5 Summer Styles That Never Go Out of Fashion | Ridestore Magazine

There’s always plenty of fun to be had during the summer months. Schools and colleges are on break, you can take some well earned vacation days from work, or maybe you’ve lined up that trip you’ve been meaning to since who knows when. And when the sun comes out, things get even better. So whether it’s an adventurous summer ahead, or you’re just kicking back, you’ll want to look your best.

When it comes to summer fashions, the latest trends are always tough to keep up with. But there are some timeless classics you can don that’ll make you look good no matter that the latest Insta craze is. So check out our list below of summer essentials and see what takes your fancy. From classic hoodies to sunnies and caps, we list out our favourite looks for the long days ahead.

what to wear in the summer


Hoodies are strikingly cool, easy to wear, and timeless. As you walk down the streets during summer, you’ll notice people wearing some incredibly good looking hoodies. They come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. 

The best thing about hoodies is that you can wear them with denim shorts, jeans, tracksuit trousers, and so on. You can never go wrong with hoodies.

Moreover, you can opt to wear a moderately warm or light hoodie depending on the current weather. 

If you are going to invest in a hoodie for the summer season, lighter colors are the best for women, while men can stick to dull colors. Nonetheless, some men don’t mind bright colors. So, if you are one of them, then don’t shy away from bright colored hoodies.



The summer season is breezy and warm. It is the ideal time to take on some streetwear and edgy style. Wear something that offers you maximum comfort for both outdoor and indoor settings. 

T-shirts are some of the clothes that never go out of fashion, especially during the summer season. You can afford to show your toned arms more or that awesome tattoo. 

Summer is the perfect time to wear trendy and printed T-shirts. You can experiment with different colors and outfits, including jeans, shorts, and caps.

With a T-shirt, you can express your sense of style effortlessly. What you should be gunning for is a sporty or streetwear look. Moreover, you can mix it up by having both long-sleeved T-shirts for the humid and colder summer days. And short-sleeved T-shirts for the warmer days. 

dope good vibes tshirt


Summer sunglasses never go out of fashion. When choosing summer sunglasses, you can go for trendy glasses with a unique shape and colored frame. Or settle for the classic look. Whichever way you go, rest assured you’ll look cool. Still, you need to invest in quality sunglasses that can protect you from UV rays.

The most important thing is to pick glasses that are compatible with your face in terms of size and shape. Knowing your face type helps. So, try to figure out whether you have a round-shaped, heart-shaped, oval-shaped, or square-shaped face. Some of the trendy summer sunglasses that you need to familiarize yourself with include the round sunglasses, colorful sunglasses, geometric sunglasses, and aviator sunglasses.

You can choose to go for a simple, vintage, or sophisticated look.  If you want to pull that vintage look, the Dope’s Vacay shades can help you do just that. They come in various colors and are 99% protective against harmful rays. As their name suggests, they’ll give you the much-needed holiday feel. 

For the ladies, you can never go wrong with the glossy. The Dope Old School III sunglasses deliver a sophisticated look. What’s more, is that you can match them with most summer outfits.

Dope Sunglasses


If you are going to walk out on a bright sunny or breezy day, finish your look with a sleek looking cap. 

During a breezy, cold day, a cap will keep you warm. And in case the sun is shining bright, it will protect your face from the wrath of sun rays. You can choose the color you like to complete your look. 

Besides that, caps tend to give you a somewhat more polished look. It is exactly what you need to look stylish during the summer season.

Dope paradise cap


Summer is the most suitable time to wear a nice pair of shorts. As a lady, denim shorts are a good fit as they will allow you to show your legs. They are also extremely comfortable and ideal for various summer activities.

Denim shorts match well with both shirts and T-shirts. That means you’ll not have a hard time deciding on what to wear with the denim shorts. You can try Dr. Denim Jenn Shorts and you will love them.

When it comes to men’s summer shorts, the Chino Shorts are unrivaled. They come in many colors with black and blue looking the best. So long as you pick a perfect fit, you’ll relish wearing them. The Dope Valdez Shorts Black should do it. You can wear them with sneakers, rubber shoes or boots. They also augur well with plain white T-shirts. But you can wear them with a T-shirt and a hoodie of your choice.

Dope valdez shorts

With summer being the best time of the year, looking cool and stylish shouldn’t be a problem. In case you were clueless about fashionable summer outfits, now you know better. Just try out some of the looks described above, and you’ll find something that works for you. Don’t let the summer waste away, wear some stylish clothes, and get outside more often.