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When it comes to sledding, style matters. Why? Because we’re all gluttons for great photos. In other words, we want to look good—to our family, friends and that sponsor who’s searching for next season’s prospects on social media. That being said, we also want gear that’s going to keep us warm, dry and riding in comfort throughout this season and the next. In other words, we want it all.

Enter the Ridestore. Based in Sweden, this outdoor apparel company recently launched a new line of snowmobile gear, known as Montec All Weather Apparel, in Canada. Last winter, after reaching out to the Ridestore and receiving an incredibly prompt reply, I was sent the Montec “Fenix Unisex Jacket and Pants” for testing.

Montec Fenix Jacket Detail
Immediately, I fell in love with the fabric, which is very soft and pliable. The finish is bang on, making you feel like you’re wearing a high-quality garment. Of course, the fabric is waterproof and since it was late in the season, I was able to give its breathability a good test.

With only a thin layer of insulation, the Fenix Jacket and Pants feel extremely lightweight and both items provide ample space for movement. At first, I felt a little gangsta, as the bibs are much baggier than what I’m used to. The jacket has a lengthier fit as well and feels inspired by the snowboard world. High-abrasion areas, such the forearms, are reinforced and there are more pockets than one knows what to do with. The bibs, too, have deep leg pockets and an extra large chest pocket.

Montec Fenix Inside Detail

The Fenix Unisex Jacket and Pants comes in orange (which will make your photographer happy), white or black. As for sizing, it is best to go one size smaller than what you’d normally wear since Montec tends to fit on the larger size.

Because the ski

Because the ski trousers men and ski jackets didn’t arrive till later on in the season, I can’t report on their long-term durability—and to be honest, I am somewhat skeptical when I think about how the fabric will stand up to tree bashing. What I can tell you, however, is that I’m looking forward to rocking the Swedish style throughout the 2017-2018 winter. 

Check out the full line of Montec All Weather Apparel online.

Original review from Snoriders.