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Streetwear collection: sunglasses for men

Whether you are going to the office or the skate park, mens sunglasses are the perfect accessory for every occasion. At Ridestore you will find the right model, whatever your tastes are. Whether you prefer a discreet or captivating model, in our online shop you will find your new favourite ones.

Sunglasses - eyewear: a stylish way to protect your eyes

Sunglasses have always been the most popular men's accessory, chosen to give the final touch to an everyday look. Express your personality through your glasses, either with classic models or extravagant colours. Protect your eyes without sacrificing style, combine the perfect pair with your streetwear look.

What specs must sunglasses for men have?

They are not only a trendy accessory, but they must protect the eyes from strong reflections and sun, in fact, UV radiations are not just unpleasant to your eyes, but they can also damage them; a pair of dark glasses can protect from UV rays and reflections. What characteristics should men's sunglasses have? In addition to the style factor, it is always good to evaluate some functional aspects.

Sunglasses and lenses

You may want to opt for yellow glasses because they fit your clothing, but do you know what this colour is for? Not all lens colours are suitable for every use. For example, yellow glasses are great if you need a clear vision even in a dark environment. The blue lenses, on the other hand, are ideal for snowy areas as they guarantee high contrast.


Mens sunglasses are available with different type of lenses as well. Mirrored, polarised, without a frame, it is all about your taste and your needs.

UV filter and categories

Probably the most famous feature, although not many seem to know what exactly it is. If the eye is not protected and it is repeatedly exposed to UV rays, these can cause damage and eye disease in the long run. A good indicator at the time of purchase is, therefore, the filter strength, which according to the European standard (ISO 12312-1) goes from 0 to 4, where 4 indicates the maximum UV shielding.

The lowest factor, with less than 20% light attenuation, has lower protection effects, the highest, up to 97%. For us, category 2 lenses are generally quite good, but if you are out in the snow or clear water, you should think about getting sunglasses of category 4.

How to choose the right sunglasses model

Whether you prefer aviator sunglasses, skate or vintage types, the range of men's models is huge, and surely there is something that fits your style. For the perfect appearance, it is important to pay attention respectively to the face and sunglasses model.

Do you have a high forehead and a slightly squared chin? Probably the shape of your face tends to be square maye rectangular; to emphasise the masculine features and underline them gently, choose a pair of round or oval glasses, like the aviator ones.

On the other hand, for gentlemen with a round-shaped face, the best-suited model would be the square one.

If your chin is tight, but your forehead is wide, and your cheekbones are pretty high, you probably have a heart-shaped face; oval or round sunglasses will guarantee the best fit for those features.

Mens sunglasses: frames and colours

When it comes to the frame and its colour, the choice is entirely up to you. Matte black, grey, brow or brighter colours such as red, yellow and the classic white, at Ridestore you will find the perfect product that matches your street look.

Cleaning tips

Of course, glasses need care and can not be stored randomly in your pocket. When you buy a pair of sunglasses, they are usually delivered in a case with a microfibre cloth to clean the lenses. Keeping your lenses clean, help prevent scratches and ensure optimal vision. You can clean the glasses under running water with the addition of a little extra detergent. Then dry them with the cloth provided by the manufacturer or microfibre one.

Men’s eyewear brand choices

Regardless of the model you choose, at Ridestore you will find classic and current models of well-known action sports brands such as Neff and Oakley. But also sunglasses by streetwear brands like Newsoul and Dope. It does not matter how you want your sunglasses to look - you will find at least one new favorite pair in our range.

The advantages of Ridestore

Futuristic or classic design, wide or narrow sides, plain or patterned - we have all kinds of mens sunglasses. You can always count on getting solid protection against the sun's harmful UV rays.Order comfortably from home, take advantage of free shipping and returns.

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