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Snowboard boots for optimal riding pleasure

Your snowboard boots are the centrepiece of your gear because you spend all day on and off the piste. They are the link to your board, and they must ensure protection and comfort all day long while on the snowboard without hurting your feet.

Keep your feet comfy

You are standing at the top of the mountain. Fresh wind in your hair, bright blue sky and fresh powder snow in front of you. That is how your perfect snowboarding day starts. To keep this feeling alive until the evening, it is essential that you wear women’s snowboard boots you can rely on. Here is a small guide to help you choosing your new favourite women's snowboard boot.

Made of warm and waterproof materials

The upper materials of snowboard boots are always waterproof and prevent your feet from getting wet while riding. Additionally, they should have a warm lining, which keeps your feet still warm until the evening, because head and feet are sometimes the most sensitive places when it comes to freezing, and we certainly do not want that. Most snowboard boots for women feature an inner lining made of a breathable membrane, which absorbs moisture and releases it to the outside, and it keeps your feet from sweating and getting wet.

Hard vs soft boots

When buying snowboard boots for women, you have the choice between soft boots and hard boots. Choose snowboarding boots that best meet your needs.

Soft women’s snowboard boots - Function and comfort while snowboarding

Piste, park, fresh deep snow, here is where soft snowboard boots belong. They have a thick, flexible sole and a stiffer outer material, which perfectly combines comfort and function of womens snowboard boots and is more comfortable to wear than a hard boot.

Hardboots: your power source for hard carving

Hard boots, on the other hand, are more similar to classic ski boots; this gives you more support at high speed and on difficult terrain because they guarantee absolute stability.

Lacing system: from classic to BOA

Currently, there are three different lacing systems on the market with regards to snowboard boots; which one you pick is up to you. The so-called BOA system consists of metal loops that close and open your snowboard boot by turning a lock button. The Fast lacing is a hybrid of BOA and traditional lacing. You pull on the classic laces, and they are already laced and hold tight to your shoe; this makes the system very popular because it is easy, safe and fast to handle. The classic one allows you to customise the shoe at all points optimally and gives you your sneaker feeling.

The perfect fit

Well, the lacing system is only half winning when choosing your new womens snow boot. Your snowboard boot should have one thing above all: the fit. Without a perfect fit, nothing else can help. Therefore, test your snowboard boot with functional socks and make sure to kneel when fitting. That is the position you spend most of your time snowboarding.

Extra comfort of your women’s snowboard boots

Many brands also offer snowboard boots for women with thermoformable inner shoes. The shoe is heated and adjusted and cooled directly on your foot; this helps to achieve the perfect fit. Also, many snowboard boots are equipped with different cushioning, so you can find the right one for the type of ride. A stronger cushioning is especially advantageous when shredding in the park.

The right women’s snowboard boots at Ridestore

At Ridestore, discover your new womens snowboard boots for freestyle, park and all-mountain snowboarding. Shop now from the comfort of your own home, try them in peace and send them back to us for free until you find your new favourite snowboard boot.

Do not miss the new women’s snowboard collections from brands like Vans, Adidas and more. Get ready for a new season on the slopes, discover snowboard boots and everything you need to complete your snow equipment.

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