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Are you thinking of going on a ski trip? There is no better fun than gathering your best ski mates, your skis and your new funky jacket and making long-lasting memories in the mountains!

Don’t be that one who has to borrow everything from everyone, don’t be the one who gets caught in a snowstorm with no extra layers and definitely don’t be the one to head to apres without a beanie to cover the helmet hair.

We’re talking practical wear but that doesn’t mean we have to forget about being fierce on the slopes- how about style and quality?

We want you to hit the slopes with your crew and be well prepared and looking good- so let’s dive into the ultimate ski trip packing list. 

what to pack for your next ski holiday

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Ski jacket

ski jacket

When choosing a mens ski jacket or women's one, you need one to have all the accessories and gadgets whilst making you stand apart from the crowd. Any old jacket won’t do, you need to find the perfect fit, style and features for your trip, so be sure to stay on top of the latest trends. People in the resort will be talking about those boss-ass riders, all with the latest season jackets. 

Ski trousers

Ski pants are obviously an essential item, but packing the right ones might not be easy. The trousers must be a mix of style, comfort and practicality. You are wearing them all day and they must be able to withhold your falls, crashes and cold seats on the lifts. In addition, the trousers must have key features such as pockets and snow guards (so you don’t get snow down your pants). But of course, they must be cool and slick for you to look like you know what you are doing and stand out from your crew.


When packing for your winter trip, ensure you have a great collection of good-quality thermals, so you can stay snug and cosy all day long. This doesn’t have to mean plain and boring ‘practical’ thermals, what it can mean is an extra layer of style. Thermals come in all rainbows of colours and patterns so be sure to bring a cute set that matches your vibrant personality.

Mid layer extra

On a ski trip these days you never know what the weather will be doing from one second to the next, so always be prepared for any eventuality. Pack a lightweight thermal mid-layer or ski fleece so you can throw it on if the weather takes a turn for the worst- ensure it’s a cool one, though, as it will look cracking at apres too.



After a long day skiing, there is nothing better than a beer or a rose at a lively bar by the slopes. Give your poor hair, head a breather, and swap the helmet with a beanie. You will be dancing on the benches before you know it looking cool as hell.

Ski Socks

This may sound simple, but getting the right socks when you are skiing or boarding is super important. Contrary to how your poor little cold toes may feel in the cold weather, thicks socks in boots won’t cut it. You need thin technical socks with padding around the shin area. Literally nothing is worse, and a sure-fire way to ruin your day on the mountain is by having either cold and painful feet. Get the right socks and you won’t be the annoying one moaning all day, plus the control you will get will make you an expert in no time.

Neck warmer

The neck warmer has become an essential item for skiers and boarders and now completes the look. Pack a neck warmer for those cold days on the mountain, when the wind picks up and the snow feels like it hurts! The neck warmer can cover your ears, go over your mouth and also keep your hair at bay. We really have a lot to thank for the neck warmer, ensuring we can ride all day and feel and look great.



When packing sunglasses for your ski trip, don’t just bring those that you wear on the beach in the summer. The glare from the snow makes the sun even more intense, so be prepared to get some reflective and 100% UV protection beauties. Top tip: they will look cracking when soaking up some rays with a glass of rose on your lunch stop.

Goggle wipe

Goggle wipes may seem like a nonessential item, but I am here to tell you they are more than needed. After a few hours of pumping it through the fluffy powder or after a coffee stop, your goggles will have steamed up or even worse, have splashes of a boozy hot chocolate dried on. Always. Be. Prepared.

Goggles with interchangeable lenses

When buying ski goggles the best tip is to find a pair with two interchangeable lenses so you can pop the other lense in your rucksack for a sudden change in the weather or lighting. The other lenses may not be the sexiest but neither is it sexy when you can’t see.



The ski gloves are an important element for any skier or boarder. They need to look good and coordinate with your ski jacket and pants combination, whilst also keeping you warm. We suggest investing in a good pair of ski gloves so they can last you a long time, whilst also keeping your hands snug and cosy. Mittens are great for keeping the fingers toasty, especially for boarders who spend most of the time on their bums.

