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Men's Hiking Hoodies 

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The evolution of hiking hoodies and sweatshirts

Outdoor hoodies and sweaters for men have evolved together with the materials they were made of. In recent years, new fabrics and materials have appeared that improve safety and well-being.The technical evolution of fabrics has allowed us to create specific garments for all activities: from less technical items for less demanding activities such as trekking to more special ones for mountaineering, ice climbing. At Ridestore you will find a wide selection of hiking and trekking sweaters and hoodies for men that will perfectly suit your outdoor activities.

Outdoor hoodies

In addition to choosing the type of clothing or material, you need to know how to use them. It is essential to keep in mind some of the functions of outdoor clothing are protection, comfort and safety. A handy trick is the three layer system. In this way, you are prepared for all weather and climate conditions.

A mid-layers

There are lots of men's sweatshirts for outdoor activities. For trekking and hiking, sweaters are usually used as a second or third layer. They must not be too tight to allow hot air to circulate while maintaining an optimal temperature.It is also essential to combine the sweatshirt with a suitable t-shirt and pants.

Sweatshirts and hoodies for outdoor activities

The brands specialising in trekking and hiking men’s clothing have naturally made sweatshirts their strong point. Using high-tech materials for creating models to be worn both in winter and in summer during your outdoor adventures.

Winter models for your adventures

The winter hiking and trekking sweatshirt is the classic one with a very soft and warm interior. Some models might also be slightly water repellent; this makes them also an ideal garment to be worn as an outer layer for mild temperatures. For hiking or mountaineering in winter, you can use a men’s hooded sweatshirt as part of your mid layer on top of the base one.You can choose between a half zip hoodie, a full zip model, or a pullover one, insulated and breathable.

Lighter models for summer hikes

But there are also summer sweatshirts, whose fabric is also called "French Terry": they are the ones that do not have the soft side inside like a regular sweater but leave a glimpse of the weave of the fabric. They are therefore lighter and can be worn all year round.Are you looking for the middle ground between a summer and a winter hooded sweatshirt? Try the melange sweatshirt, with the inside only partially brushed: always soft and comfortable but never too hot, the perfect piece of your travel equipment.


Choosing the colour of your men’s trekking or hiking hoodie is entirely up to you. From classic dark colours such as black, grey, blue, to bright azure, red and camo models, the selection is endless. Whether you are out camping and you want to feel cosy, or you plan on enjoying mountaineering, a colourful hooded sweatshirt is a must-have for adventure sports.

Hiking sweaters at Ridestore


Whether you are looking for a hooded or a crew neck model, in our new outdoor section you will find everything you need to complete your hiking and trekking outfit for men. You will be able to choose from well-known brands such as Dope, Montec, The North Face and many more. Just select your favourite and get ready for your outdoor adventures.

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