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Trento is a beautiful city in the Trentino-Adige River in South Tyrol, Italy. One of its most famous attractions is Buoncosiglio Castle. Besides this, the city has a lot more to offer. This includes museums, contemporary Italian architecture, the cathedral Duomo, and much more. What’s even more exciting is that there are over 20 ski resorts near Trento.

Skiing Near Trento

Gearing up for a remarkable Trento adventure

Time to embark on an exhilarating Italian winter journey to Trento. Ensure you're suitably equipped for the snowy escapades ahead. Layer up with an effective mens ski jackets - the essential cover-up against the biting Trento chill. But don't stop there, your lower half deserves equal attention. Glide into a resilient pair of men's salopettes to complete your snow-proof ensemble. Into the suitcase, these go, fitting you out for a rip-roaring, snow-filled adventure in Trento.

Getting to Trento

There are many ways to get to Trento, including plane, train, or road. Nonetheless, it depends on where you are coming from. When coming from overseas, you would have to use a plane. But if you are already in another Italian city, you could travel to Trento by road or train.

When coming from overseas, you can land in an airport near Trento. These airports include Verona Villafranca Airport, Brescia Airport, Venice Marco Polo Airport, and many more. From any of these airports, you can either drive or take a train to Trento.

Skiing Near Trento

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Ski resorts near Trento-
45 minutes away

The Val Di Non

Skiing Near Trento

Distance from Trento: (36 km) 30 mins

Skiable Terrain: 5km

Altitude: 1592m

The Val di Non is known for hamlets and apples. The valley is accessible from the city of Trento. Here, you will find an intriguing skiing terrain with a fantastic snow cover, mountain homesteads, and woodlands. Besides its beauty, Val di Non transforms into a skiing paradise during the winter season.

From a holidaying perspective, these destinations offer you all the fun and relaxation you need.

The ski areas in Val di Non provide fun opportunities for snowboarding, ski-mountaineering, cross-country, and downhill skiing. For those who like to do much more than skiing, you can enjoy horse-drawn-sleighs, hiking, and snowshoeing. In Ruffre-Mendola, you will find incredible slopes that will get you into an adventurous mood. The state of the art snowmaking machines always ensures that there is sufficient snow cover.

Monte Bondone

Skiing Near Trento

Distance from Trento: 35 minutes

Skiable Terrain: 21 km

Altitude: 2180m

Monte Bondone is undoubtedly one of the closest ski resorts to the city. It is about 15 kilometres away and you can get to this ski area in under 30 minutes when driving. If you do not fancy driving, you can use the convenient public transport system.

The highlight of this ski area is the Viote cross-country skiing section, which offers 35 km of trails.

The mountains and woodlands surrounding this resort are breathtaking. While you are here, you should make an effort to explore the botanical garden in Monte Bondone.

This resort offers you a 360 degrees’ view of the Brenta Dolomites. You can also expect world-class skiing facilities that are ideal for families.

Apart from downhill skiing, Monte Bondone presents you with an opportunity to try ice skating as well as snowshoeing. On top of that, the resort has an ultra-modern snow park with lots of features that kids would relish.

At the end of a fun and a challenging day at the slopes, you can relax at the resort’s chill area. The chill zone has a sound system, comfortable chairs, and a grill area.

Alpe Cimbra Folgaria Lavarone e Lusema

Skiing Near Trento

Distance from Trento: (30km) 35 minutes

Skiable Terrain: 104km

Altitude: 1900 m

If you have been looking forward to a magical skiing holiday near Trento, Alpe Cimbra Folgaria Lavarone e Lusema is the perfect destination. This ski area has a rich history, modern amenities, and an imposing landscape. With over 100 km of downhill skiing slopes, the thrill never stops. Moreover, some skiing world champions train at this skiing haven due to its outstanding technical aspects.

Alpe Cimbra Folgaria e Lusema boasts of a programmed snowmaking machine that ensures there is enough snow cover. Nordic skiing enthusiasts relish the experience at the Alpe di Folgaria-Coe and Millegrobe centres. As an award-winning ski resort, Alpe Cimbra has something for everyone. Its safety facilities provide a conducive skiing environment for families.

The beautiful town of Trento is one of the best holiday destinations a skier can choose. With so many skiing resorts in this region, you are undoubtedly spoilt for choice. The ski areas we have listed have quality skiing facilities and snow cover. Visit any of these resorts, and you will have an unforgettable skiing holiday.

Ski resorts near Trento-
over 45 minutes away

The Polsa - San Valentino - San Giacomo

Skiing Near Trento

Distance from Trento: (55km) 50 minutes

Skiable Terrain: 20km

Altitude: 1600 m

Trentino is a beautiful region with mountain ranges and incredible valleys. When it comes to skiing, Brentonico Highland near Trento has some of the best features. The highlight of this ski area is the Polsa – San Valentino – San Giacomo ski resort. It has eight lifts that skiers can use to access different slopes. And several snowmaking systems kick in when the snowfall is not sufficient. This resort gives skiers an incredible view of the Brenta Dolomites and Lake Garda.

There are three ski camps and baby camps, which make Polsa-San Valentino-San Gaciomo Ski Area ideal for family holidays.

Beginners are not left behind. They can get skiing lessons from the close by Italian Ski School of Monte Baldo.

Apart from snowboarding and skiing, visitors can indulge in snowshoeing at the amazing Monte Baldo National Park.

San Giacomo di Brentonico Cross-country Ski centre boasts of 20km groomed tracks. The trails’ difficulty levels vary. On Tuesday and Thursday nights, the management turns on lights along the tracks for a few hours of night skiing.

Those who love snow games can enjoy activities such as bob at the practice slopes at the Polsa resort.

Most of the trails are wide and long, and as such, skiers have enough space to try out various tricks. Night skiers get as many hours as they want at the Montagnola piste on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Val Di Fassa

Skiing Near Trento

Distance from Trento: (93 km) 1 hour and 20 mins

Skiable-Terrain: 75 km

Altitude: 2650 m

Val Di Fassa delivers a thrilling skiing experience in the Dolomites. For the skiing enthusiasts, Val Di Fassa presents you with the ultimate challenge.

Its ski tours include the Tour of Great war, Panorama Ski tour, and so on. Artificial lighting is provided in some of the night skiing. With over 75 km of pistes, this resort guarantees beginners and veterans the ultimate skiing adventure.


Are these ski resorts family-friendly?

Yes, all of the mentioned ski resorts near Trento offer ski areas suitable for families. Most have ski schools, kids zones, and various snow-related activities for family members of all ages.

What non-skiing activities can we do in Trento?

Beyond skiing, Trento offers options for exploring museums, contemporary Italian architecture, the cathedral Duomo, Buoncosiglio Castle and more. Also, outdoor activities like snowshoeing, ice skating, and hiking are popular in the ski resorts.

Skiing Near Trento


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