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So you want to know how to fold a hoodie, do you? Well, you’re not alone. T-shirts? Forget about it. Simple, fold, fold, boom, done. But a hoodie has long sleeves and a hood and no matter what you do it always looks like a random ball of fabric with bits hanging out, right?

That happens to us, too. And with so many hoodies and so little storage space, being able to fold them right pays dividends from the off. So hunker down, relax, and read our list of top hoodie folds below that are sure to get your anal-retentive goolies all aquiver.

hoodie folding techniques

How do you fold hoodies to save space?

The basic fold

If you have attempted to fold your hoodie before, you probably went for the basic fold. This method revolves around laying the hood on a flat surface, upside down. The back of the hoodie should face upwards, while the front downwards. While still in that position, cross the arms towards the middle of the hoodie. The hoodie should take a rectangular form.

Take the top half of the hoodie and fold it evenly over the other half. Take one side of the hood and fold it over the other vertically. The hood should be protruding at the bottom.

Open it and stretch over the folded body of the hoodie. The goal is to ensure that the entire body nestles in the hood. The folded hoodie should assume a square shape, with the hood covering the rest of the hoodie.

The Marie Kondo Fold

Marie Kondo borrows heavily from the traditional methods of folding a hoodie. Her second folding method, the KonMarie Fold (details below), made her an international icon for tidiness and organization.

Lay the hood on a flat surface and flatten out any emerging wrinkles. Grab the hood and fold it down into the body of the hoodie.

Take the right side of the hoodie and fold it towards the middle. Fold back the sleeve and then downwards. It should fall neatly on top of the folded right side of the hoodie.

Repeat the same process with the left side. Then, fold the hoodie in half by bringing the top to the bottom. The hoodie will look nice and compact and fit into the closet perfectly.

The KonMarie Fold

Organize yourself happy with the famous KonMarie Fold! Lay the hoodie down on a flat surface. The front of the hoodie should face downwards.

Take both sides, one by one, and fold them towards each other in the center of the hoodie. Both ends should touch at the center with the sleeves stretching outside.

Now, take the sleeves and fold them horizontally in half in the middle of the hoodie.

At this point, the hoodie should assume a rectangular position, with the hood protruding at the top.

Fold the hood backward, with the opening facing upwards. The bottom of the hoodie and the hood should meet halfway in the middle of the hoodie.  The hoodie will assume a rectangular shape.

Grab one end of the rectangle by the edge and fold it on top of the other to form a square. Your hoodie is now ready to put in the closet.

Folding a hoodie into a hood

folding a hoodie into hood

You can opt to fold the sleeves of the hoodie into the hood. The goal is to compactly contain it so that nothing is left hanging outside.

Start by spreading out the hood on a flat surface. Fold the left side of the hoodie in the middle. The left sleeve should be folded back and down over the already folded left side.

Do the same for the right side. Ensure that both sides fold closely  such that the hoodie’s body is not wider than the hood.

Now, fold the bottom half of the hood upwards. Only a third of the hood should be folded this way. Fold it the same way, a second time, such that the second fold ends near the beginning of the hood. Now, tuck the folded part of the body into the hood neatly.

Sounds tricky but it is not. Check out this video to see exactly how to do it.

Organizing folded hoodies

Once you finish folding your hoodies, it’s time to organize them so that they look great wherever you put them. Basic folded hoodies can either be stacked on a shelve or closet. The hoodies should stack over each other. Stack them from bottom to top of the shelve or closet. Also, don’t mix the hoodies folded in different ways when stacking them up.

Hoodies folded in the KonMarie style should be handled carefully so that they don’t unravel.

Another great organization tip is to set aside a specific area to keep your folded hoodies. This could be a particular drawer.

organizing folded hoodies

Folding and organizing your hoodies shouldn’t be as difficult as it seems. Just fold them as described above and organize them well. This way, your closet will look nicely arranged and it will be easy to retrieve your hoodies without disorganizing other items.

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