Snack bars

Snacckssss, the best word in the English dictionary. You and the crew will be spending all day shredding burning those calories. Always pack a yummy energy bar to keep the energy levels up with a hit of sugar, carbs and protein to stay fuelled until last lifts.

Water bottle

Don’t be caught out having to spend 4 euros for a bottle of water at every stop. Save the plastic and your bank balance by bringing a water bottle in your rucksack. Take one that is lightweight and can fit easily in your bag. This means more money for beers, thank me later.

Hand warmers

If you are going on your ski trip in the colder months like January, then you can probably guarantee crazy good snow. But what you can also guarantee is the temperatures being well below freezing. Just like having cold and uncomfortable feet, having cold hands can also ruin your day! To avoid such annoyances, pack hand warmers in your rucksack and get them out when you can feel the warmth draining. They will keep your hands warm and once at max temperature, they will keep your gloves dry and warm for hours after.

Avalanche Kit

avalanche kit

This is an absolute must for those who are planning on taking advantage of deep and fresh powder. An avalanche kit should be packed in your rucksack even if you and the crew aren’t planning anything too adventurous in the backcountry. Either way, be sure to have your shovel, probe and transceiver for any eventuality, it could save your life but also it could save your buddies. This risk isn’t worth it!

Portable charger

Portable chargers are fastly becoming an essential item that you don’t leave the house with, being just as important as your money and keys. It is the worst feeling knowing your battery is running low at the top of the mountain, panic mode sets in when you can’t find your crew. Pack a portable charger so you don’t get caught out!



Although it may look cool to wear your beanie with your goggles or sunglasses, what’s not cool is falling and hurting your head. Save your beanie in your rucksack for lunch stops and apres, but always bring a helmet for the actual skiing (even if you are just skiing for bar to bar). The ski helmets these days are super slick and look great with goggles, plus they keep your ears snuggly. But please, please do us one favour and avoid the gaper gap! 

A flask

A hip flask is a top tip for those who are on a budget or simply like a tipple to keep them warm on the mountain. Bring a hip flask in the your jacket pocket and fill it with any delicious liquor you desire, top your hot chocolates up or sneak it into apres to make the gin a little strong. We’re not condoning excessive drinking when on the mountain, but we do condone saving you a few bucks (and of course we condone a rum hot chocolate from time to time).  



When going out with the crew for a big day on the mountain, you want to be prepared for any eventuality. Bring a rucksack so you can pack all the stuff in this packing list so your essentials can go everywhere you go. You can be the guy at the top of the mountain with the tissues, the water, the extra layers and the go pro. You don’t need to have bulky pockets in your jacket to fit it all in, pop everything in the rucksack and you are away.

Pen knife

This may not seem like an obvious choice, but a penknife can be a handy item for you to keep on you when on a big day on the mountain. Pen knives have all sorts of little tools and gadgets that can help save the day in any sort of situation. If you are a boarder and your bindings loosen at the top of the mountain, you don’t have to slow the team down but use your little screwdriver to fix it back into place. They are also handy bottle openers when you all crack open a cold beer after a great day out.

Skis/ board


Buying your own skis or board is something that may seem a little extravagant, but trust us, its a worthy investment. The feeling when you hire a great pair of skis or board and you feel it transforms your technique, this is how it will feel every time you ride on your own. It will become your baby, which eventually will save you money and time when you next go on a trip, not wasting your first morning standing in line to rent. This will up your game in the snowsports world. 


Listening to music whilst riding causes a constant stream of debate on whether its a good idea or not. Either way, having a good set of headphones can make or break a ski trip. If you are listening to music whilst riding, you want a pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones that will fit under your helmet. You can blast some epic tunes out that will make you ride harder, faster and with confidence. If you don’t choose to listen to music whilst riding, always pack a pair of headphones either way, for those long transfer rides and to drown out the snoring of your mates.

Wrapping up


There we have it, the ultimate packing list for your ski trip. If you hadn’t booked one already I know for sure you will be creating your group chat as we speak. It will be an incredible week spending some quality time with your besties, showing off your carving skills and having the best apres fun. Now you know exactly what to pack, so you can all focus on enjoying your week rather than panicking about being cold or your helmet hair. 

I can imagine now your suitcase is pretty full and your beverage is empty, so now let the countdown begin!

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