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Men's Snowboard Goggles 

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Are you looking for your new favourite snowboard goggles? Then you are in the right place! Discover the wide selection of mens snowboard goggles at Ridestore. Choose now your favourite model and shop with us stress-free.

Whether you are a beginner in the park or you are snowboarding in the backcountry, good snowboard goggles are an essential part of the snow equipment. It is crucial that you see correctly in all weather conditions and have the perspective. Only then do you recognise bumps in the ground and can react accordingly. Not only this does offer you security, but also maximum fun. The right mens snowboard goggles are therefore indispensable for your winter adventure.

Buying high-quality mens snow goggles

What should you look for when purchasing new snowboard goggles and which mens snowboarding goggles are right for you? Brands like Dope Snow, Oakley, Dragon and many more are continually working on new technologies that are suitable for the respective weather and lighting conditions. Men’s snow goggles are also correspondingly versatile.

Protect your eyes on the slopes with the right goggles

Since the lenses of your snowboard goggles significantly affect your vision and your eyes protection, you should take a moment to make your decision.

Mirrored lenses: these types of lenses regulate the VLT (visual light transmission) and reduce the glare from sunlight. These snow goggles give you the best protection when the sun is bright, but are less suitable in darker light conditions.

Snowboard goggles with self tinting lenses adjust their colour to the light and become brighter or darker depending on the sunlight; this makes these types of men’s snow goggles perfect for changing brightness, from morning to night.

Polarised lenses: they block reflected light waves and prevent you from being dazzled; this enhances the perception of contrasts and definition.

Also, there are always new snow goggles technologies on the market, such as Prizm technology; this is a kind of filter that enhances the perception of contrasts and colours.


Basically, the bigger the lens space is, the larger field of vision you will have. For many men’s snow goggles models today, therefore, the lens is glued on instead of in the frame, which ensures you maximum visibility and a high style factor.


There are several extra features you can choose for your snow goggles such as your straps (bands), colour and size, even for those who wear prescription glasses, there are a variety of models available.

The importance of ventilation systems for men’s snow goggles

Snow goggles ventilation systems are also used to ensure that your view does not get hindered from the inside. Inserts made of foam or plastic on the edges provide good air circulation to avoid fog. Also, some snowboard goggles have an anti-fog coating or double glazing. As you can see, manufacturers are getting a lot out to ensure your visibility and safety.

Snowboard goggles for men: colours

Snowboarding goggles and their elastic bands are available in a whole range of colours. From the classic matte black, white or blue, pink, yellow, grey, green, orange, red and many more. Just select your favourite snow goggles for men and get ready for your winter experience.

Regarding colour and design, your choices today are almost limitless. From the type of lenses to the straps, models are available in different colours and are often even interchangeable. So you can match your new snow goggles with the rest of your snowboard equipment.

Check out and order online at Ridestore

All our snow goggles offer 100% UV protection and effective ventilation. In addition, our snow goggles offer a very comfortable fit with soft foam in multiple layers holding the lens in place and providing a good comfort.

Available snow brand

With us, you are guaranteed to find the right snowboard goggles for men. All the top brands are available, from Dope to Poc, Anon, and many more.

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