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Olya Smeshlivaya Interview

It has now gone one season since we started our partnership with Olya and what a dope ride it has been.

So to celebrate this I had a sit-down and asked her a few questions so we all can know who this action seeking world traveler from Crimea is better!

For anyone that doesn’t know you, who is Olya?
I’m a professional snowboarder from Russia, born in beautiful Crimea, raised in big city Moscow. I travel a lot around the world and try different kinds of action sports.

How did you get into the snowlifestyle when growing up? And when did you start snowboarding?
First my parents put me on the ski, when I was 8 years old but I didn’t like it that much. When I was 12 I tried snowboarding and straight I fell in love with it. When I was 15, I got nominated for the Russian National team and became 3x Champion of Russia in the Big-Air and Half-Pipe. After my injury in 2013 I started to focus more on social media and riding for fun.

How do you work with Instagram? Can you give us some behind the scenes?
I share real life pictures of my traveling & journey with my followers and I’m trying to give inspiration.

Why do you do what you do?

Do what you love and love what you do – that’s the key to success! I love snowboarding, traveling, working in different beautiful locations and sharing it with everyone at the same time.


If you could give your 10 years younger Olya some advice about life, what would it be?
Follow your dreams and never give up!

What would say to anyone wanting to start snowboarding?
Everyone has to try snowboarding! Because it gives you such a great feeling. All beginnings are difficult, but practice creates masters.

Who are your top idols?
I never had idols, was always inspired by the people around me and who I knew in personal life.

What type of riding do you prefer? Park? Off-piste?
I love to ride park and having fun with friends on sunny days, but if there is some fresh powder off-piste, I’ll definitely leave the park for some pow-runs.

Do you have any goals with your riding or are you, like most of us, riding for fun?
As I said, I used to snowboard for the Russian National team with a lot of competitions. These days riding was 100% professional and all that counted was the results. That meant a lot of stress for me. Nowadays I’m ONLY focussing on having fun.

What do you do when you don’t snowboard, and how does it help you prepare during the off-season?
If I’m not snowboarding, I usually do some other action sports or just going to the gym. I’m always trying to stay active and fit. At the summertime, I do a lot wake-surfing in Moscow and travel to find waves for classic surfing.

Three quick questions:

Winter or summer?

Favorite food?

The club or house party with friends?
House party

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If you like to see more of Olyas adventures and life you can follow her on Instagram here: Olya Smeshlivaya

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