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Buy walking trousers for women at Ridestore

Outdoor activities are booming like never before; because of that and hiking clothing collections are getting more functional and fashionable than ever.

Whether in summer, in winter, for trekking, walking or hiking at Ridestore you will find the right walking trousers for women that will suit your needs

While looking for your new women's trekking trousers, it is essential to think about temperature, weather conditions and the type of activity, since there are many different types of trousers in many sizes, cuts and lengths.

Perfectly equipped for all your adventures

For every activity and climate, there is the right pant that must provide freedom of movement during your hikes and walks, in addition to warmth and protection from rain or wind.

At the same time, you cannot give up on design and feminine cuts. Thanks to the modern design of our hiking women's collection, your look will always be flawless.

Tips for shopping womens trousers for outdoors and hiking

We want to give you a good overview of the different variants of walking trousers for women and show you which models are available. Because only by really knowing the features and functionalities, you can find the right model.

First, you should be aware of the characteristics of your walking trousers and for what purpose you need them.

Women’s outdoor models, cuts and fabrics for hiking, trekking and more

Ladies walking trousers can adequately perform their function only if they fit well. For this reason, comfort and freedom of movement play an essential role. Walking trousers should never force you or even be too loose. Furthermore, they should be breathable and waterproof. The pants materials can also offer different functional focuses.

Hardshell trousers, for example, protect you from moisture, while softshell models are very comfortable to wear.

Zip off trousers are ideal for hiking, as you can remove the lower part of the leg to adapt to any change in temperature.

Women's trousers for hiking and outdoors: light and resistant

Womens hiking models can be short or long trousers made of synthetic materials or cotton blend; this makes them particularly soft, abrasion resistant and usually water repellent. Compared to jeans, walking trousers are also lighter, and they carry moisture to the outside.

So if you like going for long walks with your dog or you love being active on vacation, walking trousers are the perfect companions. Fabrics are also easy to clean and repellent to dirt. They are therefore the complete package for adventure sports activities and everyday life.

Stay dry

Ladies waterproof trousers are usually fully taped or welded seams will not let in even a single drop. Outdoor pants with a water column of around 5,000 mm also withstand prolonged rainfall while taking up very little space in the backpack due to their small size. And if you feel cold, there are also heavier, more insulated trousers to keep you warm and dry even at low temperatures.

For high comfort: softshell trouser for walking and hiking

The women's softshell walking trousers are versatile, and their material is extremely breathable and stretchy. The fabric is soft on the skin and slightly water repellent. They are therefore suitable for outdoor activities such as hiking and walking.

Warm all winter

In winter, you can take advantage of women's walking thermal trousers. These are walking models that are lined with fleece or other heating material. Their outer material is made of a cotton blend fabric and is very robust. Check the full collection in out online shop.

What to pay attention to when buying trousers for hiking and outdoors

We have some extra tips on what you should pay attention to while choosing your new trousers.

Fit and length

Your pants should fit well and be comfortable. When you try the new walking trousers for women make sure that you are also comfortable moving, for example by kneeling.

If you are looking for rain trousers, choose a model with a water column of at least 5,000 mm.

Women’s trousers for walking and hiking: how should they fit

To ensure the womens pants are not too long or too short, try them on with your hiking boots because they usually have a slightly thicker sole than standard shoes. With the appropriate thermal underwear, you can turn many trekking and walking trousers into winter casual models.

Depending on your needs there are some womens walking models with specific features for special activities, such as climbing. There are also particular winter walking trousers for women with highly insulating fabrics or with extra pockets.

Functionality first

There are many outdoor activities, which also means walking pants with different features and details. So it is time to take a closer look at the different models. .

Women’s walking trousers are not all the same, but they have some features in common: they protect from the sun, rain and wind and they are lightweight while keeping you warm even with cooler temperatures. All this is possible thanks to several functional membranes.

Other aspects include durable material and a flexible and natural fit which guarantees maximum freedom of movement.

Women’s walking pants: colours and designs

Our versatile walking and hiking designs are available in many different colours, from classic dark ones such as black and grey or navy blue to red or with models like camo; this makes searching for the new favourite walking trousers a fun experience.

Finding the perfect pair of women's pants for hiking and outdoors

It all depends on your taste and your needs. Whether you are going for a travel adventure on a mountain, camping with your friends, you will need the perfect walking trousers to keep you comfortable and all day long. Our womens range has got you covered.

If you love winter adventures, do not forget to wear a layer under your hiking trousers, and to be sure the length is enough to cover you walking boots.

Stretch trousers are the best option if you are very active and you need maximum freedom of movement.

Sizes of your new women’s trousers

If you are not sure about which size to choose, don’t worry, try the fit finder feature or else contact us, we are always happy to hear from you.

Discover the latest Ridestore outdoor women’s collection

Regardless of cold, heat, sun or rain, protective mountain equipment, especially trousers, is essential in all weather conditions.

A good pair of ladies trousers designed for walks and hikes are made of breathable materials that keep you warm and dry at all times.

At Ridestore you will surely find the model for you. Whether you are looking for a pair of women’s hiking trousers, softshell casual models all our walking pants offer high comfort, practical cuts and modern design.

Order from the comfort of your home and take advantage of free shipping and returns. If you have questions, you can ask for advice via chat or email; we will be happy to help you!

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