspiration to push ourselves on the slopes. If you are looking for a snow/ mountain-based feed, with major kickers and even bigger air, then Klaudia is your girl. She travels the world and hits all the famous parks, showing off her incredible and knee-trembling skills. We see why Rockstar Energy sponsor her because she is a great influence on females, showing us that fear is the only thing holding you back from being incredible on the mountain.

Kjersti Buaas

Kjersti Buaas
Photo Credit to Kjersti Buaas Official Facebook

We have ourselves another Olympian to follow, Buaas is a Norwegian freestyle snowboarder with some serious skills. Amongst her talents as a medal-winning snowboarder, she is another adventurer, outdoors and active lifestyle influencer. We are absolutely hooked, following her mountain-based lifestyle, giving us serious envy to leave the big city behind and live an exciting life in altitude. We love Kjersti for her wholesome, fitness and adventure-filled content so we can live vicariously through her when we are sat at our desks.

Barbara Perez

Barbara is giving us major Instagrammer chilled sexy vibes and we are loving it! She is more of your conventional Instagrammer with an aesthetically pleasing profile of her in incredible destinations around the world living her best life. Although, Perez is still giving us influencer but extreme adventure edition, with incredible shots of her snowboarding, skateboarding and snorkelling. If you are looking for major winter style inspiration, Barbara is your girl with the hottest snowboard jackets and trouser combinations, looking like an angel on the slopes. Can we come travel the world with you Barbara, please?

Olya Smeshlivaya

Olya is one cool chick you need to follow! This goddess is a Russian slopestyle champion and she does it so effortlessly in style. Olya has a huge following and we can see why; she shows us that we can all be badass daredevil and adventurers whilst looking good doing it. She models all the best and latest snow jackets, salopettes and hats, to give us major winter style inspiration. Olya also casually partakes in Motorcross, surfing and skateboarding. Give Olya a follow and try to keep up with all the exciting stuff she is always up to.

Silje Norendal

Silje Norendal
Photo Credit to Silje Norendal Official Facebook

We love Silje and we love following her snowboarding adventures. She is a Norwegian Olympic snowboarder with talents in slopestyle, half-pipe and boardercross, with a whopping 4 gold medals in the XGames. She is often travelling the world taking part in snowboarding competitions, so expect to see big jumps, mountain views and good times. Silje is pretty damn wholesome, and we enjoy following her professional sponsored and competition shots and her just loving life with friends and family. This blue-eyed beauty deserves an follow!

Torah Bright

Torah Bright
Photo Credit to Torah Bright Official Facebook

Torah is one of the most famous snowboarders to come out of Australia, and with gold and silver medals in the Winter Olympics, you can see why. Torah loves an snow fuelled adventure and we want to join! She has recently been filming an epic film from ‘Antarctica to the Arctic’ with trekking, powder shredding and awesome views. She gives us the determination we need to step out of our comfort zones when on the mountain and gears us up for the winter season all year round. We love Torah for her very casual and natural Instagram feed, which simply is her and her crew enjoying life in nature and the mountains.

Jamie Anderson

Jamie Anderson
Photo Credit to Jamie Anderson Official Facebook

Jamie is one of our original Instagram snowboarding influencers, with a whopping 400 000+ followers. All of us follow this American beauty as she lives her life outside in nature, in the mountains and by the sea. This 2x Olympic Gold Medalist now lives in Canada where she can be truly one with nature. She is obviously an incredible snowboarder but also an amazing yogi and fitness advocate. We all need to have a little motivation to be fit, healthy and flexible so we can excel on the snow. Like a lot of the snowboarding influences on Instagram, we appreciate the less posed and naturally positive vibes of her content, creating some peace amongst out chaotic feed.

Anna Gasser

Anna Gasser
Photo Credit to Anna Gasser Official Facebook

Gasser is our Austrian princess who has too many gold medals to count! Anna is an awesome snowboarder who gets some serious air, and her content proves just how talented she is. She is spending her winter season exploring the huge knee-trembling kickers and jumps around the alps and we are loving following her on this trip! We enjoy Anna’s feed, as it is filled with epic snow content all year round, which is exactly what we want to stay hyped for the winter ahead. When she is not in the snowy mountains (which isn’t very often, we must say), she is being a fun-loving fitness adventure girl, giving us a giggle or two when she backflips into bed.

Female snowboaders

Don’t let your Instagram feed be consumed by posers and dull content, go get yourself an Instagram feed full of exciting adventurers who love the mountains just as much as you do! 

Whilst you are sat at your desk job, or in the gym on a Monday night, you want to be inspired and energized by ladies who exude positive vibes. We want to be motivated to get outside, be with nature and make a point to do the things that make us happy.

We have picked out our top 10 female snowboarders who give us all these great vibes and we want to surround ourselves and our social media with this- ladies, we got your back!


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