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Best T-Shirt Brands

Ridestore stocks a wide range of t-shirts from the best brands in the industry. From Oakley to The North Face and Peak Performance, we offer a range of adventure-focused t-shirts perfect for the gym or the mountains. But if street style is what you’re after, then you’ll find plenty of offerings from Vans, Burton, SQRTN, Northern Hooligans, Dope, Montec, and so many more.

Materials and Breathability

Cotton is the most common material for t-shirts, and offers high durability as well as breathability for its weight, making it the ideal choice for summer clothing. However, polyester is becoming more popular, and is often blended with elastane and other materials to produce t-shirts that stretch and offer even better performance during sports and other strenuous activities.

Synthetic and Natural

The choice between synthetic and natural materials often boils down to the intended use. For gym or hiking t-shirts, polyester is the likely choice as it’s highly breathable and doesn’t absorb moisture in the same way cotton does. However cotton is durable, cost-effective, and super comfortable, making it the favourite choice for many brands.

Organic and Better Cotton Initiative Cottons

We are proud to use BCI certified cotton in our own in-house brand Dope’s t-shirts. The Better Cotton Initiative was created to support farmers and help improve the conditions globally within the cotton trade. Organic and BCI cotton use is just one way that Ridestore is moving towards a brighter and more sustainable future.

T-Shirt Fits and Styles

We have worked hard to curate a collection which offers a wide range of fits and styles suited to everyone. Our own brand, Dope, offers styles of t-shirts in different cuts and shapes, in both mens and womens’ specific fits, from XS to XL. And when we stock outside brands, we strive to make sure we offer as broad a selection as possible.

Inclusive T-Shirt Sizing

Inclusivity is something that Ridestore holds close to its heart. We believe that everyone should get the chance to love the mountains as much as we do, but it’s not just about being there, it’s about feeling good when you are. Our sizing champions inclusivity, so no matter what you need, we’ve done our best to ensure you’ll find it at Ridestore.

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