5 rookie mistakes

5 Rookie Mistakes You Can Make On The Slopes

1. Carry Your Equipment Properly

This might be the biggest revealer of unexperienced riders out there. It will become really obvious that you don’t know what you are doing if you are not comfortable carrying your skis/poles or snowboard to the hill from the parking lot.
Instead of just holding all of your equipment in front of you with both arms, try holding your skis in one hand and the poles in the other. As of a snowboard grab it in between the bindings and carry it like a suitcase.

This is a quick fix that will both make your life easier and make you look way more experienced.

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2. Avoid The Goggle Gap

The most iconic rookie mistake of them all is often referred to as the “goggle gap”. This is when your goggles and helmet are not secured tightly on your head, and there is a gigantic gap of air in between them.
And that is not just really ugly, it’s also really cold and uncomfortable.

But there is an easy solution to this: buy goggles that fit your helmet. Most good helmets and goggles fit really well together, but when buying cheap gear this is not always guaranteed.
Another pro tip regarding goggles is to never touch the inside of the lenses since it’s treated with an anti-fog coating.

3. Put Your Positive Pants On

Ski and snowboard pants have been around for a long time, and there is a good reason for it. They are way more comfortable and water resistant than using your old jeans to ride in.
A rider using denim pants on the hill is almost always a guaranteed beginner since it restricts your movement and become really cold as soon as they get wet.

So get yourself a good pair of pants, they will last you a long time and make the entire experience a lot better.
Pull your pants all the way down, because only amateurs and beginners keep them tucked in above or even worse: inside their boots.

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4. Stay Warm

One of the worst experience on the hill for both newbies and professionals is to get cold. This could be a dealbreaker on a good or bad day on the slopes.
The most sensitive place on your body are feet and hands. So make sure you have dry gloves and socks before heading out. If you get wet hands or feet during a snowy day, make sure to dry your gear during the night so that they are dry and warm the next day.

Another pro tip is to always carry an extra pair of gloves in your backpack while riding. Your friends will be jealous of you when you bring out a fresh pair after lunch and they have to stick their hands back down in those smelly and wet gloves they have been using all day.
Also bring two pairs of baselayers, because they will also get sweaty and smelly after a couple of days riding!

5. Don't Roadblock

A big cause of irritation on the hill is to end up behind someone not knowing how to get past the keycard reader to access the lift. You do not want to be this person stopping everyone behind you while you fiddle around to locate your ski pass.

Nowadays these scanners are all magnetic and automatic. And they will only let you pass through when placing your ski pass in the correct place so that it can read it.
Most times the machine is located on your left side and will scan an area from your thighs to your shoulder. So make sure that your ski pass is placed on this side (left) in a secure pocket somewhere in your jacket or pants.

Don’t place your phone, credit cards or other things in the same pocket since this could interfere with the scanning process and de-activate your ski pass if you are unlucky.
If done properly you should just have to ride into the machine and it will automatically read your card and let you through without any problems. And that’s a big win for everybody.

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