snow goggles wear and care guide

How to take care of your Ski/Snowboard Goggles

Just bought a pair of new ski or snowboard goggles? Awesome! Let’s make them last for many snowy seasons ahead!

It is easy to ruin a pair of goggles and create the need to buy new ones every season, not ideal for your wallet or our planet.

But it is equally easy to take good care of your goggles and make them last for a long time. So let’s get into why and how you should treat your new goggles!


Dope Goggle Lens Red Mirror

The lens is your most precious piece of the googles and also the most fragile.

If you need to clean the lens, make sure that it is dry before you do this and use the soft case that your goggles came in. This is designed to wipe your lens, a microfiber cloth will also do the job perfectly fine.

DO NOT,  wipe snow or ice off your lens. This will damage it.

Lets not get all scienced up in here and explain how snow is structured, but it contains microscopic ice crystals that will scratch your lens.

But if you need to get rid of it from the lens, warm it up by putting it inside your jacket close to your body or breath on the spot until it is liquid. Then use the goggle soft case or microfiber cloth to wipe it off.

Even if it is tempting, do not use your glove or sleeve to wipe. That would be like wiping your brand new car with a doormat. (Almost at least)

Inside Lens

You should do all in your way to keep the inside of your lens clean without cleaning it. This is the most fragile part of the lens. It is treated with an anti-fog coating. If you clean it, you might damage it.

But if you really need to clean the inside of your lens, make sure first that it is completely dry. Like, leave it overnight to dry. Then really carefully wipe with a micro cloth.
If you suspect dust or non-liquid dirt, shake the goggles and try to blow it clean with air first before doing the above.

If you fall and get snow on the inside, shake it out instead and do not try to get any out with your gloves. This will do more damage than good.

Lens Changes

General Tips Goggle

Try to change your lenses as little as possible. Every time you change the lens, there is a small risk to affect the anti-fog performance.

If you need to change the lens, do so carefully and preferably indoors. But with that said, lenses are made to be changed, so you should not be afraid to change them when it is necessary.

Storage And Drying

Goggle Storage

So how should you go about your goggles after a day of shredding?

Your goggles should be dry as often as possible. So the first thing you should do when you get back from the slopes is to let your goggles out to dry at room temperature overnight.

If you are going to use them the day after, this will ensure a good experience. And if you ain’t gonna use them for a while, this is also very important. Let them dry completely before you put them in your goggle bag for storage.
This is important because the foam in the goggles needs to dry before storage.

Avoid Fogging

Your new ski goggles are anti-fog coated, this does not prevent fogging fully. But there are many things you can do yourself to avoid fogging.

Do not overdress. Having too many layers will make you overheat. And the warmer your face is, the bigger is the risk of fogged up goggles.

Take your goggles on just before you go outside. This will put the goggles at the same temperature as your body and prevent fogging. Also, do not take them off while skiing. This will let colder air inside and increase the risk of fog.

And while riding, check from time to time that there is nothing covering the air-vents.

Dope Goggle Style

General Tips

Carrying an extra pair of goggles is good for many reasons. And will increase the lifespan.

It is ideal to have two goggles with different lenses so that you can change depending on the light conditions.

But, spare goggles is also great if you get your first pair snowy or wet. Then you can pack your snowy pair and put them in your jacket to warm up. And use your second pair meanwhile.

Quality will last you longer. This is especially true when it comes to ski goggles. You might be able to find a really cheap pair of goggles. But chances are that you will need to replace them pretty soon.
Not to mention that the performance will be far from what you can expect from high-quality goggles.

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