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Get the right women’s ski jacket

For the perfect start of the new ski season from top to bottom. Whether a free-rider or practising skiing tricks, a ski jacket must not only stylish but also functional. Luckily, the range of women's ski jackets at Ridestore is huge, and they all combine style with practical features to ensure all-day fun on the mountain.

A fashionable women’s ski accessory for freezing days in the city

Ski jackets for women are available in a wide variety of shapes, colours and designs; from slim to oversize, the selection is almost endless.

High-quality womens ski jackets are no longer just the ideal companion on the piste or for backcountry skiing. They can also be worn for a casual look in the city to be protected from rain, snow and cold temperatures. And they offer you even more comfort than conventional models.

What should I look for when choosing skiing jackets for women?

No matter if you like to freeride skiing, relaxed downhill runs or tricks in the park.

Ski coats for women are well equipped for all types of activities and to ensure you all-day fun.

Features and functionality of ski jackets for women

When choosing women’s ski clothes and gear, of course, high functionality plays a significant role alongside the design.

It is crucial to pay attention to criteria such as water column, membrane and material. With us, you will find ski jackets and womens ski gear collections that meet all these requirements.


When choosing a women’s ski coat it is essential to find the one that will protect and keep you warm.

But how warm women’s ski jackets should be? This is probably one of the most important questions every woman asks herself when choosing a new ski coat.

There's nothing more annoying than not having fun while skiing because you are freezing. To prevent this, you should think about what type of temperature and activity you are going to use your ski jacket.

If you always spend your holidays skiing off-piste you probably already know the weather conditions, and you can decide based on your experience.

On the other hand, if you prefer skiing down the slopes in the spring or use your ski coat in everyday life in the city, your jacket does not have to be that warm, and the best option is perhaps a lightweight skiing model.

Women’s ski wear collection: padded, insulated jacket and softshell

Padded ski jackets and softshell are better for women who want to spend the whole day skiing before heading off to the après-ski

These ski jackets keep warm all day thanks to the excellent insulation. They prevent you from sweating during more intense activities, and they do not let you get chilly while waiting at the lift. These ski coats are your best option if you are looking for interrupted ski sessions and also ideal for your everyday life as winter jackets in the city.

Technical hardshell for women’s winter and ski jackets

As the name implies, these ski jackets are designed to protect you from any weather conditions, including a snowstorm, thanks to their high-tech materials.

Hardshells are usually made of several membranes, which protects you from snow and frosty wind while being light and highly breathable.

These features make these ski jackets ideal for freeriders and slope pros. Also, they can easily be worn with other layers (base layer, mid-layers like fleeces or hooded ski sweaters), which will keep you warm even when skiing on the highest peaks.


You can freely decide the model from the women collection you like the most. From a classic parka to a padded ski jacket. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that all womens ski jackets should be waterproof and windproof so that they will not let snow or water in.


You can pick your favourite colour, from black and white to blue or pink, grey, or a total black look. Our range of womens skiing jackets offers a wide selection of shades and patterns to ensure you will find what you are looking for.


In our online shop, you will find a vast selection of looks and cuts. Our women’s ski jacket sizes go from XXS, xs, small, medium, large, xl and XXL (2xl), check the size chart and if you still have doubts, do not hesitate to contact us.

You can also filter products on the page by size and find the perfect ski coat for you. In case your size is not available at the moment, do not worry. Just leave your email address, and you will be notified as soon as it is back in stock.

Freedom of movement while skiing

To prevent the ski jacket from pinching or tugging, it is also vital that you have enough freedom of movement, which is ensured by the right fit and stretch materials.

It does not matter if you choose a slim cut or a longer oversize ski jacket; today, most models are tailored to the female anatomy, regardless of the style.

Nevertheless, it is advisable to test a ski coat thoroughly for all movements, to be sure you can move safely and freely in it, without feeling restricted even when jumping in the park.

While looking for your new winter skiing jackets, it might be comfortable feeling overwhelmed. womens ski jackets with a faux fur hood or without, anorak or with a full front zip, regular or slim, but there are some features that you should always look for, such as the snow guard, ventilation systems, and technical specs.

Extra features

One essential features for ski jackets for women is definitely the snow guard

If one of your 360 ° turns into a small fall, a snow guard is going to be your best friend. It prevents the snow from penetrating the jacket and pants, and by avoiding that it will be easier for you to try many more experiments.

Ventilation zippers

Ventilation of your ski gear is also extremely important.

It might happen to start feeling a little warm while skiing, that is why you should consider choosing a ski jacket with a ventilation system such as underarm zips; this will keep you fresh, by letting some breeze in when needed, after a quick descent or when the sun comes out.

Which water column should ski jackets have

Stay dry and warm with skiing jackets that have a high water column. But what water column should I look for? A value between 5,000 and 20,000 millimetres is fine to keep you well protected from wet and snow.

- Water-resistant ski jackets for women

Membranes or coatings ensure waterproofing of the inside of the upper material. They guarantee all-day fun even if it starts snowing.

These compounds are also called two or three-layer laminates, depending on how many layers are attached to the top fabric.

Materials and technologies of the womens ski jackets

Waterproof jackets for skiing are mainly made of two materials, with an outer membrane or with a coating.

Coated ski jackets are usually slightly cheaper, while skiing coats with an outer layer are often more durable. Depending on the budget and requirements, this criteria can help you in choosing your new ski jacket.

How to choose the right ski jacket for women

The perfect model for you does not have to be always the expensive gore-tex ski coat. As the materials used continue to evolve, the price is no longer the deciding factor for determining the quality of a ski jacket. Many brands have started developing their high-tech materials. Therefore the choice of high-quality ski gear is wider than ever.


It is crucial to pay attention to certain requirements to find the right ski jacket for you. A good level of insulation, for example, will prevent you from getting soaking wet and freezing.

Many manufacturers have developed their membrane to ensure that you are on the safe side when it comes to staying dry.

You should also check your jacket's seams as well as the water column. Taped seams can prevent water from creeping in.

Nowadays, materials are so sophisticated that they allow moisture to be released from the inside, leaving you warm and dry, offering maximum protection against cold and humidity.

Style and comfort on the piste with our women’s ski clothing

The new womens ski clothes collections at Ridestore offer style, functionality and comfort all day long. With us, you do not have to compromise between style and functionality.

It does not matter if you prefer shredding in the park or skiing down the mountain, you will always find the ski gear that suits you perfectly.

No matter, if you are a beginner on the skis, a pro, an après-ski fan or park girl, our range of womens ski jackets, offers a choice of trendy models that protect you, no matter what type of skier you are.

The advantages of Ridestore ski jackets for women

When ordering your ski gear at Ridestore, you will have many benefits, such as 30-day money-back guarantee, to ensure you find your new favourite one.

With us,you will find a wide variety of top brands such as our exclusive brand Dope Snow, Burton, Montec, The North Face, Roxy, Picture Organic and many more; you can choose from a vast selection of shapes, colours and designs to match your pants and the rest of your gear.

Also, do not forget to keep an eye out for our latest deals in the sale section.

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