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Ladies, if we’re being honest, we’re competitive by nature. Survival of the fittest and all that. But also we are inherently competitive with ourselves, which can make us strive for excellence and to always be at our best game.We are all about smashing that glass ceiling whether its in school, work or indeed on the slopes!

There may get to a certain point when you have spent years of your life hitting the slopes and smashing hours in the park where it becomes monotonous and you have practiced, practiced, practiced until you hit a plateau. In this case, don’t just sit back and relax, this is no time to chill! Nothing gives you the motivation to improve than entering yourself into a competition where you are not just competing with others, but also yourself.

female competitions

Become part of a snowboarding community with incredible females all striving towards the same goal, supporting and cheering each other on as you hit the kickers, the pipes and the freeride. Competitions are usually well attended, with DJ’s, dancing and a great vibe where you can show off your skills in front of a fun and lively crowd. There are so many competitions throughout the season, but it’s hard to know which one would best suit you and your talents. We have created a list of freeride, freestyle, all-female and friendly competitions for you to have a go at. You may not be a pro just yet, but you have to start somewhere- get yourself out there, register and send it real hard!

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Freeride World Qualifiers, Various Destinations

Freeride World Tour Qualifiers

The Freeride World Tour is one of the most established professional freeride competitions in the world, travelling from one epic resort to another, crossing oceans and the hemisphere’s showcasing some of the worlds most incredible talent in freeride. To get to the world tour, they hold the Freeride World Qualifiers every year for amateur riders in 13 different resorts, the best 3 snowboarders and 3 skiers per region make the qualification to take part in the tour the following year. 

Although the qualifiers are an amateur competition, they are not for the faint-hearted. Be prepared to hike to the summit and make your way down via couloirs, cliffs and deep powder. You will be sure to see 360’s, backflips and some major air from the contestants. If you feel you got what it takes to hit the big mountain, then head to their website for registration where you pay a season membership fee and sign up to the upcoming competitions. FWQ is a huge event, with a great atmosphere and is well supported by spectators and riders alike.

Nissan Super Girl Snow Pro- Bear Mountain, Big Bear, CA

Big Bear Mountain

This is a competition ran by the girls for the girls! Super Girl Snow Pro is an all-female snowboarding competition taking on the boardercross and the big air, for both seasoned pro riders and up and coming amateurs- all are welcomed! The beauty of the Super Girl Pro is that it has created an inspiring and supportive community for females in the snowboarding industry, where they can learn from the best and be trained to become the best. 

This snowboarding competition is part of a Super Girl series of surf, snowboard, skateboard and rollerblading competitions in the US, with the aim to empower females to compete and to strive. If you want to be part of this incredible and inspirational community, then head to Big Bear in February each year to take part in the amateur competition and to learn from the pro’s.

The Brits- Laax, Switzerland

The Brits Laax

The British Ski and Snowboard Foundation realised the freestyle competitions in the UK needed a home out in the Alps, so they packed their bags and headed to the famous Swiss resort LAAX. Each year The Brits in LAAX hosts boardercross, slopestyle, big air and halfpipe; so whatever your freestyle speciality, the competition can cater to you. The British freestyle community has a reputation of nurturing talent to become medal winning superstars. 

Laax is an awesome resort to train and to utilise the world-famous park whilst learning from some of the best professionals in the industry. Once you have geared yourself up to compete, you can simply register online and turn up on the day. Make sure to send it hard to get the chance to win your gold medal and £250 cash prize- first round of apres drinks is on you then!

The Ride Her First- Val D’Isere

Val D’Isere

The Ride Her First event is a freestyle ski and snowboard competition in Val D’Isere on the famous Le Face De Bellvarde run. The competition is a huge event that brings a vibrant and fun crowd with a laid back atmosphere. If you are feeling confident, then you can enter into the judged competition or if you are new to the world of competing then you can take part in a friendly competition. The friendly competition is judged by the crowd, so be sure to show off and bring out your entertainer side. We are sure the crowd will be super nice and you will come away feeling like a pro. 

The Ride Her First event is like a party on the piste, as it takes place on an evening with floodlight lighting up the mountains. Expect DJ’s, dancing and kick-ass female boarders all looking to have fun.

Laax Open, Laax, Switzerland

Laax Open

When you think of snowboard competitions you probably think of the LAAX Open, as it is one of the most famous competitions in the Alps. You also probably think of the professional riders that rise to fame from competing in the Open, however, what is often not as well known is the amazing amateur boarders who debut their skills. The Open is -as suggested in the name- open to everyone to compete and is an inclusive and supportive competition. 

Like a lot of the snowboarding events, they attract plenty of people looking out for the best new talent, but they also are there to party just as hard as they board. If you are looking for an exhilarating experience for your first competition, then the LAAX Open is the one.

Female amateur snowboard competitions F.A.Q

Can beginners compete in snowboard competitions?

Yes, beginners can compete in snowboard competitions. Many competitions have different categories for different skill levels, so you can enter the category that suits your skill level. Competing in a snowboard competition can be a great way to push yourself, improve your skills and meet like-minded people.

What are some tips for preparing for a snowboard competition?

  1. Here are some tips for preparing for a snowboard competition:
  • Train consistently before the competition to build your endurance and strength.
  • Familiarize yourself with the competition rules, format and judging criteria.
  • Visualize your run and practice it before the competition, so you can execute it confidently.
  • Ensure that you have the right gear, including a well-fitted helmet, boots, bindings, and board.
  • Stay hydrated and nourished, and get plenty of rest leading up to the competition.
  • Focus on having fun and enjoying the experience, regardless of the outcome.

How do I find snowboard competitions in my area?

You can find snowboard competitions in your area by doing a quick online search or checking with local ski and snowboard clubs. You can also look for events and competitions hosted by resorts and parks in your area. Social media can also be a great resource to find snowboard competitions, as many events are promoted on various social media platforms. Additionally, you can check with your local snowboard shops, as they may have information about upcoming events and competitions.

Wrapping up

wrapping up

If you are looking to progress your skills as a boarder and become part of a supportive and inspirational community, then getting yourself onto the snowboarding competition scene is the way to go. You will be immersed in an encouraging and talented crowd and have the opportunity to learn from others and to develop your skills.

It may seem counter-intuitive to compete against your new fellow riders, but instead, it creates a community of women who are all determined, supportive and driven. These competitions also mix professionals, amateurs, males and females which celebrates an exciting diversity where people can learn from each other. Although let’s be honest, it also feels great to give those a guys a run for their money. Ladies as a team can be stronger together!